BulLetIN JULY 7, 2014










Mick Donnes


Director RI Foundation

George Lewkowski

Vice President:

George Lewkowski


Director New Generations:

Patricia Robertson

President Elect:

To be advised


Director Fund Raising

Rodney Rate


Carole Maxwell


Director Attadale Foundation:

Bob Rodgers


John Sharp/Betty Bright


Attendance Officer:

Jan Fairclough

Director Membership/PR:

Jeff Spickett



Jim Calcei

Director Rotary Family:

Martin Houchin



Ian Pittaway

Director Community & Vocation

Greg James


Insurance and Risk Assessment

Peter Field

Club Website Manager:

Martin Houchin



Colin McCulloch /

Director International:

George Lewkowski



Betty Bright


Rotary District 9465                                                                  for more information visit: http://rotary9465.org.au/

District Governor:

Brian Eddy (Rossmoyne)


District Governor Elect:

Melodie Kevan (Booragoon)

District Governor Elect:

To be advised


Assistant Governor:

Llew Withers




Probus Australia:

Winston Marsh


Special Anniversaries for



Mal Bennett   Birthday


Mike van Trier   Birthday


Robin Hamilton   Birthday


George Lewkowski   Birthday


Graham Cotterell   Induction   1996


Phil Palmer   Induction   2011


Ian Pittaway   Induction   1988


Evadne & Jeff Spickett   Wedding


Patricia & Derrick Robertson  Anniversary


Martin Houchin   Induction   2007


Mick Donnes   Birthday





Meeting 30th June 2014


Acting President George Lewkowski welcomed Rotarians to the meeting, and invited Directors to give their reports.


Directors’ Reports: 

Greg James informed the meeting that an application has been made to Rotary District Grants Program for $3,000 from the District Designated Funds for the project being led by Gillian Baker on Sensory Processing and Self Regulation, where a Paediatric Occupational Therapist identifies students at risk, and implements early intervention strategies that support self-regulation to improve behaviour and access to learning in the class. Greg also reminded Rotarians of Gillian’s request for donations of non perishable food items for Communicare's Winter Food Appeal.   Donations can be brought along to the meetings until 21st July. 


Jeff Spickett had been contacted by Melville City Council with a number of potential projects that Rotary Club of Attadale might like to support, including a swing for the disabled; an exercise park along foreshore; water fountains; more park benches; etc.  Jeff suggested there might be merit in inviting along two representatives from Melville City Council to one of Rotary’s meetings.


Llew Withers read out a letter of thanks from Communicate thanking Rotary for the generous donations of food donated through the Give a Damn Give A Can project, for which they were immensely grateful.


Ian Pittaway thanked those Rotarians who had brought along unwanted blankets to be donated to the needy, and announced that Major Wayne Pittaway, Divisional Commander of the Salvation Army will visit Rotary sometime in August.


Following the usual and indiscriminate Fines session, there was a Two-Up session to win a donated bottle of Hunter Gatherers, which was won by Jeff Spickett.  Door Prize was won by Ian Pittaway, and the Find the Joker drawn won by Greg James, who didn’t find the Joker.


Llew Withers addressed the meeting by announcing that he would be Guest Speaker at the Rotary meeting on 6th July.  He is going to be presenting at the World Health Aquatic Conference in Queensland on Developing legislation and a code of practice for aquatic facilities in Western Australia: the journey and lessons learned, and Llew would like to have a trial run of his presentation with his fellow Rotarians.


Patricia Robertson  as Chair introduced the guests for the evening, Patrick Bowden and Daniel Southern from Clontarf Foundation, and two Year 12 students from Clontarf, Chris Hagan and Daniel Dowling both of whom are both from Alice Springs.  Chris is studying mining, and Daniel has undertaken a mechanics apprenticeship. 


Daniel Southern gave a presentation on behalf of Clontarf Foundation – which was initially conceived with a focus on football.  The Foundation has since evolved from 25 students in 2000 to 3,000 boys in 57 schools across WA, Northern Territories; Victoria and New South Wales.   These are not all 57 Aboriginal academies, some are mainstream schools with Aboriginal units, where students can participate along with other students, or attend specific classes if their literacy is not up to standard.  There are currently 97 students at Waterford with a 94% attendance rate, and in 2014 there are 19 Year 12 students graduating.  The focus of the Foundation is to apply the key elements of Education; Leadership; Well-being; Employment and Sport (with the move away from a ‘football’ program, towards general sport).


Patricia with Clontarf students, Chris and Daniel

The students are taught how to drive and secure a driving licence, how to develop a CV, and how to operate a bank account.  They are taught basic lifestyle skills such as cooking, cleaning up, and leading a healthy lifestyle.  They are encouraged to develop public speaking skills, and Year 11 and 12 students are placed in workplace environments.  There is a lot of community activity in order to break down barriers which allow the community to see what the students are doing.  Daniel summarized his presentation by saying that the general public know more about overseas cultures ie Native Americans than they do about Aboriginal culture, and the Clontarf Foundation is working towards improving cultural exchanges within Australia.


There was a suggestion made after the presentation that the boys might be interested in invites to dinner at Rotarians’ homes, so this will be followed up.  Acting President George thanked the Daniel for his presentation and also thanked Patrick, and students Chris and Daniel for visiting the Club.


Following the Rotary Charge, the meeting was closed.



Meeting 7th July 2014

Acting President George Lewkowski welcomed Rotarians to the meeting, and invited Directors to give their reports.



Directors’ Reports: 

Sergeant Jim Calcei reminded Rotarians that the Men’s Shed had been negotiating with the City of Melville for a number of years to secure some land without success.  The Men’s Shed is extending its current lease with Bicton Uniting Church and will reapply to Lotteries West for funding. 


Jeff Spickett announced that he is reactivating the Membership Committee.  There will be a meeting on Monday 14th July at 5pm at Tompkins on Swan to discuss strategies to increase membership.  Any Rotarian interested in attending are welcome to attend.   Invites will also be sent out.


Greg James reminded Rotarians that this year’s Climb for a Smile will be on Sunday September 14th.  Greg also reminded Rotarians to bring along donations of food for the Communicare Winter Food Appeal next Monday evening.  On 22nd September there will be a visit by Melville City Councillors who are keen to learn what projects the Rotary Club of Attadale are doing.  Greg invited each Project Director to give a three minute presentation on their program, and extended the invite to any Rotarian also interested in giving a presentation.  An email will be circulated with details.  As a final comment, Greg asked that Rotarians follow up on their suggestion from the previous meeting of inviting the Clontarf students to dinner.


Rod Rate spoke about the Golf Day fundraiser, and announced that the Royal Fremantle Golf Club has informed him that they have revisited their costs and will be making increases.  Previously the hire of the golf club for the fundraiser was $2,000 (approximately $10 per head).  In future, this will increase to $35 per head, $5,000, and charges for refreshments served during the day will also be made.  Rod is reluctant to increase the fee for golfers participating in the fundraiser, but obviously would like to maintain the level of fundraising.  Rod expressed the view that this could be achieved if one more co-sponsor could be found, and asked Rotarians to come up with some suggestions as to which potential co-sponsor could be approached to ask them for sponsorship of $2,500.


Martin Houchin announced that he had received two suggestions for vocational visits, the first an evening visit to the Leaf Bean Machine in Bibra Lake, which is a tea and coffee specialist.  The second would be a daytime visit to the Regional Resource Recovery Plant in Canning Vale.  Martin will follow up on both these vocational visits.


John Sharp gave a reminder to the Board that he was looking for 2014/2015 budgets as soon as possible, as he had received only one Director’s budget to date (kudos to Patricia!).


Carole Maxwell announced that the next Rotary Convention will be in Brazil, from 7th to 10th June 2015.  She suggested that Rotarians contact Tom Slater should they want further information.


Ian Pittaway announced that the speaker at the next meeting will be George Booth, Touring Australia, with Tom Slater as the Chair.  On the 21st July the speaker will be Lee Tate, ARAFMI (Mental Health) with Carole Maxwell chairing.  The speaker on the final Monday in July will be John Park, RAAFA Museum with Greg James in the Chair. A speaker will also be invited to the club at a future date to speak on Prostate Cancer.  Ian again reminded Rotarians that the guest speaker on 4th August will be Geoffrey Thomas, Aviation Editor, West Australian Newspapers and Ian was keen to have 100 people or more to attend.  Acting President George said that an invite will be extended to other Rotary Clubs three weeks before the event.



Bob Rodgers will suggest to the Membership Club that a letter drop might be done inviting local residents to come along to hear Geoffrey speak, and that this might also act as a conduit to attract new members to the Club.  Another suggestion was to have an announcement on the Curtin FM 100.1 Radio Station.


The Fines Session was followed by Heads and Tails, which had no winner for the donated bottle of Hunter Gatherers wine.  Door Prize was won by Peter Field, and Find the Joker by Ron Day (who missed out on the Joker of course).


Ian Pittaway invited Llew Withers to be the Speaker for the evening, and Llew would be giving a presentation on Developing Legislation and a Code of Practice for Aquatic Facilities in WA: The Journey and Lessons Learnt.  Llew is the Manager for the Applied Environmental Program at WA Department of Health, and has been invited to give a presentation at a Conference on the Gold Coast.  Western Australia is considered to have the best legislation in Australia, and probably the world.  Llew gave a brief history into the development of aquatic legislation.  In the early 1900s, swimming in river baths and damned rivers increased the risk of contracting meningitis.  By the 1950s, the first country pools were built in Kalgoorlie, Bruce Rock and Meredin.  Beatty Park was built to FINA Standards for the 1962 Empire Games.  1964 saw the development of Health (Swimming Pools) Regulations which defined standards and pH chlorine clarity.  By the 1980s water sampling for bacteria and amoeba had commenced in all public facilities.  1980 saw the chlorination of Mundaring Weir Pipeline to halt meningitis.  Llew said that over ten million swimmers had been in aquatic centres over the last ten years – and there had not been one drowning due to the presence of mandatory lifeguards.  There is now a Code of Practice for the design, construction, operation, management and maintenance of all aquatic facilities covers all aquatic facilities, including spa or water parks.  Due to insufficient time, Llew’s presentation had to be condensed, but the full presentation at the conference will take forty five minutes.


Acting President George thanked Llew for his presentation.  Sergeant Jim reminded Rotarians to bring donations for the Communicare Winter Food Appeal and encouraged Rotarians to bring along partners and friends to hear Geoffrey Thomas on the 4th August.


Following the Rotary Charge, the meeting was closed.


Some photos of Change Over Night courtesy of Jim Calcei…..