BulLetIN FEBRUARY 19, 2014








OFFICE BEARERS 2013 / 2014



George Lewkowski


Director Local Projects:

Patricia Robertson

Vice President:

Mike Van Trier


Director International:

Mike Van Trier

President Elect:

Mick Donnes


Director Fund Raising

Rodney Rate


Carole Maxwell  


Director Attadale Foundation:

Bob Rodgers


John Sharp


Attendance Officer:

Gillian Baker

Director Membership/PR:

Greg James   



Mick Donnes

Director Rotary Family:

Martin Houchin 



Tony Wilkie

Club Website manager:

Martin Houchin



Colin McCulloch /

Club Protection Officer

Llew Withers



Betty Bright


Rotary District 9465                                          for more information visit: http://rotary9465.org.au/


District Governor:  Erwin Biemel (Willetton)

DG Elect:  Brian Eddy (Rossmoyne)

DG Nominee:  Melodie Kevan (Applecross)

IPDG:  Robert Cooper (Kwinana)



Special Anniversaries for




Dot Treloar   Birthday


Carole Maxwell   Birthday


Greg James   Induction   2005


Phyl Knox   Birthday


Colin Taylor   Induction   1984


Carolyn & Llew Withers   Wedding


Rod Rate   Induction   2009


Ann & Peter Field   Wedding


Viv & Mick Donnes   Wedding














NO Dr Fiona Wood

Unfortunately Dr Fiona Wood had to withdraw from her guest speaker role with us on February 17th but Tony is still trying to secure her on another date.












Meeting February 10th



Acting President Greg James welcomed all members to the meeting and:

·      Welcomed Kathleen Sullivan from the National Science Summer School

·      Introduced Ian Pittaway as Acting Sergeant

·      Introduced himself as guest speaker

·      Gave a special reminder to everyone to get a table together for the Quiz Night on February 21st.



John Sharp announced that Jeff Spickett will be the acting treasurer for the next two weeks.


Colin McCulloch reported that we will be running a sausage sizzle in conjunction with the Bicton Men’s Shed on Saturday, February 22 and asked for five volunteers to assist. 

Ian, Bruce, Tony, Bob, Colin and Gail volunteered.


Rod Rate asked members to complete a Golf Day assistance sheet and nominate times that they are available to help on the day.

He said that he invited the man who donates the pizza oven and he volunteered to cook for half an hour or so.







Patricia Robertson introduced Kathleen Sullivan who we sponsored to the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra in January. 

Kathleen gave an excellent talk on her experiences saying she was so grateful for the support from RCA.  She attended with 170 students who lived on campus and it was great to meet all of the people and experience uni life.  She was originally thinking of a career in medical research or becoming a GP but is now thinking about pathology.  It was a bit confronting at first seeing all of the specimens but it proved to be fascinating and really interesting.  There were about twenty staff who were able to share their experiences and offer advice and guidance. 

Kathleen presented a certificate of appreciation to RCA and this was accepted by Greg James.



Gillian’s door prize was won by Greg James and Peter Field’s Chase the Joker, worth $397, was drawn by Patricia Robertson but she failed to find the joker.





Guest speaker:  Greg James

Greg gave us a very illuminating talk on his experience of taking five young ladies to Brazil as part of the Group Study Exchange.  He talked of the quality of the students and the life-changing experiences that they enjoyed.  He stressed that Rotary opened many doors and allowed the team to meet and benefit from many leaders in their field.  It was a very full and challenging itinerary but the benefits were enormous and enduring.  Greg is a great advocate for the benefits of GSE.








Meeting February 17th


President George Lewkowski welcomed all members and thanked Ian Pittaway for being the Acting Sergeant.

George said that we have lots of prizes for the Quiz Night and we just need lots of tables to make it a success.


Gillian Baker outlined three movies that we could have for a fund raising film night. 

‘The Monuments Men’ was preferred to ‘Noah’ and ‘Tracks’ so Gillian will arrange this.

She is also working to arrange a wine and cheese night for a performance of ‘Twelve Angry Men’ at the Roy Edinger Theatre.


George suggested that as February and early March are busy times with the Quiz Night and Golf Day he will host a Sundowner at his home later in March.


Rod Rate said that the Golf Day volunteer’s sheet will be presented to the organizing committee tomorrow but he needs some extra assistance with a putting competition in the middle of the day.  He will email out the approved roster to everyone with email.

Rod thanked everyone for volunteering.


Ron Day rang the Melville City Council asking for the reticulation to be turned on later so that our cars will not be showered.  As it has not yet happened he will ring again.


Gillian Baker’s door prize was won by Tony Wilkie.


Peter Field’s Lucky Joker, worth $415, was won by Tom Slater but he failed to find the joker.



Acting Sergeant Ian Pittaway conducted an interesting fines session that evolved into a good news – bad news, anecdotes and jokes session that was enjoyed by all.





George Lewkowski presented a summary of decisions made at the last Board meeting.

·      Approval was given to purchase a vehicle for Headwest with $10,000 to cover the car and signage.

·      Further investigations will be made into funding possibilities for a series of videos for Headwest

·      As no objections were received from residents the six benches to be installed on the Attadale foreshore will be going ahead.  George mentioned the possibility of defraying the costs by charging for memorial inscriptions.


General discussion of these decisions took place.



George said that we had no firm idea but memorial plaques could cost up to two thousand dollars.  Oakwood Funerals have offered their support in this regard.

Colin Taylor spoke against having memorial plaques on the benches as he saw them primarily as a tribute to Neil Henley. 


Vehicle for Headwest

Colin Taylor thought it should be $10,000 for the car and an extra amount for the signage. 

He thought that he would be buying the car and was disappointed that he had not been informed of the Board’s decision. 

[The Board’s decision was that the car be purchased by Greg James and/or Colin Taylor]


Neil Henley Foundation

Bob Rodgers explained how the bulk of the money in the Foundation was invested in term deposits and that the $10,000 for the car could be accessed immediately and that the amount for the benches would be withheld when funds are rolled over in the near future. 

Bob also explained the protocols for dealing with Foundation funds explaining that the funds could only be transferred to the Club account after a written request.  The Club then allocated the money to the particular project.


Board Meeting snippets

Discussion of the above precluded George from completing his report on Board matters.

Some other matters discussed:


Stage at Point Walter         Patricia Robertson reported on MCC recommendations on applying for a grant to undertake planning and costing of a stage.  It was implied that there was no point in doing this unless RCA agreed to proceed at any cost.  This was not tenable and other ways forward were discussed including calling tenders and negotiating binding agreements with MCC.  It was agreed that we will need people working on this proposal with a range of expertise in negotiating, building, tendering, engineering, contracting and legal.

Moved RR / GJ:       

That JS and PR further investigate the proposal to build a stage at Point Walter.  Carried


General Business

·      It was agreed that a summary of each Board meeting should be presented at the next Club meeting.

·      George stressed the importance of all members using the microphones at meetings as a courtesy to all members and especially those with hearing impairments.

·      It was recommended that when considering the make up of the 2014 / 15 Board and portfolios:

o   Local Projects is too large a portfolio and needs to be shared

o   All Rotarians should be allocated to a committee

o   Possibly one Monday night a month could be devoted to committee meetings


The full Board Meeting Minutes will be published on the Club web site as they are after each meeting.







Sausage Sizzle with the Bicton Men’s Shed

We will be combining with the Men’s Shed for a Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings on Saturday, February 22nd.  We will be providing five workers and sharing the profits. 

Thank you to our volunteers.


Men’s Shed Sausage Sizzle Roster for Saturday, February 22nd, 2014





Bob Coventry, Geoff Wicking, Bob Rodgers





Doug Douglas, Carl Thurston, Trevor Taylor, Ian Pittaway





Doug Douglas, Colin Taylor, Pietro Lomas, Colin McCulloch





Peter Clifford, Tony Wilkie, Bruce Robinson    (Res: Gail McCulloch)






See you at the



Where:       East Fremantle Football Club


When:        This Friday night, February 21


Time:         7.00 for 7.30pm


Cost:         $15


Tables:      of eight (or maybe ten at a pinch)


Buy your drinks from the bar.  Bring your own nibbles.


Prizes and give-aways galore!  Silent auctions and more!