BulLetIN JUNE 17, 2013






OFFICE BEARERS 2012 / 2013



Mike van Trier


Director New Generations:

Patricia Robertson

Vice President:

Jeff Spickett


Director Community:

Martin Houchin  new

President Elect:

George Lewkowski


Director Vocational:

Martin Houchin


Carole Maxwell   new


Director International:

Greg James   new


John Sharp


Director Attadale Foundation:

Bob Rodgers

Director Administration:

George Lewkowski


Attendance Officer:

Tony Wilkie

Director Foundation:

Greg James   new



Ian Pittaway

Director Membership:

Jeff Spickett



Keith Timmel

Director Public Relations:

George Lewkowski



Tony Wilkie

Director Rotary Family:

Tom Slater



Colin McCulloch /

Club web site manager:

Martin Houchin



Betty Bright


Rotary District 9465               for more information visit:        http://rotary9465.org.au/


District Governor:  Robert (Bob) Cooper (Kwinana)

DG Elect:  Erwin Biemel (Willetton)

DG Nominee:  Brian Eddy (Rossmoyne)

Area Governor Clubs:  Robert Thompson (Kwinana)



Special Anniversaries for



Nancy Day   Birthday


Betty Bright   Birthday


Jim Calcei   Birthday


Max Anderson   Birthday


Llew Withers   Induction   2003


Peter Field   Birthday


Patricia Robertson   Induction   2011


George Lewkowski   Induction   1990


Gail McCulloch   Induction   2011


Jim Trotter   Induction  


Colin McCulloch   Induction   2011


Alan Morcombe   Birthday


Dellys Rodgers   Birthday


Robin Hamilton   Induction   1987


Helen & Greg James   Wedding


Penelope Johnson   Induction   2011


Gillian & Robin Hamilton   Wedding


Keith Timmel   Birthday





Meeting June 10th 2013


Acting President, Rod Rate, welcomed all members and guest speaker Professor Jorg Imberger of the Centre for Water Research at UWA to the meeting.




IMPORTANT!!!!  Proposed Change of Venue for Rotary Club of Attadale

Rod Rate informed the members that the Senior Management of the Royal Fremantle Golf Club have decided that catering will no longer be provided for the Rotary Clubs of Attadale and Fremantle at their scheduled meetings, and that we should seek alternative venues as of 30th June 2013.  As the Changeover Night is on the 1st July 2013, Rod had spoken with senior management and this has been extended by one day.


Martin informed the meeting that Carole Maxwell is heading up a Committee to find alternative premises, with the assumption that the Club continues to meet on Monday evenings.  However, it will be necessary to identify an alternative venue by 17th June 2013.


A list of alternatives had been drawn up, and a number of Rotarians volunteered to approach each of the venues to determine the suitability of the venue, and whether the venue would provide a bar and catering (see attached email for options being considered).

 The Great Gatsby Movie Event

Gillian Baker informed the members that over 150 tickets were sold for the Rotary fundraiser, despite the 10.30am Sunday morning slot at the Cygnet Cinema in Como, the event was so successful that the profit for the Club was $1,129!  Special thanks go to Rod Rate who sold a total of 49 tickets.  Mal Bennett, Ian Pittaway, Llew Withers, Tom Slater and Tony Wilkie also sold extra tickets.   Mal was picked out as the lucky ticket winner and received a Sound for Life CD.  Rod was also awarded a similar CD for being the highest fundraiser.  Congratulations must be given to Gillian for the huge effort she put into making the morning such a success.  Many thanks, Gillian – that was a magnificent result!

Mal Bennett spoke about this year’s Rotary Ramble on the weekend of August 24 / 25th that will take in Pinjarra, Harvey and the Ferguson Valley.  Mal outlined the accommodation available (see attached reminder).  There are a limited number of cabins available so if couples arranged to share, it would mean more could be accommodated.  There are also two storey apartment units with spiral stairs with the bedrooms upstairs, and toilets and bathrooms downstairs.  Full details with costs are included in the attachment “Rotary Ramble 2013”.  Mal asked Rotarians to give this urgent attention and contact him for phone numbers for booking etc. 

The weekend sounds a lot of fun as we take in morning teas, lunches, walks around the lake, log fires, Christmas in August, buffet breakfast, breweries, winery lunch and (drum roll!!!) Gnomesville.

The Door Prize was won by Tom Slater and Mick Donnes won the Joker draw (the jackpot is now worth over $1000) but sadly - no joker on him!




Image of Jorg Imberger


Speaker: “Implications of the Way We Live”

Professor Jörg Imberger, Centre for Water Research, The University of Western Australia



Prof Imberger (see attached bio) gave an interesting perspective on society’s impact on the environment, and the negative legacy of the last 100 years. The release of greenhouse gases is warming the atmosphere and making the ice melt; and the focus on cleaning up waterways is releasing carbon and killing water life.  He argued that there are real challenges ahead in the next 50 years, and suggested that there could be approximately 500 million climate change refugees as sea levels rise.


In WA, because of the dramatic increase in population, this is resulting in the destruction of native vegetation through clearing and salinity.  He argued that there is a need to replant trees and avoid desalination plants.  Prof Imberger’s view was one of global feudalism, where the rich dictate what happens as they have more influence on Government. “The decision makers are shareholders!”  He urged Rotarians and society in general to put more pressure on Government.


Prof Imberger painted a bleary picture of Australia’s youth, and pointed to the scary statistics in terms of drugs; drink; violence; and obesity.  He suggested that their reliance on technology and headphones is having a flow-on impact on their intuitive skills and also on their brain.


Finally, Prof Imberger listed ten suggestions to raise awareness among society:


1.     Retain continuity between generations;

2.     Live in harmony with ourselves, nature and time (the world spends more on defence than education);

3.     Learn to live on a finite planet – plant more trees;

4.     Agriculture – food, carbon, biodiversity, rain – give the famer more free rein and dignity;

5.     Constrain living conditions to be carbon and water neutral at river basin scales;

6.     Curb wealth accumulation – reinstate death and inheritance taxes;

7.     Foster mental well being;

8.     Restore confidence in leisure time;

9.     Ensure local balanced employment to match family proximity;

10.  Preserve the sources of cultural, intellectual and nature’s diversity.


 From: martin houchin [martin.houchin@hotmail.com]

Sent: Tuesday, 11 June 2013 10:31 AM

Subject: New venue for Rotary Club of Attadale

Hi All, As you probably know by now, the RFGC will not be available to us for club meetings from July 1, so we need to find a new venue. At last night's meeting, we canvassed a number of possibilities. Members were asked to volunteer to approach various venues to gauge their availability and suitability for club meetings and to report back to next Monday's meeting. Volunteers are venues are listed below.


Mick Donnes Swan Yacht Club and East Fremantle Football Club

Patricia Robertson Melville Bowling Club and Point Walter Golf club

Greg James East Fremantle Yacht Club

Peter Field East Fremantle Tennis Club

Ian Pittaway Tompkin Park

Rod RateTradewinds Hotel

Martin Houchin South of Perth Yacht Club


The Leopold and Raffles hotels were rejected. If you can think of any other possibilities and are prepared to approach them, please let me know. Suggested questions to ask of venue include:


1              Is there a suitable meeting room available on an ongoing basis on Monday nights? If so, how

many people it will hold? Will there be a cost?

2              Is the room furnished tables and chairs?

3              Is the room heated / cooled?

4              Is there room to store our regalia?

5              Is the room suitable for presentations power points, microphone, screen or suitable wall for                     projections?

6              Is catering available for 2030 people on a Monday night? If so, at what cost/head for a one

course meal and coffee/tea? If not, are we allowed to selfcater

7              Is a bar available? If not, are we allowed to bring our own (alcoholic) drinks?


Please note that a negative response to any of these questions does NOT rule the venue out, but we do need to know if we have to make our own provisions. If everyone can ask these questions (and any more you think are relevant) and email the answers to me by lunchtime next Monday, I can make up a table to present to next Monday's meeting, making it easier to compare our options.


Thanks to all the volunteers




Ferguson Valley Ramble

(Via - places of interest in Pinjarra and Harvey)


When:  24th/25th 2013 August with an overnight stay and Xmas in August Dinner at "Evedon Park Bush Resort” in Burekup which is the start of the Ferguson Valley.


Start9am Saturday 24th August. Tompkin on Swan Car Park 9 (cnr Cunningham and Melville Beach Rd) where full route instructions will be handed out for the morning’s departure.


Morning tea at the Pinjarra Heritage Village - then to Harvey via the Big Orange/Harvey River Bridge Winery and then on to lunch at Stirling Cottage and Gardens, a stop-over at HaVe cheeses and arrive at "Evedon Park Resort” mid-afternoon just in time for a walk around the lake, light up your log fires ready for the evening (remember to bring paper and matches.)


Pre-dinner drinks at 6.30pm before our Christmas Carvery Dinner at 7.00pm.


Sunday 25th August.  Start the day with a hearty buffet breakfast, and then start some more rambling at 10.00am?


Places to see and try en-route around the "picturesque Ferguson Valley” are Wild Bull Brewery, Willow Bridge Estate Winery, via Wellington Mills, drive through forest to Gnomesville (for a second Gnoming ceremony); Moody Cow Brewery; finishing at St Aiden’s Historical Church and winery (for prayers and drinks??) plus a light lunch on the verandah of the winery overlooking the vineyard. Finish lunch around 2.30pm/3.00pm, then a leisurely drive home if you are not staying another night.


Accommodation and approx. costs.


CABINS: There are now only (4) left with accommodation for 2 couples (4 people) in each – they consist of 2 bedrooms - one queen size bed in first room and a single and double bunk in the second bedroom.


These cabins have a bathroom (shower and toilet within) open kitchen/dining and lounge room and log fire with wood ready to burn and a TV. A small balcony overlooks the lake.


The cost of the cabins are $180 (for 2) plus another $20 per extra adult ($220 if 2 couples could get together to share) THAT IS $110 PER COUPLE TO SHARE and if you wanted to stay Sunday night another $120 ($60 per couple).


So in all there is enough accommodation in the cabins for 16 people.


(Mal and Elaine did the trial run with their friends and stayed in a cabin and it was fine for the weekend night.) We are not looking at luxury here but it is quite clean and comfortable, and they had a lot of fun putting this together along the way. (Their dinner at night was first class) and the main consideration was again to keep the costs down.


TWO STOREY APARTMENT UNITS (9 in all): The bedrooms upstairs (spiral staircase) which consists of a queen size bed and the second sleeping area with two single beds is on the landing of the stairs. Unfortunately bedroom 1 has to walk through bedroom 2 area to go downstairs so the apartments are more suitable for a couple (with family), with the bathroom and toilet downstairs with the living area/kitchen/dining TV and log fire. The cost is $180 for 2 and $20 per adult extra. If not sharing and want to stay the Sunday night is another $100 extra and if any sharing with other people another $20 p/p. Please keep in mind that you do have to climb stairs so if this is a problem the cabins are more suitable for anyone with a medical problem!!


Please get together with your Rotary friends and decide which type of accommodation you would like as unfortunately it is limited.


CABINS HOLD 8 COUPLES in the configuration as outlined.                                  (16 people)


TWO STOREY UNITS are more suitable for 9 couples -1 couple in each              (18 people)

(available 34) so hopefully that will cover everyone who would like to come.


TO HOLD THE ACCOMMODATION A DEPOSIT OF $50 PER COUPLE IS REQUIRED (BY 10TH JUNE) AND CAN BE PAID DIRECT BY CARD TO "EVEDON PARK BUSH RESORT" BUT FIRST IT IS IMPORTANT TO PLEASE RING MAL 0413 833 747 OR EMAIL HIM mal.bennett5@optusnet.com.au so he can keep track of THE TYPE OF ACCOMMODATION AND IF SHARING ETC WITH ANYONE. He will then give you the resort’s phone number to make your deposit payment. Balance of payment can then be paid on vacating the resort on Sunday.




Saturday 24th August 2013

Morning tea:    at Pinjarra tea rooms (at your discretion)

Lunch:             at Harvey (fantastic location) we are arranging to have them make up light mixed sandwiches with help-yourself tea or coffee                                        $8-$10

Dinner:           “Evedon Park" (going by the sample dinner the Bennett’s had, it should be really good)         

                                    Christmas in August Three Course Carvery Dinner                   $45 p/p


Sunday 25th August 2013

Breakfast:      "Evedon Park" full buffet style                                                                  $20 p/p

Lunch:           St Aiden’s Winery "LIGHT" Ploughman’s lunch                                               $20 p/p




Sharing a cabin with another couple

$300 p/couple for weekend

Not sharing a cabin or unit

$370 p/couple for weekend


It would be great to get at least 10/12 couples to make this weekend worthwhile from the resort’s point - let alone ensuring everyone has a great time having a Rotary bonding weekend.


We need to move quite quickly on the accommodation now as it’s been quite hard coming up with reasonably priced accommodation and a date suitable to get everyone together.




Regards MAL








Prof. Imberger received his PhD in 1970 from the University of California, Berkeley and was appointed to full Professor at The University of Western Australia in 1978 at the age of 36, at that time the youngest full professor in Australia in the field of Engineering.


Long before sustainability became an all-embracing goal he embarked on what was to become a long and dedicated career developing instrumentation, software and theory that collectively forms the basis of decision support systems for sustainable management of large natural water bodies such as rivers, lakes, wetlands, reservoirs, estuaries and coastal seas.


His career has seen him carry out research in nearly every major country. International funding has allowed him to maintain a sophisticated field and modelling programme that completely supports the research of his postgraduate students. One of his most significant achievements was the establishment, in 1978, of the Centre for Water Research (CWR), the premier research centre in the world in natural aquatic systems research; this Centre is now totally self funding. In the 30 years of activity, researchers in CWR have attracted about 300 international long term visitors; 1000 short term national and international visitors; have graduated 66 PhDs; about 900 undergraduates; and 24 Masters.


He has a well established reputation as an inspirational teacher and extends his influence by maintaining an active program of community talks to Rotary, church, retirement and other groups. He feels strongly that he has a duty to assist the general community come to grips with topics such as global warming, climate variability, and ecosystem health among other topics.


Jorg Imberger is unique as he is an outstanding scientist/researcher, model developer, instrument developer, practical problem solver, inspirational teacher and community advocate/educator. This is evident from the formal international recognition that he has received.