Bulletin June 16, 2008





Vol26 No. 01 Newsletter Date:  16 June 2008




                The ATTADALE View

                    NEXT MEETING:

Monday 23rd June 2008

6.00 pm for 6.30 pm

Guest Speaker – Alan Hoffman CEO Royal Aero Club

Aviation Issues -The Royal Aero Club of WA

Chair – 

Setting Up – Jim Trotter, Ghita Andersen, Max Anderson

Hosts – Mal Bennett, Betty Bright, John Bray



 Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Attadale West Australia

          PO Box 110 Melville WA 6156



APOLOGIES to Peter Knox Tel:  9330 2559

By 10am Mondays













Wednesday 18th June – Board Meeting 6.0pm at Carole’s residence


Saturday 21at and Sunday 22nd June - Sausage Sizzle – Bunning’s.


Saturday 28th June – District Changeover -the District Handover

Dinner, which is being hosted by the Rotary Club of South Bunbury, will

be held at the Sanctuary Golf Resort in Bunbury.


Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th July -   Sausage Sizzle – Bunning’s


Monday 25th August – Visit District Governor


Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st August - Sausage Sizzle – Bunning’s


Monday 10th November – Combined meeting Attadale Probus and Rotary




Birthdays Members.

Alan Morcombe                   26th June

Keith Timmel                         30th June



George Lewkowski          25th June 1999

Jim Trotter                       25th June 1999

Robin Hamilton               27th June 1987    


Door Prize            Max Anderson


Unlucky Joker     Ghita Anderson


Footie Tipping

                Round 09               Jeff Spickett

                Round 10               Ian Pittaway

                Round 11               Max Anderson


Attendance            22 out of 33  = 67.6%          




President Carole welcomed all to the meeting, being the first for the year, which took the form of a forum/ committee meeting with the view of outlining the programme or projects planned for the coming year by each Director.


Rotary Family Director Jim Trotter reported on matters of fellowship, attendance, welfare, hosting and dress  A questionaire on preferences for fellowship outings  was circulated at   the meeting.


International Service Director  Russell Smailes gave brief details on ambassadorial scholarships, Rotary overseas volunteers programmes,  World Community Service projects – water supplies, underprivileged children


Community Service Director Ian Pittaway referred to several projects being considered some of them including a kite flying day,  use of the Rotary holiday house at Albany for deserving families and assistance to the Salvation Army appeal.


Reports on Vocational and Youth projects were not presented due to the absence of Vocational Service Director Alan Morcombe and New Generation Director Llew Withers




Roster for 21st and 22nd June

Saturday 21st June

8.00am – 12.30pm    11.00am – 2.30pm               12.30pm – 4.30pm

Tom Slater                  Jeff Spickett                     Martin Houchin

Jean Smailes               Max Anderson                Betty Blight

Russell Smailes


Sunday 22nd June

8.00am – 12.30pm    11.00am – 2.30pm               12.30pm – 4.30pm

Peter Field                  Keith Timmel                    Carole Maxwell

John Sharp                 Colin Treloar                    Bob Rodgers




Date        Duty                      Rotarian/ Speaker/ Topic

June 23 Setting Up             Jim Trotter, Ghita Andersen, Max Anderson                  Chairperson          tba

                Speaker                  Alan Hoffman, CEO Royal Aero Club of WA

                Topic                      Aviation Issues, the Royal Aero Club of WA

                Hosts                     Mal Bennett, Betty Bright, John Bray


June 30 Setting Up             Jim Trotter, Ghita Andersen, Max Anderson                  Chairperson          Ghita Anderson

                Speaker                  Diana Frylince

                Topic                      The Golden Pipeline

                Hosts                     Mal Bennett, Betty Bright, John Bray


July 07  Setting Up             Jim Calcei, Graham Cotterell, Ron Day

                Chairperson          President Carole Maxwell

                Speaker                  Alan Morcombe

                Topic                      Literacy Month

                Hosts                     Mick Donnes, Peter Field, Robin Hamilton


July 14  Setting Up             Jim Calcei, Graham Cotterell, Ron Day

                Chairperson          Russell Smailes

                Speaker                  Malcolm Hyde

                Topic                      A Lightheaded Look at the English Language

                Hosts                     Mick Donnes, Peter Field, Robin Hamilton


July 21  Setting Up             Jim Calcei, Graham Cotterell, Ron Day

                Chairperson          President Carole

                Speaker                  Club Forum / Committee Mtg.

                Hosts                     Mick Donnes, Peter Field, Robin Hamilton


July 28  Setting Up             Jim Calcei, Graham Cotterell, Ron Day

                Chairperson          tba

                Speaker                  .

                Hosts                     Mick Donnes, Peter Field, Robin Hamilton


Aug 04   Setting Up             Martin Houchin, Greg James, GeorgeLewkowski

                Chairperson          John Bray

                Topic                      Membership Month

Hosts                     Winston Marsh, Alan Morcombe, Ian Pittaway



One of the highlights of the meeting was the induction of our newest member Kumar Vadivale whom, with his wife Luxmy was welcomed to the meeting by President Carole.  Those participating in the induction were President Carole, Don Rodger and John Bray. Kumar’s classification will be Operation Services Engineering and he will be allocated for the first three months to Peter Knox to assist in the attendance officer’s duties, Kumar’s home address is 45 Saw Road, Kardinya 6163.



Sergeant Don assisted by Mick Donnes

Max Anderson,   Jeff Spickett, Ian Pittaway, Graham Cotterell and Tom Slater (I think)




Presidential Membership Conference

A is to be held in Canberra from 11th to 13th July this year and will include Rotarians from all over Australia where many issues related to membership planning will be discussed.

The Rotary Club of Attadale will be represented by Ghita Andersen who will report back to the Club on outcome of the Conference.

Rotary and the United Nations

"For more than 100 years, Rotary has been at the forefront of efforts to improve the lives of people around the world, and since the United Nations was created, Rotary has been a wonderful partner. You have joined forces with us in efforts for health, literacy and poverty eradication. You have spread the word about the work of the United Nations You have promoted peace. through your exchange programs and played a critical and historic role in our joint mission to eradicate polio worldwide. Rotary is living proof that. people with diverse backgrounds can learn to get along with each other and concentrate more on the things we have in common, rather than the things that drive us apart. That is what our humanitarian work is all about".

Now retired United Nations Secretary- General Kofi Annan, paying a tribute to Rotary in his address at the United Nations Day on   November 4   2006.


Hilary Clinton’s Famous Ancestors


Judy Wallman, a professional genealogical researcher, discovered that Hillary Clinton's great-great uncle, Remus Rodham, was hanged for horse stealing and train robbery in Montana in 1889.  The only known photograph of Remus shows him standing on the gallows. On the back of the picture is this inscription:
 'Remus Rodham; horse thief, sent to Montana Territorial Prison1883, escaped 1887, robbed the Montana Flyer six times. Caught by Pinkerton detectives, convicted, and hanged in 1889   Judy e-mailed Hillary Clinton for comments and Hillary's staff sent back the following biographical sketch:

"Remus Rodham was a famous cowboy in the Montana Territory. 
 His business empire grew to include acquisition of valuable equestrian assets and intimate dealings with the Montana railroad. Beginning in 1883, he devoted several years of his life to service at a government facility, finally taking leave in 1887 to resume his dealings with the railroad... 

 Subsequently, he was a key player in a vital investigation run by the renowned Pinkerton Detective Agency. 

In 1889, Remus passed away during an important civic function held in his honour, when the platform on which he was standing   collapsed" 



The Blonde in the Casino

An attractive blonde from Dublin arrived and bet twenty thousand 
 pounds on a single roll of the dice.

She said, "I hope you don't mind, but I feel much luckier when I'm naked.

With that, she stripped from the neck down, rolled the dice and 
 yelled “Come on, baby, Mama needs new clothes!"

 As the dice came to a stop, she jumped up and down and 
squealed..."YES! YES!  I WON, I WON!"

 She hugged each of the dealers and then picked up her winnings and her clothes and quickly departed.

The dealers stared at each other dumbfounded.

Finally, one of them asked, "What did she roll?" The other answered,    "I don't know - I thought you were watching."


Not all Irish are stupid and not all Blondes are Dumb,

But all Men are Men.


Fuel for Thought

Some Early History


 In George Washington's days, there were no cameras. One's image was either sculpted or painted. Some paintings of George Washington showed him standing behind a desk with one arm behind his back while others showed both legs and both arms.

Prices charged by painters were not based on how many people were to be painted, but by how many limbs were to be painted.

Arms and legs are "limbs," therefore painting them would cost the buyer more. Hence the expression, "Okay, but it'll cost you an arm and a leg."


 As incredible as it sounds, men and women took baths only twice a year (May and October)! Women kept their hair covered, while men shaved their heads (because of lice and bugs) and wore wigs. Wealthy men could afford good wigs made from wool. They couldn't wash the wigs, so to clean them they would carve out a loaf of bread, put the wig in the shell, and bake it for 30 minutes. The heat would make the wig big and fluffy, hence the term "big wig." Today we often use the term "here comes the Big Wig" because someone appears to be or is powerful and wealthy.

 In the late 1700s, many houses consisted of a large room with only one
chair. Commonly, a long wide board folded down from the wall, and was used for dining. The "head of the household" always sat in the chair while everyone else ate sitting on the floor. Occasionally a guest, who was usually man, would be invited to sit in this chair during a meal. To sit in the chair meant you were important and in charge. They called the one sitting in the chair the "chair man."  Today in business, we use the expression or title "Chairman" or "Chairman of the Board."

Personal hygiene left much room for improvement. As a result, many women and men had developed acne scars by adulthood. The women would spread bee's wax over their facial skin to smooth out their complexions. When they were speaking to each other, if a woman began to stare at another woman's face she was told, "mind your own bee's wax." Should the woman smile, the wax would crack, hence the term "crack a smile." In addition, when they sat too close to the fire, the wax would melt. . therefore, the expression "losing face."

Ladies wore corsets, which would lace up in the front. A proper and dignified woman, as in "straight laced". . wore a tightly tied lace Common entertainment included playing cards. However, there was a tax levied when purchasing playing cards but only applicable to the "Ace of Spades." To avoid paying the tax, people would purchase 51 cards instead. Yet, since most games require 52 cards, these people were thought to be stupid or dumb because they weren't "playing with a full deck."




Members are asked to bring in the Money  collected from the sale of tickets,  the butts from sold tickets and any (but hope none )  unsold tickets at the next meeting on 23rd June.


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