BulLetIN JULY 6, 2016







Ye Olde Replacement Attadale View

Changeover Edition



Next meeting Monday 11 July

Guest Speaker: Bob Deets

(courtesy of our lovely Michelle at TOS)

‘From Whaler to Gaoler’



SET UP: Rodney Rate, Llew Withers

Host: Winston marsh        Chair: Mick Donnes


Monday 4 July:       CHANGEOVER DINNER


What a night. From when we walked in to see the red, white and blue balloons, our Aussie flag, the R.I. flag and ‘Old Glory’ it promised to be a great night and then Incoming President John topped it off with videos of Our national anthem (both verses) and a musical tribute to the U.S.A.


It should have been hard to top after that, but the night even got better.


President Carole did the intros with her usual aplomb.


Having PDG Melodie, PDG John and DG Linda there made it just that much more special.


At this stage, special thanks to Mal and Elaine for their imaginative room set up and also driving to Kwinana for the flags. What an effort.


Also many thanks to George and Anne for their huge contribution of wines for the tables. It was hard to stay sober.


Welcome to our latest Paul Harris Fellows (in order of presentation):- Jacquie Pittaway, Anne Lewkowski and Mick Donnes. All well deserved too.


Rodney was awarded (in absentia – as he was a very sick puppy) the Past Presidents’ Award for his services to MND and Fremantle Medical Research through the golf days. His hard work, professionalism and organizational skills are unbelievable. Well done Rodney.


Winston was presented a District Service Award by PDG Melodie for his untiring work over many years for PROBUS.


P.P. Carole did a great wrap up of her year (and under trying circumstances). She has been a great president and inspiration for our club. (so glad she can now go back on the job roster!).


President John gave his usual polished performance of where he sees the club heading. It will be an exciting year.


P.P. Ian presented the toast to Rotary International and PDG Melodie gave a great response on behalf of R.I.





We had a brief fine session, where I was ably assisted by incoming Sergeant Patricia.


The first fine was on me. I had reason to phone our incoming D.G. Linda last week. She told me she couldn’t talk at the time as she was busy. I found out later that ‘busy’ meant that at that time I rang, she was being loaded into the back of an ambulance after a serious road accident. We have a very committed D.G. leading our district.


The other fines were quite basic, but I had the opportunity to remind a couple of our ‘senior’ members of some of their past misdemeanors.


I am looking forward to Patricia Robertson being our new sergeant. I think President John might be among her first fines for some incorrect spelling.


It was a terrific night with good company, good fellowship, good music, good fun, good food and good wine.


Just a reminder (as John pointed out) that we still need the attendance up as we pay TOS for an average of 25 meals based over the month.

We can’t afford too many weeks with low numbers.


Also if we are to attract good speakers we need a decent audience to hear them.


Special thanks to the members who told Jacquie and me that they will give us names of potential guest speakers in the coming weeks.





















Looking forward to seeing you next week.


Ian Pittaway (still acting, but no Oscar nomination yet)


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