BulLetIN JULY 12, 2016







Ye Not So Olde Replacement Attadale View

(We still need you Gail and Colin and thanks for the guest speaker on the constitution)



Next meeting Monday 18 July

Guest Speaker Marilyn Garbin

Marilyn is a dynamic young woman whom I proud to call a friend.

At short notice she has volunteered to be our speaker next week.

Her topic is: ĎGet That Job ĖA Guide to Careers in the 21st Centuryí


Now I understand that most of us are past that use-by-date, but we all know someone who isnít. Grandkids, nephews, nieces, neighbours, school teachers with influence, etc. It should be a great membership recruiting drive for each one of us. We all know someone we could bring along to this meeting.

Please support the club, our speaker and Jacquie and me.


SET UP:  Llew Withers and Martin Houchin

Host:  Bob Rodgers       Chair: Carole Maxwell


It was a top meeting last night. Well done to President John and Sergeant Patricia for their first up meeting. The first is always the hardest, so the next 43 meetings will be easier.


Please note Patricia has given us ample warning she wants funny fines, not ordinary ones, so arrivals back from holidays will be exempt, so its up to all of us to let her know if you have something on someone, even yourself. Also, you donít have to wait for the meeting to tell her. There is always phone or email.


By the way Patricia, young Ronnie Day has given me his $2 fine for next week in anticipation of the remark he made about assisting those with Scottish accents in our club. I thought it was quite funny. Maybe I should have my $2 ready as well.


Attendance: Greg is the new Gillian, so get in early to Greg for your apologies, guests, etc. Phone 0435 305 199 or email gwjames22@gmail.com.   If no apology, you get to pay for the meal you didnít have.  This also applies to those who donít have a meal and still donít call in.  Simple!


Farewell to Gillian on her venture to the U.S. Good luck with your presentation. Look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

Bon Voyage to Ron and Nancy on their (yes another one) trip overseas. Only five weeks this time. Have fun, safe travel and safe return.


Also welcome back to Betty and Martin after their cruise. No mishaps this time. Thank goodness.


Last nightís guest speaker Bob Reeby was terrific. I think we all felt  seasick with him amid the life on a whale chaser. Scary, exciting, dangerous, different and full of characters.

These days he is now certainly on the side of the whales.



His new life is now with the Department of Corrections.

Talk about swapping one tough life for another.

It was a great relaxed presentation and thoroughly enjoyable. Special thanks to Ďourí Michelle for arranging it. Hope you enjoy Bobís wine.



Rotary International Opportunity


The District is hosting a Vocational Training Team from Sri Lanka between 1st Ė 21st November this year.

Local Clubs are invited to host the team of four for 4 days in that period.

It is the hosts responsibility to home host and get them to their destination each morning either to UWA or WA State Laboratories. This includes pick up. In past times, host families usually arranged a roster.

They are a group of medical laboratory scientists. Hosting like this gives you an opportunity to meet and get to know a person from another country. Competition is fierce for this kind of opportunity so let me know immediately if you want to help out. Donít delay

This also applies to those Attadale Rotarians flitting around the globe and Australia and presumably will be back by November.



Still waiting to hear about your choice of  the logos below.


No one so far has responded, so does this mean nobody reads this bulletin.


If not you can save me a lot of time.



Ian Pittaway