BulLetIN JUNE 29, 2016







Ye Olde Replacement Attadale View Mk lV

(with further apologies to Gail and Colin – away in Bob Katter country)



Next meeting Monday 4th July

Club Changeover Night

6.00 for a 6.30 start – 3 courses @ $40 a head


SET UP  AND PUT AWAY: Jeff Spickett and Ron Day

Host: Greg James       


Monday 27 June:   President Carole opened the meeting and welcomed our guest speaker Rob Pike


Rob covered his accident and how his life was changed but more importantly how he has achieved a lot since his accident and his work with PBF Australia.

Plus a gold medal for Wheelchair Basketball at the Paralympics


The key to come out of it is that we can all cover ourselves and our families for $48 a person or $80 a family per year with PBF. A small cost for the benefits. PBF also have a Gifting Programme for those interested


Door Prize: Patricia.  Chase the Joker: Carole, but she only got the wine.


Rodney ran another lively fines session which hit some expat U.K. members (related to the Brexit) plus others. Also dobbed himself in with a great story. Well done Rodney.

Jim is back next week, so look out folks.


Rodney has also suggested a club visit and meeting at St. Catherines College, UWA for members and partners in the near future. Members enthusiastically endorsed the idea.


Special apologies to George. You weren’t down for set up last night, but you were for hosting. Hmmm.


Spoke to Max today.  Still going reasonably well, with just a few ups and downs. He won’t be back for a little while and sends his best wishes to everyone.

He says Elsa is still looking after him very well. She’s had about 60 years practice though.



Ian Pittaway, acting bulletin editor,





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