Bulletin January 19, 2009





*Attadale View

Official bulletin of the Rotary Club of Attadale

Vol 26 No 16 Bulletin  -  19th January 2009


Meets 6pm for 6.30 pm at Royal Fremantle Golf Club,

359 High Street, Fremantle.

PO Box 110 Melville WA 6156



Carole Maxwell

Vice President

Llew Withers

President Elect

Martin Houchin


Colin Treloar


Trevor Leaver

Director Community Services

Jeff Spickett

Director Vocational Services

Alan Morcombe

Director International Services

Russell Smailes

Director New Generation

Llew Withers

Director Fellowship

Mal Bennett

Director Membership &  Marketing

Sonya Rosbotham

Dir.Club Service

Martin Houchin

Rotary Family

Jim Trotter


Greg James

Sergeant at Arms

Don Rodger


Ian Pittaway


Peter Knox

Bulletin Editor

Russell Smailes


This week only: APOLOGIES to Russell Smailes Tel:  9331 1818 by 10am this Friday 30th Jan’09



Next Meeting

Chairman Russell Smailes 

February Setting Up

Alan Morcombe, Ian Pittaway, Don Roger

February Hosts

Bob Rogers, Sonya Rosbotham, John Sharp




Speaker / Programme


2nd Feb

International Night

Himali Ghurka Restautant

6.15pm for 6.30pm. $30pp. Fine Nepalese set menu. Speaker Ms Suesha Rana.

You may BYO (wine only) @ $2 corkage per bottle.


Russell Smailes

9th Feb








Saturday Feb 14

8am – 11am

Don Rodger, Elham Kahlil


11am – 1pm

George Lewkowski, Jim Trotter


11am – 2pm

Sonya Rosbotham, Mick Donnes


1pm – 4pm

Kumar Vardivale, Mal Bennett

Sunday Feb 15

8am – 11am

Peter Field, Ron Day


11am – 1pm

Max Anderson, John Bray


11am – 2pm

Greg James, John Sharp


1pm – 4pm

Carole Maxwell, Sarah Banks




Happy Birthday to

Trish Sharp                                     26th January

Pat Timmel                                     27th January

Patricia Trotter                               31st January

Jacquie Pittaway                             31st January

Dot Treloar                                    6th February

Carole Maxwell                              18th February

Russell Smailes                               18th February

Phyl Knox                                      21st February

Inducted into Rotary

Colin Taylor                                   9/2/1984

Colin Treloar                                  15/02/1988

Anniversary Congratulations to

Viv Donnes                                    17th February

Russell & Jean Smailes                   18th February

Llew & Carolyn Withers                 22nd February

Peter & Ann Field                          24th February                    

Recent Attendance    77.1 %



·       Monday 2nd February – International Night – Himali Gurkha restaurant

·        Sunday 8th February – Crabbing Day

·        Friday 20th February – Sundowner at the Marsh’s (BYO drinks/nibbles)

·        Wednesday 11th March – Bowls Night 7pm

·        Wednesday 11th March – Speed Networking

·        Monday 30th March  - Vocational visit – IFAP (industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention)

·        TBA -  Weekend Away  -  possibly in April 2009


Strategic Plan and Club Questionnaire

It is intended that the Club Questionnaire will be discussed in a "free-for-all" at the next Club Forum on March 16, in 7-8 weeks.

The steps leading up to the forum will include:

1.  Circulation of the Strategic Plan - completed (also posted on website, members area)

2.  Return of comments on the Strategic Plan, either directly to Martin via email (welcome anytime), or via responses to the questionnaire

3.  Circulation of the draft questionnaire (within a week or so) with a request to members to add or modify questions they would like members to answer

4.  Circulation of the final version of the questionnaire

5.  Return of completed questionnaires

6.  Collation of questionnaire responses for discussion at Forum.

Any comments on this "plan" are welcome

What comes ‘round, goes ‘round


This note from Graham Cotterell exemplifies the wonderful personal returns that can flow each way for many years as a result of hands-on involvement with the various Rotary exchange programmes    …………


Alison Wilson concerned in Kojonup as a Rotary Exchange student at the beginning of 1985. For our sins, we, Adrienne and I were appointed to be her counsellors, mainly because we came from the same country- New Zealand, not I fear, because of any inherent ability as counsellors.  Alison was a very young 16 at the time, and very homesick, she wanted her mum so we did the best we could.

She soon settled and attended most Rotary meetings and got to know many of the members. We had occasion to go to NZ midway through the year and in the course of our stay, met and stayed with Alison’s parents in Nelson and have remained in regular touch with them since that time. Alison’s dad became interested in Rotary and joined his nearest club, ultimately becoming District Govs Group Rep. Both Ray and his wife Joy have visited us and stayed with us on our farm at Kojonup. We made a rash promise to attend Alison’s wedding whenever that happy event should take place, but did not think we would have to wait 23 years to honour the promise!  Honour it we did and travelled to NZ in February last year to a lovely wedding hosted by Alison’s mum and dad.

Alison and husband Grant, who works for the Commonwealth Bank, now live in Sydney and, in  the course of a holiday in WA, have stayed with us for a  few days with much to talk about.