Bulletin March 30, 2009





*Attadale View

Official bulletin of the Rotary Club of Attadale

Vol 26 No 20 Bulletin  -  30th March 2009


Meets 6pm for 6.30 pm at Royal Fremantle Golf Club,

359 High Street, Fremantle.

PO Box 110 Melville WA 6156



Carole Maxwell

Vice President

Llew Withers

President Elect

Martin Houchin


Colin Treloar


Trevor Leaver

Director Community Services

Jeff Spickett

Director Vocational Services

Alan Morcombe

Director International Services

Russell Smailes

Director New Generation

Llew Withers

Director Fellowship

Mal Bennett

Director Membership &  Marketing

Sonya Rosbotham

Dir.Club Service

Martin Houchin

Rotary Family

Jim Trotter


Greg James

Sergeant at Arms

Don Rodger


Ian Pittaway


Peter Knox

Bulletin Editor

Russell Smailes


 APOLOGIES to Peter Knox Tel:  9330 2559 by 10am Monday

If you are not coming to the meeting and do not let Peter Knox know by 10am on Monday then you will be required to pay for the meal.





Next Meeting

6th April 2009

Edward Johns – Community News

Chairman – Max Anderson

April Setting Up

Colin Treloar, Jim Trotter, Kumar Vardivale

April Hosts

LLew Withers, Max Anderson, Sarah Banks


Sausage Sizzle April 18-19





8am – 11am

Don Roger, Robin Hamilton


11am – 1pm

Col Taylor, Tom Slater


11am – 2pm

Jeff Spickett, Mick Donnes


1pm – 4pm

Jim Calcei, Kumar Vadivale


8am – 11am

Trevor Leaver, Ron Day


11am – 1pm

Gil Innes, John Bray


11am – 2pm

Greg James, Russell Smailes


1pm – 4pm

Carole Maxwell, Sarah Banks

Happy Birthday to

Carolyn Withers                             1st April                                                     

Gillian Hamilton                              19th April

Bob Rodgers                                  19th April

Ian Pittaway                                   27th April

Inducted into Rotary

Russell Smailes                               14th April 1990

Trevor Leaver                                21st April 1999

Kevin Tangney                               15th April 2002

Yolanda Cool                                 11th April 2005


Wedding Date

Colin & Freya Taylor                      13th APril


Recent Attendance                      82.2 %




·        No meeting 13th April (Easter)

·        Trash ‘n Treasure – 26th April – TBA Carole

·        No meeting 27th April – Anzac holiday

·        Movie 3rd May ‘Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ 

·        Visit to Dalkeith mansion 4th May – TBA John Bray

·        GSE outbound final presentation 20th May RFGC– TBA Greg James

·        Weekend Away  -  2nd-3rd May 2009 – to be confirmed

·        Changeover Night – Friday 26th June


Life as it is


You should come along to our Rotary,

There’s many a profession, even a notary,

We eats lots of steak

And have the odd break

To prevent us becoming too rotundary.


The President sits at the head

Alongside her the Sergeant eats bread

The chatter is loud

There’s often a crowd

And some snooze off as if they are dead.


The speakers are from far and near

The topics are sometimes quite queer

Like the meaning of sense

And the picketless fence

And ten ways to de-alcoholise beer.


But Rotary can be lots of fun

The Sergeant he fines everyone

And we beaver around

Until we have found

The butter that goes with our bun.


So the next time you pop along

You may have to endure one of our songs

The notes may be flat

No, it’s much worse than that

Pray the Seargent he gives it the gong.