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Associate Membership


Associate Membership is a category designed for those who have not been a member of Rotary before but have an interest in the ideals of Rotary. It will allow an individual to become associated and acquainted with the Rotary Club of Attadale, its members, its programs and projects, and the expectations of club membership with the intent of becoming an active member within a designated period of time.

It will increase the club’s ability to attract and retain a qualified and diverse professional base within its community. It will also allow an individual to become familiar with the club, thereby positively influencing recruitment and retention trends and improving the club’s overall effectiveness in the community.

Structure of the Category

1. Approval.  Prospective members interested in an associate member category will be approved by the Rotary club through the process used for full (active) membership.

2. Term. An individual can hold the position of associate member for a period of six (6) months to a year.

3. Attendance. The associate member will be expected to attend at least one Club meeting/social event/service project/fundraising activity per month.

4. Classification. The associate member will not be assigned a specific classification.

5. RI registration. The associate member will not be listed as an official member of the Rotary club. The associate member will be listed as an associate member of the Rotary club.

6. Badges. Associate members will be provided with a temporary name badge.

7. Votes and quorum. Associate members will have no voting rights within the Club activities. Because they are not official members of the Rotary club, associate members would not apply toward RI election voting.

8. Holding office. Associate members are not entitled to hold any club officer position but are encouraged to work with club committees.

9. Financial obligations. Associate members will have the following financial obligations:

(a) No Initiation fee

(b) RI dues: Because associate members are not official members of the club, RI dues do not apply.

(c) Annual dues: An amount determined by the club to cover expenditure for badges etc.

(d) Meal/beverage costs: As for active members.

(e) Change of membership status from associate to active: Active membership fees will apply from the change date.

10. Changing status. The length of time an individual can retain the position of associate member is shown in #2. The costs and process for converting from an associate member to an active member of the club will be absorbed by active membership annual fees.

11. Bulletin and communication. An associate member will receive the club’s weekly bulletin/newsletter and regular club communications.

12. Receipt of The Rotarian or Rotary regional magazine. Associate members will receive the relevant RI magazine, the cost of which will be passed to the associate member.

13. Public liability cover. The associate member will be included under the Club liability insurance while participating in any approved club activities or projects, if applicable.

14. Participation in youth activities. The associate member is expected to abide by all restrictions, policies, and procedures with respect to club activities involving youth.

15. Termination. Associate members can ask to be terminated at any stage of the period or may be terminated by the Board if they do not meet the attendance requirements and show no intent of becoming more involved.

Adjunct Membership


This membership category will cater for persons who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals and those persons considered friends of Rotary for their support of Rotary’s cause AND have, for any reason acceptable to the board, been unable to temporarily continue their active membership.

Structure of the Category

1.    The term of such membership shall be as determined by the board, but may not exceed two years.

2.     Adjunct members shall be exempt from the payment of admission fees and dues, shall have no vote, and shall not be eligible to hold any office in this club.

3.      Such members shall retain their classifications, and shall be entitled to attend all meetings and enjoy all the other privileges of this club.