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Text Box: at ‘Tompkins on Swan’                                                      Dunkley Avenue, Alfred Cove
Text Box: Meeting on Mondays                                                                                  5.30pm for 6.30pm



OFFICE BEARERS 2014 / 2015



Mick Donnes


Director New Generations:

Patricia Robertson

Vice President:

George Lewkowski


Director Fund Raising:

Rodney Rate

President Elect:

To be advised


Director Attadale Foundation:

Bob Rodgers


Carole Maxwell


Attendance Officer:

Jan Fairclough


John Sharp / Betty Bright



Jim Calcei

Director Membership/PR:

Jeff Spickett



Ian Pittaway

Director Rotary Family:

Martin Houchin


Insurance & Risk Assessment:

Peter Field

Director International:

George Lewkowski


Club Website manager:

Martin Houchin

Director RI Foundation:

George Lewkowski



Colin McCulloch /

Director Community & Vocation

Greg James



Betty Bright







Rotary District 9465                                                  for more information visit: http://rotary9465.org.au/


District Governor:  Brian Eddy (Rossmoyne)

Vice Governor:  Robert Cooper (Kwinana)

DG Elect:  Melodie Kevan (Applecross)

Group One Assistant Governor: Llew Withers

DG Nominee:  Linda McLerie (Hannans-Kalgoorlie)

Probus:  Winston Marsh

IPDG:  Erwin Biemel (Willetton)




Special Anniversaries for







Ron Day   Birthday


Jean Smailes   Birthday


Elaine & Mal Bennett   Wedding


Winston Marsh   Birthday


Donna & Mike van Trier   Wedding


Greg James   Birthday











Meeting September 22nd 2014


As Tompkins was hosting a large function in two function rooms, Rotarians held a cosy get-together in the Tompkins meeting room at the back of the venue.


Following the National Anthem and Rotary Grace, Rotarians were welcomed to the meeting, and in particular, a warm welcome to our speaker for the evening, Gary Pike of Stop the Toads Foundation Sergeant Jim invited Directors to give their report.


Rotarians were informed that the proposed combined meeting with Rotary Club of Applecross on 30th September has been postponed by the District Governor, to be rescheduled at a later date.


Rotarians were asked to make a note of the Family of Rotary Breakfast being held at Tompkins on Swan on

Sunday 23rd November from 9am to 11am.  Adults $35 Children 12 and Under $5.


Rotarians will have an opportunity to purchase bottles of quality red wine at $20 per bottle at a date in the near future.  This is not to be confused with the current offer ending Friday 26th September from the Fraser Gallop Estate which is offering a dozen bottles of 2014 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc for $72, with a 20% donation to a nominated Rotary Club.


Treasurer John Sharp gave the Rotarians a quick summary of the current financial status of the Club and confirmed that the accounts had been circulated to all members, and clarified queries that some Rotarians had raised.  He also informed the Club that there are currently eight outstanding subscriptions, and reminded those members that payment is now overdue.  Martin Houchin and Patricia Robertson responded to John’s request to form a committee to develop a business plan for the Rotarians for Peace project.


Martin Houchin thanked members for their condolences following the recent death of his brother, John.  He also reminded Rotarians about the Leaf Bean Machine visit on Thursday 25th September at 1/12 Horus Bend, Bibra Lake at 6pm, and gave Rotarians an update of future planned vocational visits.


Patricia Robertson gave a brief summary of her project portfolio, in particular the Job Seekers Seminar and the Four Way Test.  In terms of the latter, it is not clear if this will go ahead as Santa Maria has yet to respond about participation.  There is currently no candidate for RYLA, but she has two candidates for RYPEN.  It is likely that Patricia has a candidate for the Handicamp place.


Gillian Baker informed the Club that she has 100 tickets for the Rotary fundraiser, the Melville Theatre’s production Wife after Death, on 9th November.  A form was circulated for members to tick the box if they would like tickets for the production.


Ian Pittaway gave Rotarians advance notice of this year’s Rotary Christmas Dinner, to be held on Monday December 15th at Tompkins on Swan.  Once again, an appeal will be made for donations of food and incidentals which will be donated to The Salvation Army (see Salvos Christmas Wish List at back of newsletter).  Ian also indicated that there may be a casual evening for Rotarians on Monday December 22nd.


Acting President George Lewkowski informed the members that the Board had approved an allocation of $1,500 to the Lily of the Valley School in Natal, South Africa, which was the subject of PDG John Kevan’s recent presentation. (President Mick Donnes had to leave early for a meeting with Bicton School Principal and P&C to discuss the potential for a Bush Dance as raised at an earlier meeting).  Sponsorship for the school for deaf children in Davao in the Philippines as presented by Rotarian Kerry Parsons will be considered in due course.


Sergeant Jim held a short fines session where Patricia and Kerry were fined for their phones ringing; Nick for his wedding anniversary and being away on holiday.  Sergeant Jim also fined himself for going on seven weeks leave, and then fined everyone else who had the fortune/misfortune to be travelling in the next six weeks!


In the Two-Up session, Bruce Robinson won the bottle of red wine and jar of olives.  The Chase the Ace was won by Mal Bennett, but the $386 remained safe for another day.  Mal Bennett also won the Door Prize.


Bruce Robinson also took the opportunity to inform the members that he had signed up with the Impromy Health and Fitness Program, and that we could look forward to a slimmer Bruce in the months to come.


Acting President George handed the meeting to the Chair for the evening, Winston Marsh, who welcomed Gary Pike, Vice Chair of Stop the Toads Foundation.  Gary worked in various administrative and advisory capacities in the Western Australian State Public Service for 38 years, the last 25 years in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. In the latter part of his career, Gary acted as an advisor to the Governor and the Executive Council of Western Australia on policy and administrative issues.  Gary is now a volunteer speaker for Stop the Toads Foundation, which is trying to tackle the huge problem of cane toads making their way from Queensland through the Northern Territory to WA.


After retiring in 2009, Gary was keen to pursue his interests in nature and conservation and participated as a volunteer in the 2009 and 2010 Great Toad Musters. He also worked on the Emma Gorge Toad Fence project on El Questro Station in May 2011 and in a series of toad fencing workshops in central west Queensland in October 2011.

Since 2009, Gary has also been heavily involved in conducting talks and presentations on behalf of the Foundation at schools, clubs, community organisations and government agencies throughout suburban and country WA to increase community awareness of the cane toad problem in Australia. His wealth of experience on the ‘front line’ of the toad fight and his collection of documentary footage and photographs taken during the musters give him a valuable and first-hand knowledge on the issues involved.

Gary Pike and Bonnie Wallace - STTF volunteers

Gary Pike and Bonnie Wallace - STTF volunteers speak to local schoolchildren



Gary began his presentation by telling the meeting that the toads were introduced by CSIRO in 1935 from Hawaii as an attempt to combat Queensland cane beetles.   There has been a proliferation of toads since then as they do not require any specific diet; they have no natural predators; they outbreed local frogs; and will survive in any habitat.  Currently 30km outside Halls Creek, they will soon reach Broome.  The toads breed twice a year and can lay up to 30,000 eggs in water, and they have poisonous glands which they squirt to kill their prey.  However – cane toads cannot survive four or five days without water, so they need to live close to water.  However, the toads can also get moisture from cow dung or animal carcasses, and once hydrated, they are very difficult to catch.  Wildlife is suffering as the toads are eating snakes; bats; turtles; birds; goannas; lizards; with the most impacted being monitor lizards and northern quoll.


In 2011, The Foundation decided to change its strategy of toad control to protect specific high biodiversity areas and create sanctuary zones for native wildlife using exclusion fences in The Kimberley. The Emma Gorge Sanctuary Project was created in collaboration with El Questro Wilderness Park and the Australian Geographic Society (AGS).  During the AGS time in the ancient landscape with spectacular waterfalls, 200 species of plants and animals were identified.  In a billabong 80km inland there is an abundance of wild birds - pelicans; eagles; spoonbills; pink and grey galahs; brolga; finches; parrots and cockatoos; ospreys; kookaburras; and bower birds.


Camps continue to be set up by fencing in water holes to keep the toads out, as cane toads can’t jump or climb.  So fences around water holes have now become the main strategy.  After five days, the fences are removed and the exhausted toads are collected and killed using CO2 gas, with 150 toads per bag.  Volunteers are collecting between two to five thousands frogs per night.


Gary also talked about the conditions in the camps, where it is often 45oC in the shade, and the humidity is such that volunteers need to drink nine litres of water per day.  They have to contend with very basic resources, bush toilets, wild cattle, river crossings, cattle musters and road trains.  Not to mention the unseasonal tropical storms, snakes and crocodiles!  Among the volunteers are often international scientists who are carrying out scientific studies on the toads.


Following his excellent and informative presentation, there was a short Q&A session, following which Winston and fellow Rotarians gave Gary a well deserved round of applause.



Sergeant Jim reminded Rotarians that during his seven weeks’ absence, the Acting Sergeant will be Ian Pittaway.


Acting President George also gave thanks to Gary for his excellent presentation, and thanked all Rotarians for attending.


Following the Rotary Charge, the meeting was closed.  Next meeting will be Monday October 6th 2014 at Tompkins on Swan.


Rotary Club of Attadale - Thirty Years of History



Mal Bennett has co-ordinated the recording of the history of our Club over its first thirty years.  This has been produced in digital form and is now available to members.  This record from 1982 to 2012 includes a wealth of information and memorable photographs that capture the character, activities and achievements of the Club.  It will become a treasured memento to all members past and present and is available to all members and past members for FREE!


All you need do is choose the version you want as it comes in three configurations:


·       Photos and Reports                         runs for 1h 46min                      1,087,822Kb (about 1 Gb)

·       Photos only                         runs for 1h 26min                      877,086Kb

·       Written Reports only             runs for 33min               324,402Kb


The full Photos and Reports is recommended.  They will all come on a DVD so should play on a computer or a DVD player.  Please click here to email Mal Bennett to let him know which version you prefer.


If you would rather have your copy on a USB thumb drive please bring one to our next meeting.  It will need to be 2 GB or more for the Photos and Report or 1 GB for the other choices.  Please name your thumb drive clearly.




DISTRICT 9455 and 9465









Come and be part of a celebration of Rotary. Enjoy breakfast with friends, hear a great speaker and there are fun activities for the children. Bring the family and be part of something special!



Sunday 23 November, 2014, 9–11 am


Tompkins Park, Alfred Cove


Cost $35 (children 12 and under - $5)

Bookings open soon!