BulLetIN JUNE 15, 2016







Ye Olde Replacement Attadale View Mk ll

(with further apologies to Gail and Colin – hurry back)



Next meeting Monday 20 June

Guest Speaker: Doctor Barry Mendelawitz

‘Antibiotics and their over use’


This is a presentation not to be missed. Barry spoke at the Rotary Conference in Bunbury and was really terrific.

Bring your partner, friends and family. You will enjoy.


SET UP: Nick Odorisio, George Lewkowski

Host: Tom Slater         Chair: Mick Donnes


Monday 13 June:   President Carole opened the meeting and welcomed Jean and Giovanna to the meeting.

Giovanna has accepted the club’s offer of being an associate member of Attadale Rotary. Well done.


Gillian and Jean gave us their practice presentation of their address to a conference coming up soon in Denver, Colorado U.S.A.

Members were asked to complete sheets with suggestions/comments where they thought the presentation could be improved.

Always a tough job doing the first practice presentation.


Abby and Kerry showed a brief display of a formal induction in a Rotary Club in the Philippines. Just a tad more formal than what we do. Looked very good.


Door Prize: Robin Hamilton.

Chase the Joker: Patricia Robertson, but missed out on the money.

Acting Acting Sergeant Session: Members were asked questions from the last bulletin. Sadly no member read it very well. Fine of the night was on Kerry. Apparently he collects the Woolies petrol vouchers… for his electric car.  Obviously knows something the rest of us don’t.


Latest reports on Winston and max: Winston and Judy will be attending next Monday. Max is feeling better, but still a couple of weeks away from coming back.


Nothing more to add, except the attendance was quite low, so we need more numbers over the next few weeks to avoid a big outlay on meal shortages.


Ian Pittaway, acting bulletin editor, acting deputy sergeant, acting cake maker.


Any volunteers?



Just a gentle reminder to members to follow club protocol when asking questions of any speaker, please stand, give your name and speak clearly.


Here endeth the lesson.                 Now check out page 2