BulLetIN NOVEMBER 30, 2012






OFFICE BEARERS 2012 / 2013



Mike van Trier


Director New Generations:

Patricia Robertson

Vice President:

Jeff Spickett


Director Community:

Carole Maxwell

President Elect:

George Lewkowski


Director Vocational:

Martin Houchin


Phil Palmer


Director International:

Greg James   new


John Sharp


Director Attadale Foundation:

Bob Rodgers

Director Administration:

George Lewkowski


Attendance Officer:

Tony Wilkie

Director Foundation:

Greg James   new



Ian Pittaway

Director Membership:

Jeff Spickett



Keith Timmel

Director Public Relations:

George Lewkowski



Tony Wilkie

Director Rotary Family:

Tom Slater



Colin McCulloch /





Betty Bright


Rotary District 9465               for more information visit:        http://rotary9465.org.au/


District Governor:  Robert (Bob) Cooper (Kwinana)

DG Elect:  Erwin Biemel (Willetton)

DG Nominee:  Brian Eddy (Rossmoyne)

Area Governor Clubs:  Robert Thompson (Kwinana)





Special Anniversaries for



Peter Knox   Birthday


Evadne Spickett   Birthday


Penelope Johnson   Birthday


Sonya Rosbotham   Birthday


Tom Slater   Birthday


Jeff Spickett   Birthday


Don Rodger   Birthday


David Maxwell   Birthday


Dellys & Bob Rodgers   Wedding


Brian Wall   Birthday


Colin Taylor   Birthday












Meeting November 19th



President, Mike van Trier, welcomed all members, our guest speaker David Hatt and his daughter Ellen van Trier.

At the recent, successful Job Seminar the school principal asked Mike if he knew of a business person who might like to join the School Board.


Tom Slater reminded members of the Sundowner this Friday, November 23rd, at Jim and Jenny Calcei’s from 6.00pm.  Please bring your drinks and nibbles.

Mal Bennett will be organizing the special Christmas dinner meeting with partners on Monday, December 17th.  The meal will be a buffet and Mal would welcome any suggestions regarding the format of the evening.

Text Box: George and Winston welcome Ellen




Betty Bright distributed some handouts from last week’s guest speaker, Maria Hart, to promote KidsMatter.


Colin McCulloch reminded members that we have only been allocated Sausage Sizzle dates of June 9th, July 20th and September 28th next year.  We have asked for dates in October, November and December but meanwhile have decided to try a Friday SS on November 30.  Colin will put out an email giving more details and asking for some volunteers.


Martin Houchin mentioned that all golfers were invited to join an informal group playing golf at Point Walter each Monday morning at 8.30am.  If you are interested just turn up.

Phil Palmer reported that the Jobs Seminar went off very well and everyone wanted their thanks passed on to members and hoped that it would be held again next year.  It was a smaller group this year because it only a half cohort going through so we had plenty of interviewers.  Phil said that the East Fremantle Football Club was an excellent venue and good value.


Greg James spoke about hosting a GSE team of five Brazilians from April 4th to 8th.

We will need to:

·      find hosts for the visitors

·      as a Club we will need to attend meetings

·      organize a farewell meeting

·      arrange a vocation day

·      assist with transport to events

·      arrange social events

Greg distributed a quiz on arts and literature.


Mick Donnes said that after Kerry Parsons invited members to go to the Philippines to inspect his project Mick and Viv had decided to go and invited other members and partners to join them.  This will be next February or March and a friend of Mick’s will arrange a dinner on the stop over in Singapore. 


The Door Prizes were won by Mick Donnes and Phil Palmer.  There was no Lucky Joker.


Sergeant, Ian Pittaway, had a good fines session with lots of ‘welcome backs’, anniversaries and birthdays.

Text Box: Martin thanks Carlo Cicciolone for an interesting visit.

Martin Houchin reported that today’s vocational visit to Beta Spuds was extremely interesting and informative.  Ann and George Lewkowski, Gail and Colin McCulloch, Tom Slater, Bruce Robinson and Martin enjoyed learning about growing, processing, marketing and improving potatoes and even got some culinary tips and a gift of the new, low GI Carisma potato.


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Guest Speaker:  David Hatt


“State Sports Administration”


A Short History of the Dockers



As an avid Dockers fan Bob Rodgers was delighted to introduce David as he was the inaugural CEO of the mighty Freo Dockers.  David gave a wide ranging commentary on the establishment of the Dockers and the conditions under which they entered the AFL competition.  Suffice to say they were far, far, far, far less generous than the $20m for the Sydney teams.  Despite this the Dockers have become the largest business in Fremantle with a turnover of $53m and

is one of the most successful AFL clubs in business terms.             Click on the logos to learn more



Text Box:  
Ian Pittaway is coordinating our support for the Salvo’s annual Christmas Appeal and invites members to contribute items as described in the last bulletin and bring them to the next meeting.


Meeting November 26th


President Mike van Trier welcomed all members and guest speaker Anne Littlewood and welcomed back Patricia Robertson.

Mike apologized to directors for missing the last board meeting due to unforeseen circumstances.

Mike asked all directors to prepare a half year review of their portfolio, provide a copy for him and the bulletin and present it to the next meeting.


Tom Slater gave a sincere thank you to Jim and Jenny Calcei for an excellent sundowner last Friday saying they were superb hosts who had redefined nibbles.


Martin Houchin reminded members of a standing invitation to play golf at Point Walter on Mondays at 8.30.  Just turn up but not next Monday as the course is closed for maintenance on the first Monday of each month.


The door prize was won by Ron Day and ‘heads’n’tails’ by Patricia Robertson.


Martin Houchin gave his Vocational director’s report stating:

·      Phil Palmer did a brilliant job organizing the Job Seekers’ Seminar with sixteen interviewers including Trish Sharpe, Anne Lewkowski and Judy Marsh.

·      The Four Way Test didn’t happen for RCA this year due to various circumstances.

·      Various activities are being planned with local schools by Rod Rate, Patricia Robertson and Gail McCulloch.

·      The Beta Spuds vocational visit last week was very successful though attendance was small.

·      Further proposed vocational visits are Challenger TAFE kitchens and restaurant and Borrello Cheese.


Sergeant, Ian Pittaway, made a few fines including golfer Martin Houchin for having a seven on the ninth hole after being even with par after eight holes. (giving him a tidy 38)


Ian said The Salvos would like our Christmas donations by December 4th so please bring them along to the next meeting.  Please see the last bulletin for details.






Anne Littlewood


“Rotarian Team Leader to Siberia 2012”


Brian Wall introduced Anne who is a member of the Mill Point Club and she gave an interesting presentation of her GSE trip to Siberia.  Slides included places visited, diverse architecture, foods and countryside.

Her overall impression was that the people looked serious but were very happy and surprisingly shared our sense of humour.


Chairman Brian Wall, Anne Littlewood and Greg James >>>



In the last bulletin we announced the arrival of Noah James Young, first grandchild for Rod and Yvonne Rate, and this week we bring you the paparazzi photos of the proud grandparents, Noah and Mum.





Thank you lunch for Swim for MS


The top eight fundraisers for this year’s Swim for MS were invited to lunch with the Hon. Norman Moore at Parliament House on November 21st.  Top fundraiser, Yvonne Rate, was unable to attend as she was enjoying being a grandmother in Melbourne but the family was represented by Simon Rate.  Second top fundraiser, Colin McCulloch, reported that it was an excellent occasion with fine food and stimulating conversation complemented by an interesting tour of Parliament House.


<<< Simon Rate, Norman Moore and Colin McCulloch

        in the Legislative Council.

Men’s Shed helps Grandson

Keith Timmel’s 14 year old grandson, Max Puls, wanted to make his own surfboard as part of a school project but needed some help with the shaping.  Keith introduced him to Colin Taylor and the blokes at the Men’s Shed.  

Max took his foam surfboard blank to the shed where Doug Douglas used their band saw to do the rough shaping.  The blokes gave Max advice on how to do the finer shaping and fibre glassing and he did a great job under the watchful eye of Grandad.  The photo shows that his surfboard looks just like the professionals’.

Doug Douglas, Max and Keith Timmel

Colin Taylor said: “We were pleased to be able to assist and this is just another typical example of “the shed” continuing to be involved in community projects.”


Rotary Stalwart Helps the Men’s Shed



Some months ago past member Graham Cotterell donated a number of valuable items of metal working equipment to the Men’s Shed.  These included a Myford lathe, a milling machine, a bandsaw and a bench grinder.  This has enabled the Shed to expand its activities into metal working.  

Shed members are extremely grateful to Graham for his generous donations and the engineers in the shed are already turning out some metal items.  As Rotarians would be aware Graham’s health has not been the best of late and he is now living in the Hilton

Park Age Care Centre.  Last week we arranged for Graham to visit the Shed and to see his machinery in use.  It was a great occasion.  Graham was accompanied by his wife and daughter and they enjoyed a thorough inspection of our shed and then joined us for morning tea in the John Bray Room.                                                                                                   by Colin Taylor


To learn more about the Bicton Men’s Shed visit: http://bictonmensshed.com/photos.html        

Text Box: Photos by Martin Houchin



Bunnings offered us a Sausage Sizzle this Saturday (due to a cancellation) so we will NOT be doing our proposed Friday SS and will do Saturday instead. 

Thanks to all who offered to assist at short notice.








Martin Houchin, Jeff Spickett




Ian Pittaway




Trevor Leaver, Tony Wilkie




Greg James, Ron Day (11.00 – 12.00)




Jim Calcei, Carole Maxwell, George Lewkowski




Pietro Lomas (Men’s Shed)




Patricia Robertson, Alan Morcombe


Text Box:  



Evadne on the Millennium Bridge


"Season's greetings to all Attadale Rotarians.  I am having a wonderful time here in England where I have been visiting friends and family and finding lots of new information for my family tree and Jeff's too.  As the weather cools and the nights draw in I am strangely looking forward to experiencing a British winter once again.  Perhaps I might see some snow at Christmas.  Jeff will be back here by then and we will spend the festive season with friends in Norfolk.

Text Box: I hope that you and your families will all enjoy the Christmas period and that the New Year will bring all that you wish.            Evadne"