Sausage Sizzle





Once a month, the Rotary Club of Attadale run the weekend sausage Sizzle at Bunnings, Myaree (cnr Leach Highway and Northlake Road) to raise money for local projects sponsored by the club.  Volunteers are always welcome.  To volunteer, first become a Friend of the Attadale Rotary Club (FARC) by clicking here.

  1. No "set of instructions" or previous experience is required but  you will be rostered on with other experienced sausage sizzlers who will happily show you what to do.  There are essentially 4 jobs - (1) cooking the sausages and onions, (2) putting the sausages and onions into the bread rolls as they are ordered, (3) serving the customers, (4) keeping the "supplies" going, ie transferring drinks, rolls, sausages, onions, sauces from "bulk storage" to usage point, including wrapping rolls in paper napkins and cutting stringed sausages into individuals.  When it's busy (over lunch, 11-1) we have 4 people rostered, each essentially doing one of the above jobs.  During "off-peak" we have 2-3 people on.
  2. The where is Bunnings on the corner of Leach H'way and North Lake Rd, Myaree.
  3. No need to bring anything except a cap or hat.  Bunnings provide the BBQ and the "tent" cover, free of charge.  The Rotary organisers are responsible for providing everything else
  4. Wear something comfortable and cool that you don't mind getting a bit greasy. 
  5. Just be there at your rostered time or a couple of minutes early.  There's no "preparation time" required.

We really enjoy the Sausage Sizzles.  It's a good, "fun" time to foster relationships with fellow sausage sizzlers whilst earning money for Rotary Attadale's charity fund and providing a service to the community.  Whilst we (Attadale Rotary) run the sausage sizzle once a month, Bunnings have the sausage sizzle every week, usually run by some community club to raise funds, so you can drop down any weekend to see how it's run.