BulLetIN, MAY 31, 2016






Ye Olde Replacement Attadale View

(with apologies to Gail and Colin)


Yes this is a temporary replacement for our usual modern bulletin. Unfortunately I do not have the skills possible to contemplate an attempt at following our regular bulletin editors’ abilities, but here goes.


No meeting on Monday 6 June – WA Day Public Holiday

Make sure you do something WA


Monday 13 June: Set up: Mal Bennett (replacing John Sharp) – sorry Mal but that comes from being close to the top of the alphabet + Robin Hamilton.  Host: Llew Withers. Chair: Patricia Robertson

Guest Speakers: Gillian Baker and her business partner: Presenting a preview of their address to a convention in America.

Footnote: Gillian is one of our hardest working Rotarians and deserves a great attendance at this meeting (+ plus I am Sergeant at this meeting and names will be taken of non-attenders – no excuses accepted – except Winston and Max)


Monday 31 May:     President Carole opened the meeting and Patricia led us into the national anthem which was really good. Obviously enthused by the singing from Sunday’s movie fundraiser.

Carole also welcomed our guest speaker Tim Nicol and guest of Kerry and Abby – Giovanna McEwan (apologies if spelling is incorrect). Also the CEO of Motor Neuron Disease W.A. (see my apology below)



Llew – GADGAC. It seems we collected almost a tonne of goods from our areas, for Foodbank and 5,000 meals. A job well done by members and volunteers. Llew said there will be talks about changing the format next year. (may the acting bulletin editor and Programme Director suggest after initial discussions we make it a topic for a meeting night).

Gillian – reported a successful movie fundraiser which raised approx $750.

Special thanks especially to Rodney Rate who brought 31 guests along and to other members who also brought guests, but not in such a high number. Apparently only 13 members attended (and those not in the 13 were appropriately fined by acting Sergeant Rodney).

Martin -  He still has Entertainment Books for sale to Members and friends. These are of great value both to you and the club. If you eat out more than twice a year you will be way in front (my words, not Martins). Could be some fines coming up soon for those not buying one!

Rodney – Rod presented the CEO of MND a ‘pretend cheque’ for $22,100 from the proceeds of the Charity Golf Day. Rodney, I do apologise for not remembering her name. She talked about where some of the money will go and was quite inspirational (Rodney, wearing my other hat can you get her back for a full blown presentation later please). The real money gets transferred to MND today.

Carole and Ian – reported on Winston and Max who are both very much missed by members. Both are in stages of recovery and it will be a while until we see them back in harness. Can’t wait to pile lots of jobs on them when they return (Max if you were here the members could have had a decent bulletin, not this one).


Guest Speaker Tim Nicol: Pew Charitable Trust – working for the Kimberley Coastline.

Tim has a strong background in conservation and has been employed as a consultant to work with Mining and Resources as a Liaison Officer by the Conservation Council.

He covered the Kimberley area showing some great photos and some of the work that has been done and still has to be done to protect this pristine environment.

One of the future problems facing the coastline will be the increase in large passenger liners coming into the area and bringing the extra tourists which can be a boon or a disaster. Time will tell.

Overall a good presentation.


Raffle prize draws: Kerry won the door prize and generously donated the wine back. Greg won the joker (quite appropriate), but missed out on the jackpot. Unlike Kerry he took the wine…. this time! Rodney won the music CD prize for the movie day (and well deserved too).


Well folks that’s the best I can do.  Boy, I hope the McCullochs feel guilty now! Only joking. It seems they are having a ball on their way to the far east coast. Come back soon you two.

Not sure how much more members’ can take of this stuff.


Acting editor, acting sergeant and least half of the programme team.