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If you will not be attending the meeting please phone the Attendance Officer, Tony Wilkie, before 10.00am on Monday on Tel 9430 7933 or Mob 0404 000 458. (Tony will continue in the role until Gillian Baker takes up her role as the new Attendance Officer).

Unless Tony receives an apology by 10.00am on the day of the meeting the meal will need to be charged to you.






Tompkins on Swan, corner Dunkley/ Canning Highway, Alfred Cove (Speaker yet to be confirmed)




Royal Fremantle Golf Club.  No Speaker – Club Forum




To be advised








Sausage Sizzle




Sausage Sizzle

March 2014



Combined Attadale - Fremantle Charity Golf Day



OFFICE BEARERS 2013 / 2014



George Lewkowski


Director Local Projects:

Patricia Robertson

Vice President:

Mike Van Trier


Director International:

Mike Van Trier

President Elect:

To be advised


Director Attadale Foundation:

Bob Rodgers


Carole Maxwell  


Attendance Officer:

Gillian Baker


John Sharp



Mick Donnes

Director Membership/PR:

Greg James   



Tony Wilkie

Director Rotary Family:

Martin Houchin 



Colin McCulloch /

Club Website manager:

Martin Houchin



Betty Bright

Club Protection Officer

Llew Withers










Rotary District 9465                                          for more information visit: http://rotary9465.org.au/


District Governor:  Erwin Biemel (Willetton)

DG Elect:  Brian Eddy (Rossmoyne)

DG Nominee:  Melodie Kevan (Applecross)

IPDG:  Robert Cooper (Kwinana)




Special Anniversaries for



Mal Bennett   Birthday


Mike van Trier   Birthday


Robin Hamilton   Birthday


George Lewkowski   Birthday


Graham Cotterell   Induction   1996


Phil Palmer   Induction   2011


Ian Pittaway   Induction   1988


Evadne & Jeff Spickett   Wedding


Mick Donnes   Birthday


Martin Houchin   Induction   2007





Monday 8th July 2013


Rotarians had the opportunity to visit the Rhein-Donau Club, one of the venues under consideration as a new home for the Rotary Club of Attadale.  Prior to the meeting, the Rotarians were shown around the premises by the Rhein-Donau Secretary, Robert Schulz.


President George welcomed Rotarians to the meeting, with a special warm welcome to partners, Trish Sharp, Gill Hamilton and David Maxwell.  He reminded members that the following meeting would be in the Melville Bowling Club, and the 22nd July meeting would be held at Tompkins on Swan (adjacent to Melville Bowling Club).



·         The Treasurer reminded members that he had issued invoices for annual subscriptions and would appreciate payment before 4th August 2013.

·         Patricia Robertson updated the members about the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program run by RYDA which she attended together with John Sharp and Greg James, together with180 Year 11 students from two schools.

The RYDA Program focuses on attitude and awareness with the aim of helping young adults become better people on the road.  It highlights the privilege and responsibilities of owning and driving a motor vehicle and also illustrates their rights and responsibilities as passengers and pedestrians. The one-day event is held at a non-school site and co-ordinates the efforts of local road safety experts, including driving instructors, the Police and recovery survivors of road crashes.   Patricia is very keen for the Rotary Club of Attadale to become involved by canvassing schools’ involvement.

·         Rod Rate confirmed the next meeting at Melville Bowling Club, and suggest that Rotarians meet in the bar before 6pm.  Dinner will be $23 per head, and catering will be by Catergirls (business venture of Esther Foundation)

Mick Donnes hosted the usual amusing Fines Session; Greg James won the raffle; Ron Day won the wine in the Joker Draw but not the Joker.


Tony Wilkie introduced the speaker for the evening, Major Rabia Siddique MC, to speak on her role in the ‘Resolution of the Iran Hostage Crisis’.  Rabia is an Australian born British citizen, the eldest child of an Indian Muslim father and Australian mother, who was raised in Australia and schooled in Manning and then Penrhos, before going to UWA to study art and law.  Rabia also happens to be a mother of triplets!

Rabia went to the UK to work in a commercial law firm, before returning to Australia as a criminal advocate.  She went onto to become a lawyer in the British Army; and although she had no prior military background, she was selected as a Captain in Legal Services in 2001.   Rabia’s cultural and ethnic background together with her legal training was of immense value to her in the legal roles she assumed around Northern Ireland, UK and Europe.


She was subsequently based in Iraq from April – November 2005, giving operational legal advice on rules of engagement; search and arrest etc., and working with the Red Cross.  During her time there Rabia ensured she wore a headscarf when working with the Iraqis; learning their language and gaining their respect while working outside the camp with the Iraqi judiciary.


In September 2005, two Special Forces’ Officers conducting searches in Basra were captured and detained, despite announcing themselves as British soldiers.  Rabia was allowed to act as liaison officer at the local Police Station to help free the soldiers.  However the locals having been fed false rumours began rioting at the Police Station and there was major concern for the safety of those inside.  Although terms had been negotiated with a Judge for the release of the British soldiers, the riot had now become out of control as the locals stormed the compound, and Rabia was forced to hide in another room against her will, at one stage having real fears that she was about to be shot by an armed terrorist.

Using her legal expertise and her Arabic skills to negotiate with their captors, a deal was brokered between the Police and the Army to release six other imprisoned soldiers plus the two Special Forces personnel.  Ultimately the negotiations failed and the SAS detainees were eventually rescued in a daring operation after they were moved from the jail into a nearby house.  Warrior armoured vehicles smashed through the wall of the police station, while a force composed largely of SAS troopers stormed the house and rescued the captive soldiers.

Once a rescue mission is complete, the policy is for a debriefing session and although Rabia was the only one to speak the Iraqi’s language, the other British officer who was with her was congratulated on a job well done and taken aside for a debriefing.  Rabia's only reward was to be given a hug by her commanding officer and sent to her room for a good night's sleep – no ‘job well done’, no debriefing, no interview, no feedback requested.


Rabia was awarded a minor decoration while the other British officer who was with her was later awarded the Military Cross and promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.  Having dared to question the discrepancies between the way she and her male colleague were treated, she found herself given a posting far beneath her rank.  Her newly promoted colleague later gave his account of the ordeal by publishing a book.  Rabia’s account was never told.


Rabia spent almost three years fighting authorities and arguing for her role in the exercise to be acknowledged.  She was forced to sue the Government, and after a long and protracted battle, Rabia settled a race and sex discrimination case against the Ministry of Defence just minutes before her case was due to be heard at Central London employment tribunal.  As Rabia was to tell her audience, the reason she settled out of court was that she had just found out that she and her husband were expecting triplets!  Disgusted at her treatment by the military, Rabia resigned her commission.


Now 40 and a senior legal counsel for WA Police, Rabia and her husband Tony moved back to Perth so they could give their four-year-old triplets the same opportunities and lifestyle she had growing up in WA.  Rabia was given a standing ovation by Rotarians for her role in the dramatic rescue and subsequent courageous legal fight!
Monday 15th July 2013, Melville Bowling Club

President George welcomed Rotarians to the meeting at the Melville Bowling Club.  Rod Rate announced that the room Rotarians was currently seated in was not actually the planned area; however major works being carried out required the Rotary Club to be re-housed in the main hall, which he considered a good option.  The caterer for the evening was to have been Candice Fernando from the Catergirls however she had been unable to attend and had arranged for another chef to cater, assisted by two girls from the Esther Foundation, Harmony and Sam.  Tony Wilkie gave a brief introduction to Jan and Ann of the Kimberley Dental Team, the speakers for the evening.



·         Tony reminded Rotarians of the vocational visit to the Centre for Water Research at UWA, at 11.30am on Tuesday 16th July.

·         President George reminded Rotarians about the Board meeting to be held at his house also on Tuesday 16th July from 6pm to 8pm.

·         Llew Withers gave an update on the new Scout Group, in that there were now 5 Joeys; 5 Cubs; 4 Scouts, and 6 leaders, and he was confident that the numbers will increase through word of mouth.  Rod announced that Rotary and Bunnings have a joint program where they renovate Scout Sheds, and suggested that the Scout Club make an application in January 2014.

·         Acting Sergeant Ian Pittaway informed Rotarians about the death of Russell Brown, Mosman Park Rotary.

·         Carole Maxwell reminded Rotarians that she had circulated the duty roster for the next twelve months.  If Rotarians were unable to attend the evening of their duty, they need to arrange for someone else to act in their absence.

·         Winston Marsh speaking for Greg James announced that the Membership Action Forum is being held on 11th August at the North Lake Senior High School at 9am.  Winston and Greg will attend – Rotarians invited to contact Winston for details if they would like to join them.

·         John Sharp reminded Rotarians of the outstanding membership subscriptions.

·         Gillian Baker has returned from her trip to the UK, where she participated in the Rotary Club of Walsall Changeover Lunch.  The Club gave her a banner to present to President George on her return.

Door Prize Raffle:  Don Rodger.  Llew Withers won the Joker Draw, a bottle of wine but no $1075.

The Fines Session was the usual round of dubious penalties - $2 for winning the wines; Martin for not attending the Essendon game when in Melbourne; Rotarians forgetting their requested tube of toothpaste.



Tony Wilkie introduced the speaker for the evening, Jan Owen of the Kimberley Dental Team, who came along with Ann, a volunteer with the program.  Jan and John Owen AM have an Orthodontist Practice in Midland.  However, they also head up the Kimberley Dental Team Inc (KDT) which is a not for profit, non government organisation established by Jan and John in 2009 to work initially in the east Kimberley region of Western Australia, where they travel to Aboriginal camps to monitor the dental health of the community. 

In May 2009, John accompanied his wife Jan, dental nurse and dental health educator in her earlier career, to Halls Creek. The visit occurred because of Jan’s participation in the choir Madjitil Moorna: Singers of Aboriginal songs, who had been invited by an Aboriginal school teacher, Doreen Green, to sing with the children of the Halls Creek District High School. The school also welcomed their dental expertise as they had been without a dental therapy service for a considerable time and many children suffered dental disease and pain. This afforded the opportunity for Jan and John to provide dental screening and dental health education to the local school children during the week of the choir visit.


Since that time, Jan and John now make two trips a year, five weeks in May and in August and travel to 120 Communities across the Kimberley region, (helped by the fact that John can fly a helicopter!), screening children every 1-2 years.  They are based at Halls Creek; supported by volunteers who are rostered on for one week - good experience for the dental students, 60% of which are female.  In the eleven trips made offering holistic oral health care – the ratio of emergency treatment to patient requiring treatment has dropped from 60/40 to the current 40/60.  The program is 50% preventative treatment, and 50% providing dental care. 


Families are given individual dentals pack for every person living in the house, containing toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental hygiene information.  A partnership with the Western Australian healthy schools project (WAHSP) ensures that 39 schools in the Kimberley now have a dental pack – 4,000 children with 16,000 toothbrushes!    Originally received incorrectly packaged, Kimberley Dental Team were fortunate enough to secure the services of Rotaract to repackage the toothbrushes correctly!


Jan acknowledged the fantastic sponsorship the program has received, particularly from the Rotary Clubs of Perth and Heirisson who prepared the group’s Strategic Business Plan; and provided governance, admin and practical support.  This support contributed to the group’s success in getting funding for an off-road vehicle; and support for converting a caravan into a mobile clinic.  The program has been such a success, that every student in every class in every school in the Kimberley has time set aside for brushing their teeth every day!


President George thanked Jan and Ann on behalf of the Rotarians for the fascinating insight into the great work being done in the Kimberley, he thanked the Rotarians for their attendance, and also thanked those Rotarians who brought along tubes of toothpaste for Kimberley Dental.  Special mention to Nancy Bray who kindly donated six tubes of tooothpaste!!


Acting Sergeant Ian reminded the meeting that the next meeting will be at Tompkins on Swan, adjacent to the Melville Bowling Club.  The entry for Rotarians is around the front of the building, overlooking the river.


With the Rotary Charge, the meeting was closed.




Gillian returns from her trip to the UK, and presents President George with a banner from the Rotary Club of Walsall.  The Inaugural Dinner of the Walsall Rotary Club was held on the 5th October 1921 at which 40 members were present. 


Rotary Club of Attadale has a few more years to go……..



Carole’s Photos from the Changeover Dinner on 1st July 2013 – sorry, Martin’s attempts were unsuccessful!  Bring back the talented McCullochs!!!!