BulLetIN JUNE 21, 2016







Ye Olde Replacement Attadale View Mk lll

(with further apologies to Gail and Colin – who?)



Next meeting Monday 27 June

Guest Speaker:

Rob Pike – Life and Work with the Paraplegic Benefit Fund

Rob is the Business Development Manager of the PBF


SET UP: Ron Day and Patricia Robertson

Host: George Lewkowski         Chair: Mal Bennett


Monday 20 June:   President Carole opened the meeting and welcomed Alan and Niki, Winston and Judy (great to see him back), Yvonne and Anne. And a special welcome was given to Guest Speaker Barry Mendelawitz.


Barry’s presentation was one of the best we have had in a long time and a timely reminder of what goes into our bodies.

He also reminded us that Rotary International’s greatest achievement:-

Polio Plus began with one man in one club. Absolutely stunning.

Hopefully we may be able to help assist in his endeavours in the future.


Door Prize: and Chase the Joker: - Apologies, but I missed them. I guess that makes an easy fine for Rodney next week.


Rodney ran a lively fines session which copped a few recalcitrant members.


Spoke to Max last week for his birthday.  Still going reasonably well, but just a bit off colour at present.


Helene Kirkham, the wife of one of our earlier members, the late Ken Kirkham, passed away recently. Helene was a very talented lady who provided the singing and dancing programme for the District Conference Attadale ran in 1990 at the Burswood.


Mustn’t forget the goodies provided by Nick, Abby and some other bloke last night. Helped finish off a terrific night. (I reckon Nick probably used his cake making ability to woo and win his beloved Rey many years ago).


Thanks to Greg James for filling in on Attendance last night.  Not as friendly or efficient as Gillian, but a pretty good job anyway (for a banker).


Ian Pittaway, acting bulletin editor,


A special thank you to members for following club protocol last night when asking questions. Glad to see you read the bulletin last week.



See next page:- questions could be asked next week