BulLetIN, MARCH 5, 2015








Monday, March 9th, 2015  5.30pm for 6.30pm 


Host:  Abby Parsons  Chair:  Mick Donnes  Set Up:  Patricia Robertson and Nick O'dorisio   


Monday, March 16th, 2015  5.30pm for 6.30pm 

Guest Speaker:  Jan Ross  - 'Pathfinder Investigations' 

Host:  Gail McCulloch  Chair:  Winston Marsh   Set Up:  Alan Morcombe and Don Rodger


If you will not be attending the meeting please email the acting Attendance Officer, Gillian Baker, before midnight on Sunday or if you need to apologise on the Monday please phone before 10.00am on Mob 0437 146 849  (Emails may not get read on Monday and cannot therefore guarantee that your apology is received).

Unless Gillian receives an apology by 10.00am on the day of the meeting the meal will need to be charged to you, and the procedure to recover costs for non apology will be:


a) Attendance officer to report to Treasurer at end of each meeting names of those who didn’t show and didn’t apologise

b) Treasurer to submit all Attendance Officer reports to monthly Board meeting to authorise recovery – valid excuses accepted

c) Treasurer to issue invoices to members monthly following Board meeting based on b).  





Attadale / Fremantle combined Golf Day at RFGC




Annual General Meeting




Jan Ross 'Pathfinder Investigations' (Winston Marsh)




Lawn Bowls Evening at Mt Pleasant Bowling Club




District Conference at Albany 20th to 22nd




Geoffrey Thomas, Aviation Editor, The West Australian




This will be a Partners and Friends' Night




Movie fundraiser - 'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'




John Garnaut - Angkor Project (Greg James)




Easter Monday - Public Holiday (no meeting)




Dinner Meeting




Dinner Meeting




ANZAC Day Public Holiday (no meeting)




Dinner Meeting




Dinner Meeting





Text Box: at ‘Tompkins on Swan’                                                      Dunkley Avenue, Alfred Cove




OFFICE BEARERS 2014 / 2015



Mick Donnes


Director New Generations:

Patricia Robertson

Vice President:

George Lewkowski


Director Fund Raising:

Rodney Rate

President Elect:

Carole Maxwell


Director Attadale Foundation:

Bob Rodgers


Carole Maxwell


Attendance Officer:

Jan Fairclough


John Sharp / Betty Bright



Jim Calcei

Director Membership/PR:

Jeff Spickett



Ian Pittaway

Director Rotary Family:

Martin Houchin


Insurance & Risk Assessment:

Peter Field

Director International:

George Lewkowski


Club Website manager:

Martin Houchin

Director RI Foundation:

George Lewkowski



Colin McCulloch /

Director Community & Vocation

Greg James



Betty Bright


Rotary District 9465                                                  for more information visit: http://rotary9465.org.au/


District Governor:  Brian Eddy (Rossmoyne)

Vice Governor:  Robert Cooper (Kwinana)

DG Elect:  Melodie Kevan (Applecross)

Group One Assistant Governor: Llew Withers

DG Nominee:  Linda McLerie (Hannans-Kalgoorlie)

Probus:  Winston Marsh

IPDG:  Erwin Biemel (Willetton)

Rotary Out West  editor: Phil Cordery





Special Anniversaries for



Ann Lewkowski   Birthday


Abby Parsons


Trevor Leaver   Birthday


George Macrides   Birthday


John Sharp   Birthday


Keith Timmel   Induction   1984


Jenny & Jim Calcei   Wedding


Nancy & Ron Day   Wedding


Elaine Bennett   Birthday


Joan Henley   Birthday


Betty Bright   Birthday


Rey O’dorisio   Birthday











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Golf Charity Day on Tomorrow

The weather looks good for our annual Golf Charity Day tomorrow and all of the planning and preparations to make it a great success are in place thanks to Chairman Rod Rate and his hard-working committee.  The considerable funds raised will go to Motor Neurone Diseases Association and the Fremantle Hospital Medical Research Foundation. 


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Major Sponsor

Many thanks to our sponsors and many donors who have supported this day so generously.

There will be a full report on the day in our next newsletter.

Members who are assisting at the Golf Day are requested to wear their Club T-shirt and please tuck it in to comply with the RFGC's dress code.


























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Fremantle Hospital Doctors who Donate





Annual Bowls Day on Wednesday, March 18th

All members, past members, partners and friends are invited to our Lawn Bowls Evening to be held at the Mt Pleasant Bowling Club next Wednesday starting at 6.30pm. 

Bring a pair of flat-soled shoes or suitable socks and $5 per head to cover costs and assorted nibbles to have with drinks afterwards.  Drinks can be purchased from the bar.



Monday, February 16th, 2015    


President Mick Donnes welcomed all Rotarians, our guest speaker Colette Lappin and Tony Stanbridge to the meeting.

He also congratulated "Grangran" Patricia Robertson on the arrival of her granddaughter.



Mick read a letter of thanks he had received from Ronald at the Salvation Army, saying that  due to the generous support from the RCA they were able to help a huge number of people.


Mick invited Patricia to tell members about some projects Rotary is involved in:


RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.  It is an intensive training program that brings together youth and young adults, aged 14-30, to further develop character and leadership skills and learn about Rotary.

RYLAs often take the form of a seminar, camp, or workshop, generally 3-10 days in length, organized by Rotarians at the club, district, or multi district level.

Participants are nominated by local Rotary clubs, which often cover all expenses.  For these young adults, this recognition offers the opportunity to build self-confidence, gain exposure to a variety of issues and people, meet active community leaders, and learn valuable information and career skills.


RYPEN stands for The Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment.  It is a Rotary sponsored District New Generations program.  Year ten and eleven students, from schools, attend a weekend long camp, designed at developing their potential through a mixture of lecture style sessions and adventure-based learning.

Its aim is to communicate to young people a series of ideas, problems and social experiences which will assist them in forming their own values and moral standards.  A program of thought provoking speakers, social situations and personal challenges is offered.

A Rotary club acts as the host club for the camp and provides the catering for the weekend while enjoying an excellent fellowship opportunity for its members.  Camps are held in October and March each year.


NYSF stands for National Youth Science Forum and is for students moving into Year 12.  

Its mission is to provide community minded and science focused young Australians, an opportunity for network development and insight into skills, careers and a lifetime of achievement in science, engineering and technology.

The flagship event of the NYSF is the January Forum.  Until recently this event had been held exclusively in Canberra and hosted by The Australian National University.  In 2010 the NYSF introduced a third session, in Perth, co-hosted by the Curtin University and The University of Western Australia.

Cassie Howell will be coming to our meeting to thank the RCA for giving her the opportunity to attend the NYSF.


Ian told us about Handicamp.  It is an annual, week long, live in camp for 18-35 year olds with a disability.  It provides them with an opportunity to take part in a range of stimulating and fun activities.

Support is provided by the organizing committee and 20 young carers or “buddies”, who get a lot out of their participation in the event.

Handicamp's purpose is to pair people with a disability with able-bodied 'buddies' for a week, to enjoy activities with, to grow through new experiences and develop greater understanding of others needs and challenges.

All participants are sponsored by a Rotary club for their accommodation, meals and activities.

Handicamp 2015 will be held from the 18th - 24th of January at Point Walter Recreation Camp, 1 Stock Rd, Bicton.


Mick thanked Colin for his expertise in photography, providing us with fabulous photos of the crabbing day and also for his culinary expertise in providing the meeting with chocolate chip biscuits.


Jim requested that those people who have not yet paid for their fund raising wine to please pay their money to John Sharpe.


Carole announced that in preparation for next year she would like to put forward a motion to the AGM on March 9th, 2015, to have a position of President Nominee to come after President Elect and asked if anyone had any objections, to which there were none.

Carole also asked that if anyone wanted to take a position on the board to please let her know.  She also wanted to have a planning committee for next year and asked for volunteers.


Gillian reminded us of the fund raising movie event on March 29th.  There will be CD prizes for those who sell the most tickets.

John enlightened us on another Rotary acronym ARHF,  Australian Rotary Health Foundation.   Jeff Spickett raised $370 for this foundation by requesting that instead of gifts for his recent birthday, people might like to donate to this foundation.


Jim conducted a humorous fines session and finished with a game of Heads and Tails that was won by Gillian.


The door prize was won by Mal Bennett and John Sharpe was not able to find the joker worth $700.


Mick announced the roster for the Bush Dance to be held at the Bicton Primary School this Friday 20th Feb from 4.00 - 8.00pm. 





Guest Speaker:  Colette Lappin

'The Big Red Kidney Bus'


Ian introduced Colette who is the Health Services Manager WA of Kidney Health Australia.  She gave a very interesting and informative talk on kidney disease and the establishment of the Big Red Kidney Bus that is parked in popular holiday destinations for 5-6 weeks at a time.   This enables people in the eastern states to go on holidays and have their dialysis in the bus.  They hope to raise enough funds to put more buses on the road around the country to meet the holiday needs of dialysis patients. 

Nearly 12 000 Australians are on dialysis.

Approximately 1.7 million people in Australia have kidney disease but less than 10% of them are aware they have a problem.  You can lose up to 90% of kidney function without experiencing any symptoms.  Kidney disease is common, harmful but treatable.

To find out if you have a problem with your kidneys go to your GP for a kidney health check.





Monday February 23rd, 2015     


President Mick Donnes welcomed all Rotarians, Cassie Howell, her mother Lisa Howell and our guest speaker Melissa Stoneham to the meeting.

Mick thanked everyone who attended the Bush Dance at the Bicton Primary School for their help in making it a very enjoyable and successful evening.


Jim reminded all Board members of the next meeting to be held at Mick's place next Thursday 26th Feb at 5.30 pm.


Colin thanked everyone who helped at the Bush Dance particularly Betty and Martin for their great work cooking and selling sausages and drinks.

He felt it was a successful social occasion that helped to raise the profile of Rotary.

He also borrowed the Neighborhood Community Trailer from Melville Council for the event and learnt that the council will contribute up to $250 to people within the City of Melville who apply to hold a street party.


Greg was selling raffle tickets for the Rotary Club of Katanning. There were only 1000 tickets to be sold at $25 each.  First prize was a return trip for two to Italy, which included air flights, two weeks accommodation, two weeks hire car rental plus travel insurance. 

Second prize was a return trip for two to Tasmania, which included air flights and seven nights accommodation. 

Third prize was two cartons of wine.  Fourth and fifth prizes were $100 cash.

As all the prizes were donated this was an excellent fun raiser for the club.


Patricia introduced Cassie Howell to the meeting.

Cassie, who was financed by the RCA to attend the National Science Youth Forum in January, shared some of her experiences with us. 

Instead of going to Canberra she was delighted to be one of six Australians to be selected to go to Auckland.

She met many amazing people and the experience opened her eyes to many career paths.

Cassie thanked Patricia and the RCA for enabling her to have such a fantastic life-changing experience.


Colin put on a very entertaining and clever slide show of "Grangran" Patricia's new granddaughter.


Jim had a quick fines session followed by a game of Heads and Tails that was won by Colin.


Gillian reminded people that the movie on March 29th starts at 3.30 pm.  As the time is not on the tickets would members please write it on them.


The door prize was won by Ian.



Guest Speaker:  Melissa Stoneham

'Unstructured Children's Play'


Martin introduced Melissa who is the Deputy Director of the Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA, where she specialises in advocacy related to Aboriginal health, environment and health, local government and obesity issues.

Melissa works with a range of partners to raise the public profile and understanding of public health, develop local networks and


create a statewide umbrella organisation capable of influencing public health policy and political agendas.Melissa has worked for a diverse range of organizations including Aid Agencies in Africa and the Pacific, local and state government agencies and universities. 

She spoke to the meeting about Unstructured Children's Play outdoors and in nature.. 

People are concerned for children's safety which results in limiting their play experiences 

Unstructured play outdoors (nature play) is founded on the understanding that it is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood.  Nature play is, of itself, an intrinsic good and from it flow benefits in health, cognitive, physical, social and emotional development and in the building of resilience and creativity. 

The key goal of Natureplay is to work primarily with families of children aged 0-12 years to raise awareness of the importance of nature play in children’s lives.

Interventions, media and communication strategies are planned State-wide to work in opposition to the trend of modern children spending more time indoors than any other generation in history.



Jim announced that there were six people with outstanding payments to be made for the recent wine fundraising venture and asked for payments to be finalized in the next week.

He also thanked Colin for cooking ginger biscuits to be enjoyed with coffee.


Mick thanked the guest speaker for her talk and said that she had brought back memories of his childhood and how he used to play.

He thanked Cassie for coming and sharing her experience with us.




Bicton Primary School Bush Dance

The Bicton Bush Dance went off with a "Yee Ha!" and a rollicking good time was had by the crowd of over two hundred children and parents.

The Numguts Bush Band did a tremendous job with good music well suited to the audience and clear, easy-to-follow instructions for the well chosen dances.

The sausage sizzle and drinks were well organized and added to the occasion.

For our first bush dance in collaboration with one of our local schools this was a great start and certainly encourages us to do more.  With our 60/40 profit sharing the Bicton P & C received $973.26 and RCA $648.84.  Apart from the profits we raised the profile of Rotary and RCA in the community and hope to do it 'bigger and better' at Bicton next year and in other schools as well.