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Mick Donnes


Director RI Foundation

George Lewkowski

Vice President:

George Lewkowski


Director New Generations:

Patricia Robertson

President Elect:

To be advised


Director Fund Raising

Rodney Rate


Carole Maxwell


Director Attadale Foundation:

Bob Rodgers


John Sharp/Betty Bright


Attendance Officer:

Jan Fairclough

Director Membership/PR:

Jeff Spickett



Jim Calcei

Director Rotary Family:

Martin Houchin



Ian Pittaway

Director Community & Vocation

Greg James


Insurance and Risk Assessment

Peter Field

Club Website Manager:

Martin Houchin



Colin McCulloch /

Director International:

George Lewkowski



Betty Bright


Rotary District 9465                                                                  for more information visit: http://rotary9465.org.au/

District Governor:

Brian Eddy (Rossmoyne)


District Governor Elect:

Melodie Kevan (Booragoon)

District Governor Elect:

To be advised


Assistant Governor:

Llew Withers




Probus Australia:

Winston Marsh


Special Anniversaries for



Mal Bennett   Birthday


Mick Donnes   Birthday


Robin Hamilton   Birthday


Mike van Trier   Birthday


Graham Cotterell   Induction   1996


George Lewkowski   Birthday


Ian Pittaway   Induction   1988


Evadne & Jeff Spickett   Anniversary


Patricia & Derick Robertson  Anniversary


Martin Houchin   Induction   2007







Meeting 14th July 2014


Acting President Jeff Spickett welcomed the evening’s speaker George Booth, Robin Hamilton’s son-in-law Peter Slyth, and the soon to be inducted Kerry Parsons to the meeting.

Sergeant Jim Calcei requested all Rotarians participate in this year’s Love in a Shoebox, and announced that he and Jenny will donate a shoebox on behalf of each of their grandchildren.  According to the website, in 2013 Operation Christmas Child were able to give a record 316,323 children across 7 countries shoeboxes from Australia and New Zealand

Directors’ Reports

Assistant Governor Llew Withers reminded Rotarians about the visit by the District Governor on 18th August.  This visit was arranged after the Rotary Club of Attadale declined the offer to participate in a joint meeting of Rotary Clubs at the South of Perth Yacht Club on Tuesday July 22nd.  Llew also informed the meeting that fines will now be allocated to ROMAC.


Greg James thanked all Rotarians who brought along donations of food for Communicare.  Both Greg and Sergeant Jim gave accounts of how ferocious the morning’s storm had been.


Peter Field informed the Club that the Rotary Club of Attadale had renewed its Public Liability Insurance.


Kerry Parsons was invited to give Rotarians an update of his recent visit to the Philippines, where the Kerry Parsons Foundation was hosting ten new country students, who were now experiencing the differences of living in a city.  Kerry was also pleased to announce that the Foundation had been approved by RAWCS, and that the Rotary Club of Attadale was the sponsoring Club.


Following the usual spirited round of fines, there was a game of Heads and Tails – Patricia won the donated bottle of wine and chorizos made by Sergeant Jim.  The door prize was won by Betty (Yay!), with Bob Rodgers having no success in his attempt to locate the Joker.


Tom Slater introduced the guest speaker for the evening, George Booth of Travel Tree, who is a Rotarian with Fremantle.  George has spent 60 years in the travel industry, and gave a potted history of modern tourism and travel.  He acknowledged the big role that Fremantle was playing in the rise of cruising in Australia, although river cruising is the fastest growing area of tourism.  In the 1950’s, ships were docking in Fremantle every day, bring migrants to Australia.  By the late 1950’s large passenger jets were taking to the skies, with the cruising market losing out.  In 1960, 7,500 passengers left Perth International Airport.  In the years that followed, the increased popularity of airlines, new aircraft and packaged holidays effectively destroyed the cruising industry.  However cruising is now making its resurgence, with new cruise liners putting more emphasis on the environment, with some ships having on-board garbage processing, and water saving programs.


George Booth photo

George said that tourists were now looking for more adventurous travel to destinations such as Nepal, Butan or Pakistan.  Interest in India is also increasing – rail travel in India can be very luxurious.  Travellers are also looking for escorted holidays where the travel agency designs the tours and generally accompany the travel groups.  George has taken Vietnam Vets to Vietnam, as well as groups of blind travellers to Thailand.  Volunteer tourism is also on the increase where travellers typically share a desire to “do something good” while also experiencing new places and challenges in locales they might not otherwise visit, eg. working in leprosy camps or helping to teach villagers how to build houses.


Tom thanked George on behalf of the Rotarians, and Rotarians took the opportunity to ask questions.


Sergeant Jim reminded Board Members of the Board Meeting on Tuesday 15th July at the home of Rod Rate.  He also reminded Rotarians to take away a Shoebox to fill with gifts.  Finally, Acting President Jeff gave thanks again to the visitors George Booth, Peter Slyth and Kerry Parsons.


Following the Rotary Charge, the meeting was closed.


NB: Tom Slater has been receiving nuisance phone calls at home, and despite attempts to thwart them, they continue.  So Tom now ignores all calls showing an unlisted number.  He asks that any Rotarian wishing to contact Tom should email him in the first instance, and Tom will call them instead.


Meeting 21st July 2014


Acting President George Lewkowski offered a warm welcome to the speaker for the evening, Lee Tate, Communications Manager of Arafmi, WA’s mental health family and carer agency, and to Abby and Kerry Parsons.  Rod Rate was the Acting Sergeant for the evening.


Directors’ Reports:

Jeff Spickett gave Rotarians an update on the recent Membership Meeting, where it had been agreed to distribute leaflets around Mount Pleasant, inviting residents to visit the Rotary Club of Attadale, and he was looking for volunteers to deliver them.  He was also currently making arrangements for the visit by two City of Melville Councillors on 22nd September, and Greg James was developing the program for the evening.


Gillian Baker thanked all those who brought in donations of food for Communicare.


Acting Sergeant Rod reminded Rotarians about the Love in a Shoebox for the Operation Christmas Child initiative.


John Sharp has been in contact with Rotarian PP Mark Zober in Jerusalem, who is calling for a Rotary Middle East Peace Summit to be held immediately, and displayed a Powerpoint presentation showing how Rotary had helped settle conflicts over the years, and asking Rotarians to promote a peace initiative.

“The current situation we all face has occurred many times in the past and will continue in the future unless those of courage and conviction step forward to find a way to transition to a better world.  Please consider taking a lead role in calling for this Rotary Peace Summit. I turn to you to reach out to our Rotarian leaders worldwide and specifically in the Middle East region from Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus, Bahrain, Turkey and beyond. This includes but is not limited to Districts 2490, 2451, 2452 and the Districts in Turkey”.

John summarized the plea by asking, “If not us, who? If not now, when?


The Door Prize was won by Abby Parsons, and not surprisingly, Mal Bennett didn’t find the Joker.  Following the fines sessions, Acting Sergeant Rod called a session of Heads and Tails – and the donated bottle of Spanish wine won by Abby Parsons, again!  Obviously it was well worth coming out on a cold, wet and miserable evening for Abby.


Acting Sergeant Rod donated a $25 voucher for the Royal Fremantle Golf Club, and Ian Pittaway put up the winning bid.


Carole Maxwell as Chair for the evening introduced Mr Lee Tate, Communications Manager at Arafmi, which is a support service for family members and carers of those who have a mental illness.  Lee is a journalist who has worked in WA newspapers, not least as Editor of Inside Cover in the West Australian, before taking up his current role at Arafmi four years ago.  Lee addressed the meeting by informing Rotarians that 1 in 5 Australians suffer from mental health issues, and that often, carers don’t know that they are carers as they are looking after family members.  Lee goes into schools to make presentations to teachers and pupils to publicise mental health issues, to remove the stigma and offer support to those families caring for mental health sufferers.  The most important person to the sufferer is their family carer, who knows far more about them than any doctor or specialist.  In some extreme situations when the police are involved, carers can often diffuse heated confrontations that police officers cannot, thus preventing attacks on constabulary and subsequent imprisonment. 



Lee Tate with the Chair Carole Maxwell and Acting President George Lewkowski

Lee stressed that it was important that carers are treated with respect, and to this end Arafmi offers respite for the carers in Arafmi respite houses, or pamper days for both men and women.  Other respite offered is for children caring for their parents when they get the opportunity to go to young carer camps.  The Fiona Stanley Hospital will be the first to offer beds for those in the 16-24 age bracket, as the rate of suicides continues to increase.  $2 million is being provided by the Federal Government for mental health, of which WA will receive only 10%.  Lee asked Rotarians to help dispel the image of mental health by continuing to discuss it, acknowledge it, to ask questions, and to offer support.  For many sufferers, it is not a matter of recovery – rather a matter of learning to live with it.



Carole as Chair for the evening thanked Lee for his presentation and invited questions from the floor.


In closing the meeting, Acting President George thanked Lee Tate for his presentation, and also to Kerry and Abby Parsons for their attendance.


Following the Rotary Charge, the meeting was closed.



Message from Rotary District


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