BulLetIN NOVEMBER 2, 2012







OFFICE BEARERS 2012 / 2013



Mike van Trier


Director New Generations:

Patricia Robertson

Vice President:

Jeff Spickett


Director Community:

Carole Maxwell

President Elect:

George Lewkowski


Director Vocational:

Martin Houchin


Phil Palmer


Director International:

Llew Withers


John Sharp


Director Attadale Foundation:

Bob Rodgers

Director Administration:

George Lewkowski


Attendance Officer:

Tony Wilkie

Director Foundation:

Llew Withers



Ian Pittaway

Director Membership:

Jeff Spickett



Keith Timmel

Director Public Relations:

George Lewkowski



Tony Wilkie

Director Rotary Family:

Tom Slater



Colin McCulloch /





Betty Bright


Rotary District 9465               for more information visit:        http://rotary9465.org.au/


District Governor:  Robert (Bob) Cooper (Kwinana)

DG Elect:  Erwin Biemel (Willetton)

DG Nominee:  Brian Eddy (Rossmoyne)

Area Governor Clubs:  Robert Thompson (Kwinana)






Special Anniversaries for



Donna van Trier   Birthday


Jacquie & Ian Pittaway   Wedding


Ron Day   Induction   2001


Judy & Winston Marsh


Elsa Anderson   Birthday


Pat Power   Birthday


Helen James   Birthday


Jim Trotter   Birthday


Carole Maxwell    Induction   2005


Freya Taylor   Birthday


Jeff Spickett   Induction   2005


Patty & Jim Trotter   Wedding


Trish & John Sharp   Wedding


Tom Slater   Induction   1993









Meeting October 22nd


President, Mike van Trier, welcomed all members, our guest speakers Gillian Baker and Jean Loth and guest Rose D’Cruze.

Mike announced that the Board meeting will be on Wednesday at 5.00pm at John Sharp’s.

There will be no meetings on December 24th, 31st and January 6th.  The new year will begin with a barbecue at Point Walter on January 13th.


Winston Marsh expressed his belief that Probus is RCA’s best community service.  Next week he will present a certificate to the first Probus club we sponsored whose 80 members are now celebrating its thirtieth anniversary.  We have started another three clubs: Attadale Ladies, Attadale Combined and Mosman Park.


Rod Rate’s draft SS roster will have to be revised after Saturday’s unplanned sausage sizzle.  See revised roster below

Rod said that Yvonne will not be organizing a team for Swim for MS next year as they will be away. 

He will prepare a paper for the Board to help decide our involvement with Swim for MS.



Colin McCulloch reported that at 12 noon Friday Bunnings had offered us the Saturday SS that was available because of a late withdrawal.  As Rod was unavailable Colin and Bob Rogers did a quick ring-a-round to get volunteers.  Many thanks to all who responded and made it possible to accept the offer.  The sausages and buns were arranged at short notice and Bunnings donated 25kg of onions and had them delivered.

The day was the busiest that anyone can remember and each roster did an absolutely marvellous job in churning out SSs and drinks.  Our experience really came to the fore.

We sold 780 SSs and 342 drinks and made a record profit of $1736.85.  This included donations of $48.70 plus an individual donation of $50.



Special thanks to Trevor Leaver who came out of retirement to assist and Ross McCulloch who was also pleased to help out.  Martin Houchin did a three hour shift and Patricia Robertson worked an extra hour and then stayed to help Greg James and the McCullochs clean up and pack away.

Thanks also to Colin and Gail’s daughter, Julie Walker, who rushed around buying extra sausages and buns.

Photographic highlights are featured below


Treasurer John Sharp said that he would be absent for a number of meetings and during this time Betty Bright will collect any monies and Martin Houchin will arrange cheques and do the banking.


Reporting on the Rotary Family Tom Slater said Colin Taylor has had a bad attack of gastro enteritis and we wish him a speedy recovery.


The Door Prize was won by Brian Wall.


Sergeant, Ian Pittaway, said he had only a few fines but collected quite a few.



Guest Speakers


Gillian Baker & Jean Loth.


“Sound for Life”



Max Anderson introduced Gillian and Jean who gave us a comprehensive overview of how the ear works and affects our lives and how their ‘Sound for Life’ program operates.



“Sound for Life provides services for children, adolescents and adults in the form of assessments and therapies.

The programs offered can enhance learning and performance as well as assisting with learning and behavioural issues including:-  dyslexia, dyspraxia,

Text Box: Jean and Gillian



auditory processing difficulties, sensory processing and integration issues, ADD and ADHD.”


For more details visit the Sound for Life website




Meeting October 29th                    reported by Betty Bright


President Mike van Trier welcomed all members, guest speaker Michael Forte and guest Rose D’Cruze and welcomed back Penelope Johnson.


Mike informed the members that Anne Lewkowski was admitted to the Mount Hospital last Friday with serious heart problems however she apparently had surgery on Monday and is reported to be recovering well.  Understandably George will probably be absent from the club for three or four weeks.


Rotary District Group Study Exchange – due to some confusion, there will be two teams in 2013.  The Rotary Club of Attadale will host a team from Brazil.  Greg James will update members in due course.


Phil Palmer reminded members of the upcoming Jobseekers’ Seminar on 14th November.  He circulated a sheet and invited members to put down their names if they were available to come along as an interviewer.


Tom Slater reminded members about the Sundowner at the home of Jim and Jenny Calcei, on November 23rd.


Bruce Robinson informed the members the Four Way Test Group 4 Final will be held at the Rotary Club of Kwinana, in Brownell Crescent, Medina on Monday, 26 November 2012, 7pm for 7.30pm.  Given that there are no available spots to invite students from local schools to present to the RCA, Bruce has spoken with Alan Thompson who has agreed to accept students going directly into the finals on 26th November.  Bruce then spoke with Santa Maria and, provided they can raise one or two speakers, Bruce is proposing that on this occasion the Club dispenses with the usual preliminaries, and put forward these two Santa Maria girls directly into the Group 4 Final on 26 November 2012 in Kwinana.


Bruce will not be available on that evening, and would be obliged if someone could volunteer to be his Deputy and attend in his place at the Kwinana meeting. 


Sergeant, Ian Pittaway, invited members to participate in an experiment he had seen on Stephen Fry’s QI.  And just because members were gullible enough to do so, he took the opportunity to fine everyone present! 


Sergeant Ian also reminded members about the Salvos Wish List for the Salvo’s Annual Christmas Appeal which can be found later in the Bulletin.


Joker Raffle – Peter Field announced that there was approximately $500 in the kitty for some lucky winner.  As it turned out, Peter was both the winner and loser…. He won a bottle of wine and lost out on picking the joker.





Michael Forte


Sustainability and Perth City Farm


Winston Marsh introduced Michael Forte from Perth City Farm.  Michael is a Native New Yorker who is currently on an extended holiday with his wife and two children, and arrived in Perth via New Zealand and the Kimberley.  Michael owns the only carbon neutral restaurant in New York, and plans to be in Perth for another year.


Michael is currently co-manager of the Perth City Farm, which is an urban community garden, education and network centre based in East Perth that operates on permaculture principles, where they promote healthy environments that are productive and diverse..  Before becoming an organic permaculture centre, the site was used as a scrap metal yard and a battery recycling plant.  Perth City Farm has transformed the site in order to demonstrate how heavily degraded land can be rehabilitated.  One of their projects is the GRO project which turns used coffee grounds and waste from local cafes into organic oyster mushrooms and premium organic compost.

Text Box: Michael Forte




The farm hosts Schools Tours, School Holiday Programs, and has a Farmers’ Market, Workshops, Café and Functions Rooms for hire for weddings, events etc.

Farm Operating Hours are 8.30am to 4pm Tuesday to Friday and 8am to noon on Saturday … Well worth the visit – just take Transperth’s Yellow Cat right to the door!




In a previous bulletin it was reported that:

Treasurer John Sharp announced that the Board had discussed the problem of members not putting in an apology and had determined that the Attendance Officer would inform the Treasurer who would invoice the member for the cost of the meal.

This should have read:

The Board had discussed the problem of members not putting in an apology and had determined that “the Attendance Officer would inform the Treasurer who would take such reports to the next Board meeting. Unless the Board agreed there were extenuating circumstances the Treasurer would be instructed to invoice the member for the cost of the meal.”




Roster queries for Rotarians should be directed to Rod Rate:  0411 097 333  /  9430 4848

If a Men’s Shed volunteer fails to arrive, please call: Colin Taylor on 93303769 or 0427353575

Text Box: Increase our profits by upselling: “Would you like a drink with that?”


Consumables / equipment queries to Colin or Gail McCulloch:  9330 4928


Colin:  0423 255 940   Gail:  0411 260 865


Sausage Sizzle Roster for Saturday, November 10th, 2012


8.00 – 10.00am

Keith Timmel, Don Rodger, Brian Wall

10.00 – 12.00

Phil Palmer, Tony Wilkie, Ester girls (2)  

Max Anderson (10-11) Robin Hamilton (11-12)

12.00 – 2.00pm

Llew Withers, Mal Bennett, Mick Donnes, Mens’ Shed (1)

2.00 – 4.00pm

Alan Morcombe, Bruce Robinson, Jeff Spickett




















The following guidelines were circulated by Ian and have been revised to include  a suggestion that lady guest speakers should be accompanied to their cars.















Try to make contact with guest speaker prior to the Rotary Meeting to obtain background notes and précis in your own words to have well thought out introduction. (Program Director may have some info.)


Try to be early to greet speaker as they arrive and offer them a drink.


Check with speaker about the amount of time required for their presentation plus an allowance of at least 10 minutes for Q. and A.

If speaker requires more time, please advise Sergeant so times can be changed


Ensure room is setup to accommodate speaker’s requirements. Show them where they will speak from and where they will sit. Explain in simple terms the order for the evening. Introduce speaker to as many people as possible, in particular those sitting on the same table.



You will need to keep a check on how much time is left for the Guest Speaker and have an arranged signal so they understand it is time to wind up. The most subtle and preferred method is for Chairperson to stand when time is almost up.


Before meeting check with Secretary/Sergeant to ensure there is the ‘thank you’ gift available for you to present to the speaker when talk is completed.


It is your responsibility to arrange with the Guest Speaker that you will control the questions from members at the appropriate time.

Make eye contact around the room to acknowledge questioners. Recognise each questioner by name when inviting their question.


Thank the speaker and present gift.


After the meeting lady guest speakers should be accompanied to their cars.


Enjoy the occasion.



November 2012






Nancy Bray has sent a letter about “Operation Christmas Child” and asked for this to be included in the Bulletin…..




Many thanks once again for the wonderful generous response from Attadale Rotary Club Members who contributed to the above project.


Together with Bicton / South Perth Como Uniting Churches, Family and Friends, we collected and assembled a total of 253 boxes.  A tremendous effort from all involved. (Receipts to be forwarded from Samaritan’s Purse)


Thank you for the many ways of participating, bringing much joy and happiness to the underprivileged children at Christmas time.  Plus, it is very important for them to know someone cared enough to pack a box for them, or make a donation (can be life changing).


Special thanks to Keith Timmel for all his work promoting and collecting the boxes – Great Job!


Many thanks and Blessings


Nancy Bray







Text Box:  
Ian Pittaway will be coordinating our support for the Salvo’s annual Christmas Appeal and will be asking for donations at a date closer to Christmas.







·                Tins of Ham Tins of Baked Beans

·                Chocolate Christmas Bon-Bons

·                Tins of Fruit Custard

·                Puddings Mixed Nuts

·                Rice Lollies

·                Bottled Water Cordial

·                Fruit Mince Pies Tea and Coffee

·                Bottled Soft Drink Tins of Vegetables

·                Baby Food/ Formula Fruit Juice Box Drinks


New Toys

Books, Barbie & Other Dolls, Tonka Trucks, Action Figures, Board Games and Puzzles, Educational Toys, Stuffed Toys, Building Blocks, Lego



Toilet Paper, Towels, Underwear, Disposable Nappies, Soap, Toothbrushes, Shampoo & Conditioner, Deodorant, Baby Rattles, Thongs, Sand Shoes


Thank you for your kind support!