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Mick Donnes


Director RI Foundation

George Lewkowski

Vice President:

George Lewkowski


Director New Generations:

Patricia Robertson

President Elect:

To be advised


Director Fund Raising

Rodney Rate


Carole Maxwell


Director Attadale Foundation:

Bob Rodgers


John Sharp/Betty Bright


Attendance Officer:

Jan Fairclough

Director Membership/PR:

Jeff Spickett



Jim Calcei

Director Rotary Family:

Martin Houchin



Ian Pittaway

Director Community & Vocation

Greg James


Insurance and Risk Assessment

Peter Field

Club Website Manager:

Martin Houchin



Colin McCulloch /

Director International:

George Lewkowski



Betty Bright


Rotary District 9465                                                                  for more information visit: http://rotary9465.org.au/

District Governor:

Brian Eddy (Rossmoyne)


District Governor Elect:

Melodie Kevan (Booragoon)

District Governor Elect:

To be advised


Assistant Governor:

Llew Withers




Probus Australia:

Winston Marsh



Special Anniversaries for



Nancy Day   Birthday


Max Anderson   Birthday


Jim Calcei   Birthday


Peter Field   Birthday


Llew Withers   Induction   2003


George Lewkowski   Induction   1990


Patricia Robertson   Induction   2011


Jim Trotter   Induction  


Gail McCulloch   Induction   2011


Alan Morcombe   Birthday


Colin McCulloch   Induction   2011


Robin Hamilton   Induction   1987


Dellys Rodgers   Birthday


Penelope Johnson   Induction   2011


Helen & Greg James   Wedding


Keith Timmel   Birthday


Gillian & Robin Hamilton   Wedding


Derick Robertson   Birthday


Betty Bright   Birthday













26th May 2014


Acting Sergeant Ian Pittaway welcomed Rotarians and Guests to the meeting, and announced that Sergeant Mick Donnes had fallen recently and broken two ribs.

President George welcomed member to the upstairs venue at Tompkins, and gave a warm welcome to the representatives from the Motor Neurone Disease Association of WA (MNDWA) - David Whiteman, Vice President, Board of Management and Fionnuala Franey, Executive Officer.  President George also welcomed the return of Mike van Trier.

Reminders were given for the funeral of Rotarian Tony Wilkie, on Tuesday 27th May at 10.30am at Karrakatta Cemetery. 

President George also reminded Board Members of the next meeting on Tuesday 27th May at 5.30pm at the home of Martin Houchin

The Changeover Dinner will be on Monday 16th June, 2014.



Board Reports:


Llew Withers gave an update on the Give a Damn project, which had returned 500 bags, and he estimated that 1.25 tons of food had been collected which benefited Anglicare; Salvation Army; Uniting Care; Wesley Mission; St Vinnies; Fremantle Women’s Refuge; St Patrick’s Community Support Centre and All Saints Anglican Church.  Although projections had been for over 700 bags, the program was becoming better publicised thanks to the involvement of Acton Real Estate.  President George gave the Club’s thanks to both Llew Withers and Don Rodger for their tremendous efforts.

Extract from Inside Activ Newsletter, May 2014

Activ O’Connor recently completed a job for Rotary where employees and staff were given the task of inserting flyers into bags with the slogan: “Give a damn? Give a can to the homeless.”

This encouraged O’Connor employees and staff to hunt around their pantries to donate a can or two. The result was overwhelming and a large crate of canned goodies was happily handed over to Rotary to distribute to the homeless.

Rod Rate announced that a raffle prize had been left over from the Golf Day – a game of golf for four plus cart at Kwinana Golf Course valued at $240, and was inviting golfers in the Club to bid for it.  Ian Pittaway put up the successful bid of $120.

Acting Sergeant Ian led a round of Heads and Tails which was won by David Whiteman, who was also the lucky recipient of the Door Prize!  ‘Find the Joker’ Raffle ticket was won by Jeff Spickett, although the Joker remained firmly in the pack (if it was actually in there to start with!).

Rod Rate announced that $37,000 had been raised at the recent Golf Day jointly held by the Rotary Clubs of Fremantle and Attadale.  On behalf of the Rotary Club of Attadale, Rod made a presentation of an $18,500 cheque to David Whiteman and Fionnuala Franey for MNDWA, and added that the $120 bid from Ian Pittaway would also be forthcoming.



Rod Rate and guests - David Whiteman, Vice President, Board of Management and Fionnuala Franey, Executive Officer, accepting the cheque for the Motor Neurone Disease Association of WA


David Whiteman gave the members a presentation to give some insight into Motor Neurone Disease, which is a group of diseases in which the neurones, (nerve cells) controlling the muscles, fail to work normally. With no nerves to activate them, the muscles gradually weaken and waste. The senses, memory and intellect usually remain intact.  Many sufferers die because the body can’t get rid of carbon dioxide.  There is no known cure, and no known cause.  55% of those diagnosed are under 65, and men outnumber women 3 to 2.  In September 2001 David’s mother Ann Whiteman was diagnosed with the disease and in nine short months it claimed her life. She was 54.


MNDA WA has grown to provide a comprehensive Care Advisory Service partly funded by the Health Department. It is however very reliant on donations and grants from service organisations, the Lotteries Commission, charitable foundations, corporate sponsors, individual donors, and MNDA’s own fundraising efforts to maintain and develop services.  Currently there are 37 projects being funded across Australia, and the research is attracting top scientists.  David thanked the Club again for their generous donation.


Meeting June 9th


Guests for the evening: Robert Tyson, visiting Rotarian; Kerry Parsons, our soon to be inducted Rotarian and his wife Abigail; and the speaker for the evening, Leisa Antonio from BeFriends.


Carole Maxwell introduced Robert Tyson, a visiting Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Millom in Cumbria, UK, who she had met at the Rotary 2014 Convention in Sydney.  Robert thanked the Club for their warm welcome, and gave a little bio – retired farmer, four sons, seven grandchildren, has a cousin in Brisbane and he is a fanatical golfer.  Robert will visit Rotary Club of Booragoon on Tuesday, before leaving Perth on Friday to travel to Bangkok on the way home to the UK.


Directors’ Reports:

Ian Pittaway as the new Program Director, asked Rotarians to disregard the Chairpersons’ roster circulated by Colin McCulloch recently.  Ian will assume responsibility for organising Speakers and Chairs, and will circulate a document giving advice on the duties involved in being a Chair.

Gillian Baker requested that final numbers and dietary requirements for the Changeover Dinner being held on the 16th June be given to her by Friday 13th June.  The cost of the dinner will be $35 for Rotarians and Partners; and $40 for other guests.  President George hopes Tompkins on Swan will allow him to place his Piano Gully wine on each table for guests’ consumption.

Martin Houchin informed Rotarians that Graham Cotterell is at the Hilton Park Aged Care, 19 Laidlaw Street, Hilton (close to corner of Stock and Winterford Road), and would welcome visitors.  Martin also announced that Graham’s wife Adrienne has had a mild heart attack, and whilst acknowledging the concerns of Rotarians, she would prefer if she was not contacted.

Patricia Robertson informed members that a photograph of the Park Benches paid by Rotary Club of Attadale will be in the Community Newspaper this week, and she hopes that it might result in an increase in membership.

Following a spirited Fines Session, Ron Day won the Door Prize, and Ron Day won the draw for the Raffle – but that’s where Ron’s luck ran out.  Still two bottles of wine is not a bad result!

Jeff Spickett, as Chair for the evening, introduced Leisa Antonio, Project Officer for eFriends, which is a social enterprise initiative of Befriend Inc., a not for profit entity founded in 2012 by Nick Maisey and a group of enthusiastic volunteers. 

President George and Jeff Spickett with Leisa Antonio

Befriend aims to enrich lives through social connection, through organised events that bring people together giving them the opportunity for a fun and active social life.   eFriends support individuals by teaching them how to use technology for them to connect with others. 


eFriends’ technology training is person-centred, fun and creative, and personalised to each participant’s goals and skill level.  They can offer one-on-one training or group sessions to teach the users to be become more confident in using technology to strengthen connections with family, friends and the wider community through the use of Facebook; Skype, emailing or blogging.   People from all walks of life can participate in eFriends training programs. 

There has been a large increase in older age groups now using technology to pay bills and connect to Government Department websites. eFriends have the capacity to work with older people living in their own homes or in retirement villages; and with people with disabilities and their carers.   Leisa thanked Rotarians for their interest and recommended that they check out their website, www.befriend.org.au

Following a Q&A session, Jeff Spickett thanked Leisa for her presentation and mentioned that some Rotary Clubs function as eClubs.

President George closed the meeting and again thanked Kerry and Abigail; Robert Tyson and Leisa Antonio.  He reminded members again of the Changeover Dinner on 16th June to which all partners were invited.



STOP PRESS: Program Director Ian has circulated an email to say that he, wife Jacquie and their daughter Janine have managed to persuade Geoffrey Thomas, Aviation Editor of West Australian Newspapers and of World Aviation fame to be a guest speaker on 4th August at the Rotary Club of Attadale. Ian thinks it is essential for Rotarians to go along to meetings at other Rotary Clubs and invite them along to what will be a terrific presentation – why not take the opportunity to invite any people you know who may be interested – partners, friends, family, neighbours? This is a rare opportunity, because in the words of Geoffrey – “I do not normally accept speaking engagements”, however it is because of positive interaction with Janine’s communication business that Geoffrey has agreed to come along to the Rotary Club of Attadale. It should be a very interesting and informative evening -   A major coup indeed -  Kudos all round!