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N45 – March 30, 2017


The Rotary Club of Attadale, Rotary International District 9465

PO Box 110, Melville, Western Australia 6156


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The ROTARY CLUB OF ATTADALE meets on Mondays at:


Tompkins on Swan


6.00pm for 6.30pm


Attendance officer: 

Greg James - 0427 020 682






Monday April 3


Guest speaker:  Peter Humphris of IGWR

                          ‘Schooling in Nepal’


Chair:  Mal Bennett

Host:   Giovanna McKay

Set up & Pack up:  Kerry Parsons & Bev Moffat








) 2017 District 9465 Conference hosted by the Rotary Club of




) Fremantle at the Fremantle Sailing Club




Peter Humphris - ‘Schooling in Nepal’




IGWR Nepal Quiz Night at the East Fremantle Football Club




No Dinner Meeting.  (see Wednesday 12th)




Voting for Project Robin Hood opens.  Vote Microbats 1




Board Meeting




Special Dinner Meeting with the President of Rotary International




No Meeting - Easter Monday -  Public Holiday




Restaurant Night at one of our sponsors’ restaurants




ANZAC Day – Public Holiday




David & Yvonne Spitteler – ‘The Asylum Seeker Foundation’




Club Officer training (metro)




Mark Cugley – ‘Department of Parks and Wildlife’




Board Meeting




Ian Langlands – ‘LED Technology – Vertifarm’   (Chair: Rod Rate)




Cathy Day – ‘City of Melville Cultural Projects’   (Chair: Colin McCulloch)




Ladies’ Luncheon at Willow Ponds




Sandra Kerbler – ‘Journey to Antarctica’   (Chair: Martin Houchin)




Public Holiday – Foundation Day – no meeting




Peter Di Marco – ‘The Reluctant Toxicologist’




Dinner Meeting




Change Over Dinner









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Special Anniversaries for




Ann Lewkowski   Birthday


Abby Parsons   Birthday


Trevor Leaver   Birthday


George Macrides   Birthday


John Sharp   Birthday


Keith Timmel   Induction   1984


Jenny & Jim Calcei   Wedding


Nancy & Ron Day   Wedding


Elaine Bennett   Birthday


Joan Henley   Birthday




Rey O’dorisio   Birthday



March is

Water and Sanitation Month.

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The Microbats are coming >>

Colin is doing a presentation on “Microbats and Minimizing the Mozzie Menace in Melville” at District Conference this weekend.




Quiz Night - Friday April 7th at the East Fremantle Football Club


Mick announced all proceeds will go to IGWR Inc. In Giving We Receive.

Giving life to kids in Nepal by giving them access to fulltime education and delivering infra structure support to rural schools.

We will hear all about Schooling in Nepal from our guest speakers at our meeting on April 3.

·        It will be 6.30 for a 7.00pm start

·        Make up a table of 8-10, put together some nibbles and come along for a fun night. 

·        There will be a cash bar and admission is just $20 to be collected at the tables

·        He asked members to bring along items that would be suitable for a raffle and a silent auction to next meeting next Monday, April 3rd.

·        If you have any queries speak to Mick Donnes or Mal Bennett




Meeting Monday 27th March


President John welcomed our guest speaker Clinton Heal, and Sally who is in the process of becoming a member of Attadale RC.

The RI President will be here on Wednesday April 12th.  Our meeting on April10th has been cancelled.



The Rotary International President is Coming


Wednesday, April 12


On Wednesday, April 12th the Rotary International President, Mr Ian Risely, and the two DG’s from WA will be guests of honour at a special Dinner Meeting at Tompkins on Swan.  This is expected to be a huge night as both function rooms have been booked for the occasion. 


We must book and pay online through:



There is limited seating for 200 so you are advised to book early


View the official invitation here


Guest Speaker

Clinton Heal - Founder and CEO of MelanomaWA


Clinton was diagnosed with secondary melanoma in 2005 at the age of 22 and has had over 34 secondary tumours removed from all over his body.

He takes a proactive approach to his health and has been living well with melanoma for over ten years.

Through his continued treatment, Clinton has been supporting people with melanoma, and their loved ones, since he held the first support meeting in 2008.

Clinton has received many awards for his work in the community, including 2011 WA Young Australian of the Year, 40 under 40 Business Award in 2011 and the 2014 John Curtin Medal.


There are 4 types of skin cancers

·        Basal Cell Carcinoma

·        Squamous Cell Carcinoma

·        Melanoma

·        Merkel Cell Carcinoma



Clinton Heal with Ian Pittaway

The names indicate which cells are affected

Melanoma is one of the most serious and life threatening forms of skin cancer and is now the most common form of cancer for 15-39 year olds.

Melanoma and other skin cancers generally develop because of too much exposure to UV radiation from the sun.

We also need to be aware of the dangers UV radiation associated with tanning beds, welding machines and from lamps such as those used for drying finger nails that have been painted.

Early detection and removal of melanoma can lead to a 98% cure rate.  Therefore, it is recommended that people from the age of 15 have an annual full body check-up.

Clinton was an inspirational speaker.  He shared his personal story with a little humour and a lot of courage and honesty.


Clinton Heal was recommended to Jacquie and Ian by Keith Timmel (honorary member) over 12 months ago.  They contacted Clint then and it has taken all that time to arrange a suitable date that worked for him in his very busy schedule. It was sure worth the wait.

They are still working on other members’ recommendations and will get their suggested speakers along before too long.

Please let Jacquie and Ian know of any person you think might make a great guest speaker and they will track them down.


Board Update

John told the meeting

·        The Rotary Charity House settlement has been extended to April 10th

·        A motion has been passed confirming the purchase of a new computer

·        Selwyn has accepted the position of Treasurer for next year

·        We will donate $1000 to Applecross RC and they will donate $1000 to our St Yared project

·        Rod is organising a restaurant night at one of our sponsors on Monday, April 24

·        We are getting further advice on GST regarding the Charity House


Prize Winners

Congratulations to Winston on winning the door prize and Rod the raffle but not the Joker.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

A big thank you to Colin his delicious cookies we enjoyed with our coffee.


Fantastic, Fun, Fines Session

Patricia conducted a very humorous fines session.  Colin had made up a number of very telling slides from the Araluen golf day and between the two of them, everyone enjoyed the stories as those victims named paid the fine.


Thinking of You

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to Nancy Bray who has been unwell, Don Rodger who has had a knee operation and Patricia Robertson who has had two procedures done on her left wrist and hand.

We wish them both a speedy recovery.



Congratulations and Thank You Winston Marsh

Winston has been the Rotary District 9465 Probus Chairman since 2004 and has been asked to write the following article so that we can learn about Probus and acknowledge the unseen work done by him.






Let’s start with “Probus is a Community Service Activity of Rotary,” which translates as Rotary is the Founder of all Probus Clubs in Australia and New Zealand. 


There are presently 120,000 members, who meet monthly for a meeting, usually in the morning, with a guest speaker until noon.


The strength and attraction of Probus is the extra activity groups which form within each club providing avenues for interest and interaction between members.  Coffee mornings, lunch or dinner at restaurants, music or concert groups, sewing groups, card groups, book clubs, walking or cycling groups, movie and lunch groups, gardening or camera groups – you name it, it will be around somewhere - some groups even have caravan trips, overseas or interstate getaways by car, train or plane.


The average club seems to have about 80 members, and there are always starters for interest groups as long as there is a fair range of affordability, and of course the motto of Probus is Fun, Fellowship and Friendship.  Well may it be considered that Food seems to creep in there too frequently at an outing to, say, Tutankhamen exhibition or Charles Perkins Medical Research Institute or Garden Island Naval Base which is followed by an optional lunch nearby.


Sort of like a Rotary club for retirees, with no requirements for fundraising or service work.


Our own Rotary club has been the sponsor club for 5 Probus Clubs in the past 35 years – i.e. staking the start-up cost of $600, advertising locally and holding an Interest Meeting for the community, explaining the Probus idea and assisting the election of their initial Management Committee to get them underway.


1982 Attadale Probus Club (all Men’s in those days just like Rotary) – now 58 members

1992 Attadale Ladies – now combined with Applecross Ladies           - now 66 members

1998 Attadale Combined (both ladies and men) filled to capacity      - now 100 members

2007 Mosman Park Combined                                                                   - now 99 members

2013 Winthrop Combined – filled to capacity                                         - now 50 members.


Together with starting new clubs, one of our Rotary club’s members, has been the Rotary District 9465 Probus Chairman since 2004 and during that time supervised the formation of a further sixteen clubs. RDPC is the liaison link between Rotary and Probus, and in this way Attadale Rotary Club has been heavily involved in this Community Service Activity, which been beneficial in intellectual stimulation, the formation and friendships and purpose and been part of the lives of many, many local retirees. A reason to wake up on Monday morning, part of belonging, sympathy in times of woe, and celebration in special times.


I truly believe Probus is one of the great success stories of Rotary at the local level where our club’s involvement goes back 35 years, and 40 years nationally.  I trust that it will become stronger in the next 40 years and benefit many more retirees.


Winston Marsh


Probus Board Director and Past Rotary District Probus Chairman





Thank You

A big thank you from me for the beautiful flowers from Rotary delivered by Anne to the hospital, the very kind cards and well wishes from so many people.

It soared my spirits no end to try and overcome my very nasty visit to hospital.

With kind regards,

Love Elaine







If you will not be attending our weekly dinner meeting please email the Attendance Officer, Greg James, or phone him on Mob 0427 020 682 before 10.00am on Monday.

Please DO NOT send text messages to 0435 305 199 as they do not transfer from the Club phone to the Attendance Officer's phone.

Unless Greg receives an apology by 10.00am on the day of the meeting the meal will need to be charged to you.






Jacquie and Trish put a lot of information about the Rotary Club of Attadale on Facebook.

To enable their efforts to be enjoyed not only by our members but the wider community, they are asking you to click on Like and Share for each new entry.  This will help spread the word about all our activities and may even encourage people to come and join our great club.

To find Facebook just click on the icon >>>



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Invitation to all Ladies


Wedding Venues-Willow Pond Reception Centre




To all Ladies


You are invited to attend

Willow Pond Restaurant

459 Nicholson Road

Canning Vale


Friday, May 26th




A two-course meal

at a cost of $22 for Seniors


Anyone needing transport will be taken care of.

Please reply to Trish Sharp on 0409 833 955


Update on the School of St Yared


Well you heard it all from Amanda Huxtable, Emilie Pitts and Kate Wilkes and what a story.

Next, we will be having a special promotional stand at the District Conference.



The Rotary Charity House Concept

The Rotary Charity House is the brain child of Kerry Parsons and similar in concept to our original charity house built in the early 1980s that funded the establishment of the Neil Henley Foundation that has helped fund our charitable work for over thirty years.

The idea is that we will build a house and seek sponsors to donate or discount goods and/or services.  The more donations we receive the less it will cost us to build the house and the greater the profit will be when we sell the house.  These profits will go to RCA charities with a substantial amount to be allocated to the “Relocation, Refurbishment and Expansion of the School of St Yared” in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  We have been receiving extremely generous support from many individuals and companies, both large and small.  We are keen to thank all of our sponsors for their support by recognizing their contributions as widely as possible; using their services whenever possible, and recommending them to our friends and relations.


Please support our valued sponsors.








      of the Week is


Drago Stojanovic is thanked by Kerry Parsons


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15 April 2017 Mandurah Rotary Duck Race. The three Mandurah Rotary clubs, Mandurah, Mandurah Districts and Mandurah City, will again join forces to stage the ninth Mandurah Rotary Duck Race on Easter Saturday, 15 April 2017, in conjunction with a Rotary Family Fun Day and Fair, including stalls, entertainment and activities for families young and old.