BulLetIN JULY 1, 2013









All Rotarians (and their Partners) are asked to come along for dinner 6pm for 6.30pm to select potential new venue for RCA future meetings


8th July 2013 Rhein-Donau Club, 110 North Lake Road, Melville (before McCoy       Leach) Speaker: Major Rabia Siddique MC, ‘Resolution of the Iran Hostage Crisis’

Speaker chair, Tony Wilkie (Tony will be the speaker chair for the 1st 3 months)
Set up, including collection of badges from RFGC and other collateral needed for the evening. Col Taylor, Winston Marsh and Carole Maxwell
Hosts: Don Rodger and Mal Bennett


15th July 2013 Melville Bowling Club, 592 Canning Hwy, Alfred Cove (next to Tompkins Park)

Speakers: Jan & John Owen of Kimberley Dental Practice, ‘Dental Assistance in North West Kimberley’

Setup, including badges etc.  Col Taylor, Winston Marsh and Carole Maxwell
Speaker Chair, Tony Wilkie)
Hosts. Bruce Robinson and Patricia Robertson


Toothpaste And Toothbrush Cartoon Stock Image

Rotarians are asked to bring along one tube of toothpaste on 15 July Meeting to donate to the cause providing dental hygiene to remote, generally, Aboriginal Communities.


Jan & John Owen of Kimberley Dental Practice will be with us on that evening to give their presentation on ‘Dental Assistance in North West Kimberley’.


22nd July 2013 at Tompkins on Swan, corner Dunkley/ Canning Highway, Alfred Cove

(venue and Speaker yet to be confirmed)

Setup, including badges etc. Col Taylor, Winston Marsh and Carole Maxwell
Speaker Chair, if required Tony Wilkie
Hosts. Ian Pittaway and Martin Houchin


29th July 2013 at the Royal Fremantle Golf Club

Club Forum: Chairs Martin Houchin, Rod Rate
Setup, including badges etc.  Col Taylor, Winston Marsh and Carole Maxwell
Host: Mal Bennett.



Rhein-Donau Club

Melville Bowling Club

Tompkins on Swan








If you will not be attending the meeting please phone the Attendance Officer, Tony Wilkie, before 10.00am on Monday on Tel 9430 7933 or Mob 0404 000 458. (Tony will continue in the role until the return of Gillian Baker who will be the new Attendance Officer).

Unless Tony receives an apology by 10.00am on the day of the meeting the meal will need to be charged to you. 






Rhein-Donau Club.  Speaker: Major Rabia Siddique MC, ‘Resolution of the Iran Hostage Crisis’




Melville Bowling Club.  Speakers:  Jan & John Owen of Kimberley Dental Practice, ‘Dental Assistance in North West Kimberley’ (don’t forget your donation of tube of toothpaste!)  




Tompkins on Swan, corner Dunkley/ Canning Highway, Alfred Cove (venue and Speaker yet to be confirmed)




Royal Fremantle Golf Club.  No Speaker – Club Forum




To be advised








Sausage Sizzle




Sausage Sizzle

March 2014



Combined Attadale - Fremantle Charity Golf Day


OFFICE BEARERS 2013 / 2014



George Lewkowski


Director Local Projects:

Patricia Robertson

Vice President:

Mike Van Trier


Director International:

Mike Van Trier

President Elect:

To be advised


Director Attadale Foundation:

Bob Rodgers


Carole Maxwell  


Attendance Officer:

Gillian Baker


John Sharp



Mick Donnes

Director Membership/PR:

Greg James   



Tony Wilkie

Director Rotary Family:

Martin Houchin 



Colin McCulloch /

Club Website manager:

Martin Houchin



Betty Bright

Club Protection Officer

Llew Withers















Rotary District 9465                                          for more information visit: http://rotary9465.org.au/


District Governor:  Erwin Biemel (Willetton)

DG Elect:  Brian Eddy (Rossmoyne)

DG Nominee: 

Area Governor Clubs:  Robert Thompson (Kwinana)





Special Anniversaries for



Mal Bennett   Birthday


Mike van Trier   Birthday


Robin Hamilton   Birthday


George Lewkowski   Birthday


Graham Cotterell   Induction   1996


Phil Palmer   Induction   2011


Ian Pittaway   Induction   1988


Evadne & Jeff Spickett   Wedding


Mick Donnes   Birthday


Martin Houchin   Induction   2007












The outgoing President, Mike Van Trier welcomed all Rotarians and partners to the Rotary Changeover Dinner for the Rotary Club of Attadale (RCA).  A special warm welcome was given to Past President Jim Trotter; Trevor Leaver; Peter Knox; Nancy Bray and Joan Henley.


New Venue for RCA:  Martin Houchin was invited to address the meeting on the important update about a new venue for Rotary.  As the Royal Fremantle Golf Club Board has decided that meals will no longer be provided to the RCA after July 2013, it has now become urgent to find alternative premises.  Therefore the dinner meeting on 8th July 2013 is to be held at the Rhein-Donau Club, 110 North Lake Road, Melville (just before McCoy Street, heading towards Leach Highway).  The dinner meeting on 15th July 2013 will be held at the Melville Bowling Club, 592 Canning Hwy, Alfred Cove (next to Tompkins Park).  The aim is to have the third dinner meeting on 22nd July 2013 at Tompkins on Swan, corner Dunkley Avenue and Canning Highway, Alfred Cove, this will be confirmed nearer to the date.


All members and partners are encouraged to attend the dinner and give their feedback to the RCA Board.  Members and partners were asked to contact Tony Wilkie (Attendance Officer until the return of Gillian Baker), to confirm their attendance, telephone Tony on 9430 7933 or Mobile 0404 000 458.


Toast to Rotary International: The Toast was given by Tony Wilkie, while PP Jim Trotter gave the response.


Toast to Charter Members:  John Sharp gave the Toast and reminded the audience of the early projects at Rotary – the Swan River Marathon; Melville Rotary Fair; Focus on Youth; Polio Eradication.  Special mention was made of the house built by the Neil Henley Foundation which provided on-going funding for the club, and in particular, the contributions made by John Bray and Neil Henley.  John also acknowledged that after 31 years, there were still some Charter Members still active in the club today ie Max Anderson; Winston Marsh; Mal Bennett; Don Rodger; Alan Morcombe, and Peter Field.  Alan Morcombe gave the response to the Toast by confirming that all Charter Members had been President at some time, and all were Paul Harris Fellows.  Alan acknowledged the work that Winston Marsh had put into Probus and also thanked the (relatively) younger members for their energy and enthusiasm. 


Toast to Partners: Col Taylor gave the Toast to the wives and partners of Rotarians, and thanked them for their love affection and support for members and for their tremendous hands-on involvement in Rotary Programs over the years.   Donna Van Trier responded to the Toast by thanking Col for his heartfelt speech, and she too also offered her thanks to the partners for their support to the Rotarians.


Past President’s Award:  In the absence of Past President Jeff Spickett, Martin Houchin and Rod Rate presented the Past President Award on his behalf.  There was rapturous applause with the announcement that this year was to be a joint award, and awarded to Colin and Gail McCulloch for their wonderful work on behalf of the Rotary Club of Attadale, as Bulletin Editor; organizers of the Sausage Sizzle; participation in the MS Swim; and securing general donations for the fund raisers held by the Club.  Colin and Gail are currently overseas however congratulations go to them both for their fantastic ongoing contributions and support to the Club!!!


Trivia:  Greg James arranged for a couple of quiz rounds, and fined each table $2 for incorrect answers.  There was a general raffle of a $50 voucher for the Cove Indian Restaurant won by Patricia Robertson.  Alan Morcombe had the winning ticket for the bottle of wine, but unfortunately, not the winning Joker for the $1000 pot!


President’s Address:  President Mike gave special thanks to the RCA Board and to Carole Maxwell.  He also thanked Patricia Robertson for the tremendous work she had done in the New Generations portfolio, and could see the potential for her to become President in the future.  President Mike also offered his thanks for the support of his Board and all the Directors over the previous year.


Incoming President’s Induction: Mike invited incoming President George Lewkowski to step forward for his induction as President of the Rotary Club of Attadale for 2013/2014 and awarded him the President’s Badge, and offered his congratulations.


President’s Address:  After accepting his President’s Badge and being sworn in, President George Lewkowski gave his thanks to outgoing President Mike Van Trier and expressed his encouragement at the programs undertaken by Rotary, “Engage Rotary, Change Lives”.  President George was also looking forward to the selection of a new venue for the RCA, and encouraged all members to embrace the new venue once selected. 


Introduction of New Board: President George then invited his new Directors to step forward and be congratulated by the Club:


Secretary: Carole Maxwell; Treasurer: John Sharp; Vice President: Mike Van Trier: President Elect: to be advised: Local Projects: Patricia Robertson: International Projects: Mike Van Trier; Family of Rotary: Martin Houchin; Membership/PR: Greg James; Fundraising: Rod Rate.


After a presentation of flowers from Anne Lewkowski to Donna Van Trier – Mick Donnes took over the mantle of Sergeant from Ian Pittaway, and his first announcement was that all future Fines Sessions would involve a minimum fine of $2!


With the Rotary Charge and Close, an invitation was given to remain for tea, coffee and networking.   A terrific night was had by all, as will be attested from the photographs to be included in the next edition.  Not only content with forgetting to bring along the requested camera, “he who shall be nameless” then left for Melbourne for a week with the photographs taken with his mobile phone.  I think I predict a large fine coming up for Martin!!!  And no Martin – on this occasion - that’s the night I will be leaving my purse at home……


Please don’t miss the opportunity to come along for the next three weeks and help us select the next venue for the Rotary Club of Attadale.  We look forward to seeing you on Monday 8th July at Rhein-Donau Club – don’t forget it’s very important to let Tony Wilkie know before 10.00am on Monday if you are or are not coming along on these evenings, by Tel 9430 7933 or Mob 0404 000 458.