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Mick Donnes


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Patricia Robertson

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George Lewkowski


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Rodney Rate

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Bob Rodgers


Carole Maxwell


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Jan Fairclough


John Sharp / Betty Bright



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Jeff Spickett



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Martin Houchin


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Peter Field

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George Lewkowski


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Martin Houchin

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George Lewkowski



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Greg James



Betty Bright







Rotary District 9465                                                  for more information visit: http://rotary9465.org.au/


District Governor:  Brian Eddy (Rossmoyne)

Vice Governor:  Robert Cooper (Kwinana)

DG Elect:  Melodie Kevan (Applecross)

Group One Assistant Governor: Llew Withers

DG Nominee:  Linda McLerie (Hannans-Kalgoorlie)

Probus:  Winston Marsh

IPDG:  Erwin Biemel (Willetton)




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Ron Day   Birthday


Jean Smailes   Birthday


Elaine & Mal Bennett   Wedding


Winston Marsh   Birthday


Donna & Mike van Trier   Wedding


Greg James   Birthday









Meeting October 20th 2014

Acting Sergeant Ian Pittaway welcomed guests and Rotarians to the meeting, and handed the meeting over to Acting President George Lewkowski.  Acting President George gave a warm welcome to our speaker for the evening, Shannon Lovelady, and to Andrew Pittaway; Keith Timmel and Delys Rodgers.


Acting Sergeant Ian invited Directors to give their reports:


Gillian Baker reminded Rotarians about the production at the Melville Theatre in Stock Road on Wednesday 19th November, and asked if Rotarians could donate something for a platter which Gillian will put together to distribute on the evening, ie cheese, biscuits, nuts, dried fruit, olives, etc.


Martin Houchin invited Rotarians to a Sundowner at Carole and David Maxwell’s home on Friday 31st October from 5.30pm-8.30pm, at Villa 5, 35A Woodloes Street, Cannington 6107. Phone 9258 8501.  BYO and possibly a plate to share.  Martin was hoping for a good turnout on the evening.


John Sharp again indicated that there are still a couple of membership subscriptions outstanding.


Ian Pittaway said that the Leaf Bean Machine are going to run a Barista Course, and suggested that Rotary might like to sponsor some students.  Ian and Patricia Robertson will speak to the Clontarf College students to establish if there is any interest.



The Door Prize was won by Winston Marsh, and the You Won’t Find The Joker Raffle was won by Carole MaxwellGillian Baker won the donated prize of a bottle of red wine and jar of olives.


Tea and coffee were served, and Patricia Robertson supplied a delicious mint slice.  Following this, the speaker for the evening was introduced.


The Chair, Mal Bennett, introduced the speaker for the evening, Shannon Lovelady.  Shannon is an Archivist, Historian, and Curator at Presbyterian Ladies’ College Archives.  When Shannon realised that the numbers of our Western Australian Gallipoli dead had not been established, she set out to do something about it, and involved many volunteer groups and individuals to help assist in this project.


Gallipoli Dead from Western Australia – How to Confront an Elephant


Shannon Lovelady with Keith Timmel and Mal Bennett

In early June 2013, Dr Susan Maushart asked several relevant sources 'How many WA men died at Gallipoli?'. The figure was not known but thought to be somewhere between 900-2500. With a background in research and database administration, and a key area of interest being WWI (Western Front though), Shannon decided to do something about it.


Shannon gathered a team of 28 volunteers (including members of the WA Genealogical Society WA Group) and embarked on a collaborative project, and called for submissions of other peoples' lists as a base to start from. Within days she was sent the Kings Park Avenue of Honour list; the 10th Light Horse Regiment extraction; Fremantle Dead; Carnamah men; Timber Men (down south); Albany Boys; and 1915 Western Mail obituaries. Shannon then asked the authors of several battalion books for their Honour Rolls from the 11th, 16th and 28th Battalions; and years of research from historians working on other projects, all of which was generously supplied. Shannon supplemented that with the same battalion extractions (plus the 12th) from both the front and back end of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Then a decision had to be made to determine the eligibility criteria and what data needed to be collected. Therefore, it was decided that in order to be eligible, the soldier must have died in action, or as a result of wounds or illness received, at Gallipoli. He must also have been:


a)            born in WA;
b)         enlisted from WA; or
c)         spent a significant period of his life in WA.

Shannon arranged for the dossiers of ten soldiers at a time to be verified online at the National Archives of Australia by each volunteer. Some completed research on 20 or 30 soldiers, some over 250; one has done over 400.  They viewed nearly 4000 dossiers to arrive at a figure of 1025 verified and eligible for inclusion in the Project (includes two Royal Marines).  Of this number, 147 soldiers were from WA, with the largest component being from Victoria.

Shannon then went onto to give specific details about a couple of individual solders which were extracted from a study of the National Archives.  Indeed one tale was about a soldier who never came home to his wife from war, although he had been shown to have disembarked in Australia.  Similarly he never reported back for duty – however a search of records found that he had actually married in the UK on the day he was supposed to report back for duty – the soldier’s name was Private Casanova!



Shannon writes a weekly article in the local South Perth community newspaper, giving a touching account of soldiers’ diaries retelling their experiences of the brutal and bloody hand-to-hand fighting they experienced.  Shannon’s writings are now a part of the school curriculum for Years 3, 6 and 8.  Shannon’s contact details are: sml@iinet.net.au.


On behalf of the Club, Mal gave the sincere thanks for the wealth of information given, and gave her a small token of appreciation on behalf of the Rotary Club of Attadale.


Acting President George also thanked Shannon for her presentation, and again thanked the visitors for coming along to hear Shannon’s presentation.


With the Rotary charge, the meeting was closed.


Monday October 27th 2014

Acting Sergeant Ian Pittaway opened the meeting before passing to President Mick Donnes who welcomed Rotarians and the evening’s guests, Gail Lazzaro from the Rotary Cord Blood Bank, and PDG John Kevan.  President Mick also thanked George Lewkowski for filling in as Acting President during Mick’s absence.  Following the National Anthem and Grace, Directors were invited to give their reports:


Carole Maxwell confirmed that the Board Meeting on 28th October has been postponed until November.


Martin Houchin reminded Rotarians of the Sundowner at the Maxwell home on Friday 31st October from 5.30pm – 8.30pm, BYO drinks and nibbles to share (see attached flier). 


Martin also gave notice of an upcoming Car Rally which Mal Bennett has organized for Sunday 16th November, leaving from Tompkins on Swan and travelling to a mystery destination somewhere close to Perth.  The plan is to have a morning tea along the coast, and then a picnic lunch at a location with BBQ facilities but little shade.  All partners, children and grandchildren are welcome to attend the function.  Martin will prepare a flier for circulation.


Gillian Baker asked Rotarians to contact friends about the Melville Theatre Production of Wife After Death, on Wednesday 19th November, as the take-up of tickets has been slow.  Gillian also asked for donations of cheese, biscuits and nibbles as she will make up platters of food for the evening.


Llew Withers invited Rotarians to come to the Waylen Bay Scouts Hall, in The Strand in Applecross, at 10.30am on Sunday 9th November to attend the naming ceremony of the rescue boat.  Llew also told Rotarians about the promotional items prepared by Waylen Scout Group, such as the banners along Canning Bridge through an arrangement with the City of Melville and Rotary Club of Applecross, and the painting of the bus shelters along Canning Highway opposite Wireless Hill and around Cunningham Street, with paint supplied by the City of Melville.


Acting Bulletin Editor Betty Bright announced that she and Martin were going interstate on 1st November, and as Editor Colin McCulloch would not be back in Perth until 4th November, she was looking for a volunteer to take bulletin notes on Monday, 3rd November.  Carole Maxwell very kindly offered to carry out the task that evening.  Many thanks Carole, you’re a gem!


Finally Kerry Parsons spoke of the Rotary Club in Scarborough which is building or renovating wheelchairs.  A lot of people are working on this project, and there is a waiting list of volunteers wanting to come on board.  The Club would prefer not to have to rent a facility to carry out this work, so there is a proposal to buy a block of land and build three units on it, sell two units and retain one with a small mortgage for the project.  Kerry is working on the proposal with President Mick.


The Door Prize was won by Martin (although Betty actually picked the number, so technically……), and Find the Joker Raffle bottle of wine won by Robin Hamilton while the elusive $459 stayed in the pot.  (No surprises there, then).


The usual fines session followed, and a large number of golfers were fined (seems fair to me!); President Mick for his absence; and Greg James for not agreeing to lead the anthem.  Greg in turn bought the box and fined Llew Withers for encouraging Waylen Scouts to paint graffiti on Transperth bus shelters!



The Chair for the evening, George Lewkowski, introduced the speaker for the evening, Gail Lazzaro who has been a principal scientist with Rotary Core Blood since its inception.  Rotary has raised $6˝ million for the project, with support from Lotterywest and community and corporate sponsors.


Gail began her presentation by saying that it had been two years since completion, when it was officially opened by State Governor Malcolm McCusker


Photo courtesy of Rotary Club of Western Endeavour Newsletter


It was in 2003 through the Rotary Centenary that District Governors and Past District Governors were invited to put forward possible projects for funding, which would be selected by an independent committee.  The Rotary Cord Blood project was launched in 2005, together with a fund raising campaign, and it took four and half years to raise the funds.  The Australian Red Cross Blood Service Building was the nominated location.  It had been built over sixty years ago, and extended twenty years ago, and made for a difficult refurbishment.  However, the final construction was completed almost on time, and on budget, and the construction firm later won an award for its work.


Gail showed Rotarians photographs of the futuristic refurbishment with dedicated rooms, ie cryogenic room, receiving room, processing and storing rooms.  However in the early stages in moving in, the group was faced with some serious challenges, in particular with the liquid nitrogen, where continuous evaporation of gas resulted in huge amounts of liquid nitrogen being used.  This problem took the contractor six months to rectify.  Another problem was that moisture in the existing concrete slab caused bubbling in the new vinyl floors that had been fitted.  In the clean room – silicone joints hadn’t been sealed, and cabinet joints had to be removed and replaced.  However, the building received their validation at the end of 2013.


It has proved to be a very rigorous process with respect to the Cord Blood facility, as the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is very stringent.  The TGA will be coming in February to do audits, and it may be possible to include the Rotary Cord Blood Bank during that visit.

Cord blood transplants are proven treatments for a range of malignant and genetic blood and bone marrow diseases, including leukemia. The cord blood, which remains in a baby’s umbilical cord and placenta after birth, is rich in stem cells. The blood can be collected from volunteers without detriment to the child or mother.  The focus of the project is to increase the diversity of tissue types available on the Australian registry which will be of great benefit to the community of WA and the wider community. Transplant recipients will be able to access the service free of charge.  Currently the Rotary Cord Blood Bank received excellent support from King Edward Hospital who are supplying placenta donated from caesarian births, although this will be extended in due course to routine births.


Gail offered Rotary the sincere thanks of the Rotary Cord Blood Bank, and said without their support, there would have been no facility.  Rotarians had the opportunity to ask questions of Gail, following which she was given a token of appreciation from Chairman George, and a resounding note of thanks from Rotarians.


President Mick also thanked Gail for her presentation, and acknowledged PDG John Kevan’s brief but welcome visit.  Mick urged Rotarians to canvass their friends in an effort to sell the remaining seventy tickets for the Melville Theatre night on Wednesday 19th November.


Following the Rotary Charge, the meeting was closed.




Rotary Club of Attadale - Thirty Years of History


Mal Bennett has coordinated the recording of the history of our Club over its first thirty years.  This has been produced in digital form and is now available to members.  This record from 1982 to 2012 includes a wealth of information and memorable photographs that capture the character, activities and achievements of the Club.  It will become a treasured memento to all members past and present and is available to them for FREE!


All you need do is choose the version you want as it comes in three configurations:


·      Photos and Reports                    runs for 1h 46min                1,087,822Kb (about 1 GB)

·      Photos only                                  runs for 1h 26min                877,086Kb

·      Written Reports only                   runs for 33min                      324,402Kb


The full Photos and Reports is recommended.  They will all come on a DVD so should play on a computer or a DVD player.  Please click here to email Mal Bennett to let him know which version you prefer.


If you would rather have your copy on a USB thumb drive please bring one to our next meeting.  It will need to be 2 GB or more for the Photos and Report or 1 GB for the other choices.  Please name your thumb drive clearly.














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