BulLetIN, JUNE 17, 2015







Monday, June 22nd, 2015  5.30pm for 6.30pm

Guest Speaker:  Catherine MacDougall, 5000Meals Project 

Host:  Jeff Spickett  Chair:  Llew Withers  Set Up:  Colin McCulloch and Alan Morcombe  







Monday, June 29th, 2015

 5.30pm for 6.30pm


All members, honorary members and partners

 are invited to join us at Tompkins-on-Swan for our




The cost for the evening will be $40.



Entree: Roasted Roma Tomato and Persian Fetta Cheese Soup


Mains = Alternate Drop

Pancetta wrapped Beef fillet served with roasted potatoes and finished with a Beaujolais jus

Sesame Crusted Grilled Atlantic Salmon on wilted bok choy


Steamed Vegetables for the Table

Garden Salad for the Table


Dessert = Alternate Drop

Baileys cheesecake served with hot chocolate fudge sauce and cookies & cream ice cream

Sticky Date Pudding served with hot butterscotch sauce and vanilla bean ice cream


Tea & Coffee served to the table


There will be a bottle of fine red and white wine provided for each table courtesy of George Lewkowski and Piano Gully Wines


This is a night to celebrate the accomplishments and highlights of the Rotary year, thank the outgoing President and Board and welcome the incoming.


Put on your Sunday best, come along and help make it a night to remember!












Dinner at Quinlans Restaurant




Catherine MacDougall, 5000Meals Project




Changeover Dinner-Partners Night




New Board Member Presentations and Club Objectives 2015/2016 - Pres. Carole




Suresh Rajan - CEO Epilepsy Foundation




Board Meeting 5.30 - 7.30pm




Lindi Pelkowitz - Cheers for Ears




Dr David Blythe - Fremantle Hospital Medical Research




Partners Night.  Visit by DG Melodie Kevan




Craig Parsons - His Journey




Board Meeting 5.30 - 7.30pm




Dinner Meeting




Dinner Meeting




Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings Myaree




Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings Myaree



Special Anniversaries for



Nancy Day   Birthday


Max Anderson   Birthday


Jim Calcei   Birthday


Alan Morcombe   Birthday


Llew Withers   Induction   2003


Peter Field   Birthday


Patricia Robertson   Induction   2011


George Lewkowski   Induction   1990


Gail McCulloch   Induction   2011


Jim Trotter   Induction  


Colin McCulloch   Induction   2011


Robin Hamilton   Induction   1987


Dellys Rodgers   Birthday


Penelope Johnson   Induction   2011


Helen & Greg James   Wedding


Keith Timmel   Birthday


Gillian & Robin Hamilton   Wedding


Derick Robertson   Birthday


Betty Bright   Birthday










Monday, June 8th, 2015


President Mick welcomed our guest speaker Deanne Dymock from  Diabetes Australia and all the smiling faces of the Rotarians.


Jim told us Abby would like people to donate USB thumb drives that she could give to their college students so they can bring their homework home on them.

He also requested that all reports for the End of Year Change Over need to be done


Colin put on a DVD showing the addition being done to the Bicton Men's Shed by all the members.  The opening will be held Thursday June 10th.  It took just eleven days to reach lock up.  A commendable effort and a marvellous looking construction.


Mick announced that in the past the Change Over dinner has been subsidised but due to depleted funds there will be no subsidy this year.  The cost will be $40 for a delicious three course meal.

It is also a partners and guest night.


Colin thanked all of the volunteers who helped with the Sausage Sizzle on WA Day, June 1st.  He gave special thanks to our octogenarian workers: Tom, Robin and Bob and commended Bob for not only doing his two hour shift but also offering to come back later if needed! 

We sold 670 SSs and 164 drinks with donations of $31.50.  The profit was a very healthy $1,248.50 aided by having the sausages on special and having drinks carried over from the Golf Day.  A really good effort and fabulous result!


Colin commented that Ian usually can't assist with sausage sizzles because the weekends are his busy work time but he is such a willing and enthusiastic volunteer when he doesn't have a work commitment.  Colin went on to say what a great job "Team Pittaway" do organizing our guest speakers.  The loud ovation that followed showed that all members really appreciate Jacquie and Ian's work.


Colin also announced that Patricia was the first person in with her report so she wins this week's prize, - a plate of Colin's Anzac Biscuits.


Sausage Sizzle Photos  "A happy worker is a good worker!!"  They all look good!!

















Martin has one Entertainment Book left to sell.

He has made a booking for thirty people at Quinlans Restaurant for a buffet meal at 6.30pm on Wednesday June 17th 2015.  The address is 15 Grosvener St, Beaconsfield.  We look forward to a great night.  Well done Martin.


Jeff has had new membership cards printed.  He would like members to put their phone numbers on the back and hand them out to friends.


Gillian asked members to indicate on sheets being circulated whether they would be attending,

·    the Change Over Night on June 29th, 2015

·    the District Change Over on July 4th, 2015 at a cost of $75


Jim entertained us with a humorous fines session and a story about Greg's lounge that the Salvos didn't want but Llew did.

Martin won the Heads and Tails and the bottle of wine.


The door prize was won by Ian and the Joker by Greg.  Both happily accepted their prize of a bottle of wine.


Anzac Biscuits made by Colin were enjoyed with coffee.  Thank you Colin.



Guest Speaker

Deanne Dymock


Bruce eloquently introduced  Deanne from Diabetes WA.  She joined Diabetes WA after a varied career in community and not-for-profit organisations, in both regional and metropolitan Western Australia.

She has worked for Diabetes WA for the past five years and is the Manager of Community Relationships.  In this role she is responsible for raising funds for the organisation, building internal and external relationships, project managing community and commercial events, volunteer management and support groups.

Diabetes is Australia’s fastest growing chronic disease, with approximately 280 people across the nation developing the condition every day.

In WA alone, there are more than 124,000 people now diagnosed with diabetes and for every person diagnosed, it is estimated that there is another person who is not diagnosed.

In type 1 diabetes the pancreas does not produce insulin because the cells which make insulin have been destroyed by the immune system.


Insulin replacement therapy is critical for the person with type 1 diabetes to live.  It is as important to balance insulin replacement with physical activity, healthy eating and stress management to avoid or reduce the short and long term complications of diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes accounts for 10-15% of all people with diabetes and usually occurs in people under 30 years, but can occur at any age.

In type 2 diabetes, the body does produce insulin but the insulin is ineffective, or there is not enough insulin, or both.  It accounts for approximately 85% of people with diabetes and while it is usually seen in adults, it is increasingly being seen in teenagers and children.

Regular physical activity, a healthy eating plan, maintaining a 'healthy waist’ and stress management are the cornerstones of managing type 2 diabetes.

Much research is being done world wide to discover the cures for diabetes.



Mick thanked Deanne for her interesting presentation and announced that he was definitely going on a diet from tomorrow as her talk certainly brings home to us all the scourge of diabetes.

He congratulated Colin and Gail on the magnificent sausage sizzle effort.



Monday, June 15th, 2015


President Mick welcomed our guest speaker Peter McMahon from the Stroke Foundation and all Rotarians.


Patricia introduced Peter from the Stroke Foundation.

He is one of their volunteer speakers who are passionate about raising awareness of stroke and reducing the impact of stroke on the community.


Stroke is Australia’s second biggest killer after coronary heart disease and a leading cause of disability. 

Stroke kills more women than breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer.

Stroke can happen to anyone, anytime, of any age.

Stroke happens when the blood supply to the brain is disrupted.  A stroke can happen in two ways, a blocked artery or a bleed in the brain.

Even though symptoms may go away it is also important to get treatment as quickly as possible by calling 000.


The FAST test is an easy way to recognise and remember the signs of stroke.

It involves asking these simple questions:


Face –      Check their face. Has their mouth drooped?

Arms –     Can they lift both arms?

Speech –  Is their speech slurred?  Do they understand you?

Time –      Time is critical.  If you see any of these signs, call 000 straight away.




Mick thanked Peter for his enlightening talk saying we all have family and friends who have suffered the effects of stroke.

He went on to wish Peter all the best in his ambassadorship for the Stroke Foundation.


Mick reported on the last Board meeting

·    We are looking at getting a Sausage Sizzle date to share with Head West.

·    $10 000 has been sent to Nepal with another $1 000 from Tom Slater.

·    The Give a Damn Give a Can project was well supported by members.

·    The next Board meeting will discuss our club's financial position.

·    Meal arrangement costs.  We are committed to pay for 25 prepared meals each meeting date.

·    Llew is chasing up a shed for the scouts that Rotary can use for storage space.

·    $450 has been spent on the Microscopes for Schools project.

·    Kerry has a possible project that will help a young burns victim in the Philippines.




Kimberly is an 18 year old girl who was trapped in a house during a terrorist attack.  She survived because she was buried under bodies when the house was set on fire.  She suffered horrific burns and had to have her legs amputated.  Her fingers were burned to stumps.  This previously beautiful girl is scarred for life. 

To give her back some quality of life she needs plastic surgery.  This is best done in Australia and Kerry and Abby aim to bring her out and arrange the necessary surgery.  Kerry has invited our Club to participate at any level.  This may involve paying Kimberly's air fares; providing accommodation, helping with medical arrangements and costs or support for her ongoing needs. 

Greg is investigating whether ROMAC can assist with Kimberly's medical treatment.

Kerry and Abby are in the Philippines now and will give us an update at next Monday's meeting.




The full Board Meeting Minutes are available in the Members' section on the Club website.




Martin reminded everyone about dinner at Quinlans Restaurant for a buffet meal at 6.30 on Wednesday June 17th 2015.  The address is 15 Grosvener St Beaconsfield.  We look forward to a great night.


Bruce gave an update on Mariann Ziegler, one of our past Rotary Exchange students.

who will be here from July 24th to September 25th 2015.

He is looking for people to take her into their business for work experience to fulfil part of her BA (International Relations) course requirements.  If you can help please contact Bruce.


Jim ran a fines session and Martin was the winner of a jar of Jim's olives and a bottle of wine in a game of Heads and Tails.


Bruce won the bottle of wine for the Door prize.


Winston reported on an encounter he had at Rotary International House while attending a  Probus Conference.  The discussion was about falling Rotary member numbers in WA and what was being done about it.





Happy Birthday to Max



Everyone was delighted to wish a very popular member,

Max Anderson,

 a very






on June 17th




Mick entertained the members with some very thoughtful and amusing stories about Mothers before closing the meeting.






As Secretary Colin is drawing up the roster for meeting duties for the second half of the year.  If you know that you will be away or unavailable for any meetings from July to December please email the dates to Colin by Friday, June 19.

Hopefully this will help keep roster changes to a minimum.






If you will not be attending the meeting please email the acting Attendance Officer, Gillian Baker, before midnight on Sunday or if you need to apologise on the Monday please phone before 10.00am on Mob 0435 305 199 (Emails may not get read on Monday and cannot therefore guarantee that your apology is received).

Unless Gillian receives an apology by 10.00am on the day of the meeting the meal will need to be charged to you, and the procedure to recover costs for non apology will be:


a) Attendance officer to report to Treasurer at end of each meeting names of those who didn’t show and didn’t apologise

b) Treasurer to submit all Attendance Officer reports to monthly Board meeting to authorise recovery – valid excuses accepted

c) Treasurer to issue invoices to members monthly following Board meeting based on b).


Text Box: Meeting on Mondays                                                                                  5.30pm for 6.30pm


Text Box: at ‘Tompkins on Swan’                                                      Dunkley Avenue, Alfred Cove







OFFICE BEARERS 2014 / 2015



Mick Donnes


Director New Generations:

Patricia Robertson

Vice President:

George Lewkowski


Director Fund Raising:

Rodney Rate

President Elect:

Carole Maxwell


Director Attadale Foundation:

Bob Rodgers


Colin McCulloch  *


Attendance Officer:

Jan Fairclough


Betty Bright  *



Jim Calcei

Director Membership/PR:

Jeff Spickett



Ian Pittaway

Director Rotary Family:

Martin Houchin


Insurance & Risk Assessment:

Peter Field

Director International:

George Lewkowski


Club Website manager:

Martin Houchin

Director RI Foundation:

George Lewkowski



Gail McCulloch  *

Director Community & Vocation

Greg James


* transitioned for 2015/16



Rotary District 9465                                                 for more information visit: http://rotary9465.org.au/


District Governor:  Brian Eddy (Rossmoyne)

Vice Governor:  Robert Cooper (Kwinana)

DG Elect:  Melodie Kevan (Applecross)

Group One Assistant Governor: Llew Withers

DG Nominee:  Linda McLerie (Hannans-Kalgoorlie)

Probus:  Winston Marsh

IPDG:  Erwin Biemel (Willetton)

Rotary Out West  editor: Phil Cordery