BulLetIN OCTOBER 4, 2012








If you will not be attending the meeting please phone the Attendance Officer, Tony Wilkie, before 10.00am on Monday on Tel 9430 7933 or Mob 0404 000 458

Unless Tony receives an apology by 10.00am on the day of the meeting the meal will need to be charged to you.






Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday  -  No meeting.




Anthony Hughes “Naval Experiences & Submarining”




Rodney Lenanton “Coastal Fishing Resources"




Gillian Baker “Sound for Life”




Dinner Meeting




Dinner Meeting




Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings




Maria Heart “Kids Matter”




Job Seekers’ Seminar at the East Fremantle Football Club




Dinner Meeting




Sundowner at Calcei’s








Crabbing Day at Mandurah




Attadale / Fremantle combined Golf Day


Text Box: Meets at 6.00pm for 6.30pm on Mondays at Royal Fremantle Golf Club

OFFICE BEARERS  2012 / 2013



Mike van Trier


Director New Generations:

Patricia Robertson

Vice President:

Jeff Spickett


Director Community:

Carole Maxwell

President Elect:

George Lewkowski


Director Vocational:

Martin Houchin


Phil Palmer


Director International:

Llew Withers


John Sharp


Director Attadale Foundation:

Bob Rodgers

Director Administration:

George Lewkowski


Attendance Officer:

Tony Wilkie

Director Foundation:

Llew Withers



Ian Pittaway

Director Membership:

Jeff Spickett



Keith Timmel

Director Public Relations:

George Lewkowski



Tony Wilkie

Director Rotary Family:

Tom Slater



Colin McCulloch /





Betty Bright


Rotary District 9465               for more information visit:        http://rotary9465.org.au/


District Governor:  Robert (Bob) Cooper (Kwinana)

DG Elect:  Erwin Biemel (Willetton)

DG Nominee:  Brian Eddy (Rossmoyne)

Area Governor Clubs:  Robert Thompson (Kwinana)





Special Anniversaries for







Ron Day   Birthday


Jean Smailes   Birthday


Elaine & Mal Bennett   Wedding


Winston Marsh   Birthday


Donna & Mike van Trier   Wedding


Greg James   Birthday












Meeting September 17th


Acting President, George Lewkowski, welcomed all members, visiting Rotarians: Brian Vale from Gosnells and Gerry McGann from Mill Point; and guests: Needra Wickramaratna and Nicole Ripley.


Brian Wall spoke about the Foodbank project and “Spring Clean Your Pantry” and how 1,000,000 kg of food had been distributed in WA in a year.


Keith Timmel announced “Love in a Shoe Box” has concluded tonight.


Tom Slater reminded us of the sundowner at Mike and Donna’s and suggested we bring chairs.


Colin McCulloch thanked everyone for their fine work at the two sausage sizzles on the weekend.  The Bunning SS sold 690 SSs, 270 drinks, took donations of $35.85 and banked a profit of $1201.40

The Swim for MS Sausage Sizzle provided free SSs to the swimmers and took $145.40 from the public that will be donated to MS.  D’Orsogna donated the sausages and the RCA donated everything else costed at $107.53.  This came from the Bunnings SS’s proceeds so the actual profit there would have been an impressive $1,308.93.

Colin thanked:

·      Rod Rate for all of his work on the day, particularly the work rosters

·      Gail McCulloch for racing around buying extra buns and sausages

·      First-timer Brian Wall and Greg James for their valuable help in cleaning up

·      Rod Rate again for the tremendous amount of work he put into organizing the Swim for MS


Rodney Rate spoke about Swim for MS noting that:

·      A grand total of $25,993 has been raised so far plus the $40 entry fees for each swimmer

·      Yvonne’s Angels were the leading fund raisers with $11,847

·      Yvonne has raised $5,990 and Colin $2,512 so far

·      Yvonne has raised over $20,000 in the last three years

·       a total of about $90,000 has been raised over those three years

·      Yvonne’s Angels also swam the most laps

·      Rod and Yvonne’s son, Simon’s team came second

Rod then presented a special award to Gail and Colin McCulloch for their outstanding work over the weekend with the two sausage sizzles and the Swim for MS.   See image below.


Bruce Robinson reported that Jacinta had not won a science award and Patricia Robertson reported that Jessica had won a science award and she would be accompanying her to the orientation day.

Bruce also spoke about Applecross SHS starting a sustainability group to plant trees as part of FFF for the Future.


Brian Vale spoke about a Greyhounds fundraiser that was open to all clubs with funds raised going to the Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children program.  He told how ROMAC had assisted ‘Billy’ from East Timor with a life-changing heart operation.  Brian also spoke about assistance for the Amanda Young Foundation and its annual garden party.


Gerry McGann gave an interesting presentation on the Rotary Ramble and asked members to volunteer or enter a team on the day.  They have 130 volunteers so far but need 250 to 300.


The Door Prize was won by Patricia Robertson


Sergeant, Ian Pittaway, conducted an entertaining fines session.



Club Speakers


Gail McCulloch


“The History of Rotary”


Gail gave an excellent presentation detailing how Rotary was founded in 1905 in Chicago and developed through to today.  She touched upon the first club, the first community project of building public conveniences, the development of the Rotary Emblem, becoming Rotary International, the Four Way Test, our role in UNESCO, women joining in 1989 and in the same year adopting “Service Above Self” as our motto.

Gail’s talk will be published on the Club web site.


Text Box: Gail and Mick after their excellent talks




Mick Donnes


“Recent Travels”


Mick gave a very entertaining account of his recent travels in the USA, Prague and Ireland with the highlight being a very frustrating drive to JFK Airport.

It’s hard to believe Mick didn’t kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland.  Great talk!

Sergeant Ian said Gail’s presentation was the best he had heard in his time in Rotary









Volunteer or enter at:  http://www.rotaryramble.com




Thank you to Needra and her associates for a great “Night in the Wild”
















The Attadale “A List” was out in force and had an entertaining night out.

After their exhilarating dancing Betty and Martin may be booked for a full cabaret season.  Yes, Martin was wearing a tie … he was not photo-shopped.



Needra reported that the “Night in the Wild” had raised around four thousand dollars.










Meeting September 24th


President, Mike van Trier, welcomed all members, guest speaker Matthew Gabrielle and guests: Rose D’Cruze, Gillian Baker, Kerry Parsons and Barbara Delahunty.  

Mike announced that a letter of resignation had been received from Trevor Leaver tonight and that he would be offered honorary membership of the club.

Mike said the cancelled Sundowner was a raging success with the Calceis, Betty and Martin having a good night.

Mike later mentioned that Kerry Parsons had presented a proposal to the Board that they will review before presenting to members.


Keith Timmel passed on Nancy Bray’s thanks for our participation in “Love in a Shoe Box” with over thirty boxes contributed by the Club.


Rodney Rate reported that the total raised for this year’s Swim for MS was now at $26,683 with Yvonne’s team up to $12,317.

Rod gave special thanks to Trevor Leaver for his efforts in sourcing gifts for the swim. (Trevor was away last week when Rod was thanking everyone)


President, Mike van Trier, presented a cheque for $800 to Barbara Delahunty representing the Waylen Bay Sea Scouts.

Barbara said she had joined the group about five years ago and had seen the numbers grow enormously. 

The donation will be particularly useful in providing much needed shelving and storage for their extra gear.


Tom Slater expressed regret at having to cancel the Sundowner at Mike and Donna van Trier’s due to terrible weather and reminded members that the next sundowner will be at the Calcei’s on Friday 23rd of November.

Barbara Delahunty and Llew Withers


Martin Houchin said Gail’s talk is now on the Club’s website (Click on what’s new).

Martin has visited Better Spuds and thinks it will be a great place for a Club visit.  He suggested going for a tour at around 11.00am and then adjourning to the Gateway Tavern for lunch.

A date towards the end of October was suggested.


Patricia Robertson reported that last year we gave the girls at Esther a bag of life’s necessities and that as they were running short she has made up another 24.


Sergeant, Ian Pittaway, ran ‘heads and tails’ with Martin Houchin being the winner.


Peter Field’s Lucky Joker ($450) was drawn by George Lewkowski but he missed the joker. 

Mike van Trier won the door prize.


Members were reminded that there will be no meeting on October 1st as it is a public holiday.





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“Climbing Mount Everest”


Matthew Gabrielle


Tom Slater introduced Matthew who reached the summit of Everest on May 20th after 18 months of strenuous training and six weeks at base camp.



PHOTOS from “SWIM for MS”












Text Box: Yvonne’s Angels scooped the pool having raised the most money for MS and also swimming the most laps in the ten hours.  Yvonne is the top fund raiser and Colin is second.
It is a really great result for all of the people with MS.


Text Box: The Bunnings SS