Bulletin May 25, 2009





*Attadale View

Official bulletin of the Rotary Club of Attadale

Vol 26 No 22 Bulletin  -  25th May 2009


Meets 6pm for 6.30 pm at Royal Fremantle Golf Club,

359 High Street, Fremantle.

PO Box 110 Melville WA 6156



Carole Maxwell

Vice President

Llew Withers

President Elect

Martin Houchin


Colin Treloar


Trevor Leaver

Director Community Services

Jeff Spickett

Director Vocational Services

Alan Morcombe

Director International Services

Russell Smailes

Director New Generation

Llew Withers

Director Fellowship

Mal Bennett

Director Membership &  Marketing

Sonya Rosbotham

Dir.Club Service

Martin Houchin

Rotary Family

Jim Trotter


Greg James

Sergeant at Arms

Don Rodger


Ian Pittaway


Peter Knox

Bulletin Editor

Russell Smailes

 APOLOGIES to Peter Knox Tel:  9330 2559 by 10am Monday

If you are not coming to the meeting and do not let Peter Knox know by 10am on Monday then you will be required to pay for the meal.


Many thanks to Jeff and Evadne Spickett for a wonderful Sundowner!



Next Meeting

June 8th 2009

June Setting Up

Ron Day; Mick Donnes; Peter field

June Hosts

Robin Hamilton; Martin Houchin; Gil Innes-Padarin



May 30, May 31, June 1




Saturday  30th May

8am – 11am

Yolanda Cool, Gil Innes-Padarin


11am – 1pm

Betty Bright, Col Taylor


11am – 2pm

Jeff Spickett, Martin Houchin


1pm – 4pm

Jeff Spickett, Sonya Rosbotham




Sunday 31st May

8am – 11am

Rod & Yvonne Rate


11am – 1pm

Max Anderson, Peter Field


11am – 2pm

Tom Slater and Richard


1pm – 4pm

Mike Van Trier, Bob Rogers




Monday 1st June

8am – 11am

Russell & Jean Smailes


11am – 1pm

Jim & Patricia Trotter


11am – 2pm

Tom Slater and Bronwyn


1pm – 4pm

Carole Maxwell, John Sharp




June 13-14




Saturday 13th June

8am – 11am

Don Roger, Keith Timmel


11am – 1pm

George Lewkowski, Jim Trotter


11am – 2pm

Colin Treloar, Mick Donnes


1pm – 4pm

Llew Withers, Mal Bennett




Sunday 14th June

8am – 11am

Trevor Leaver, Ron Day


11am – 1pm

Max Anderson, John Bray


11am – 2pm

Greg James, Russell Smailes


1pm – 4pm

Carole Maxwell, Sarah Banks


Happy Birthday to

Nancy Day                                   2nd

Jim Calcei                                     5th (a big 60!)

Ann Field                                      13th

Del Rogers                                   14th

Max Anderson                             17th

Peter Field                                    21st

Alan Morcombe                           26th


Robin Hamilton                            27/6/1987

Jim Trotter                                   25/6/1989

George Lewkowski                      25/6/1999

Llew Withers                                9/06/2003                   


Wedding Date

Greg & Helen James                   14th

Robin & Gill Hamilton                 15th


Recent Attendance         73.7 %

Your club needs an Attendance Officer for next Rotary year. This is a great opportunity for one of our newer members.  Have a chat with Martin about it.


·        Changeover Night – Monday 29th June . 6.30pm for 7pm. 3-course meal. Beer, wine, champers and softies on arrival and on the table (for starters).

·        Mental Health Forum (jointly with Fremantle) 29th July

·        Sundowners – Please talk to Mal or Martin if you can host an evening.




HANDICAMP REPORT from Robin Hamilton 

Handicamp has been held for the last 17 years and over 450 campers have attended for the week’s camp.  It is for 18 to 38 year old adult people with mild to moderate intellectual or physically challenges.  It was held from the 22 to 28 March this year.  It is a District 9460 annual recurring project with a coordination committee to organise it.  It is hosted on a rotating basis by different clubs.  This year it was hosted by Rockingham RC and held in Rockingham.


Attadale RC sponsored 2 people, campers and/or carers to attend Handicamp.  The cost was $790. 

2 campers eventually attended and they were Richard Marsh and Leigh Blythe.  Both were taken down to Rockingham and brought back a week later.

They were very apprehensive about going to the camp, but after a couple hours there started to enjoy themselves. At the end, the saying of farewells took a long time. They enjoyed the camp very much and Richard particularly wants go back next year. The staff running the camp were lovely people and our thanks must go to them for all the effort that they put in, to make it such a very successful camp.

Robin Hamilton

John Bray’s farewell message to the Club

My years with the club since its inception has played a very important part in the life of Nancy and myself.

Now after fifty years of community service which included Jaycees, Melville City Council and Rotary, I am finding it difficult to maintain the interest and enthusiasm that is required as a member.

The club has meant much to both of us and we are confident the friendships we have made will still remain.

It is also satisfying to know the Attadale Rotary Club is currently enjoying some of its strongest times, especially with the up and coming younger officers, and can only go on in a forward direction.

Our very best wishes go to President Carole, President-elect Martin and his incoming administration.


John Bray