BulLetIN, FEBRUARY 10, 2015







 Monday, February 16th, 2015  5.30pm for 6.30pm

 Guest Speaker:  Colette Lappin - 'The Big, Red Kidney Bus'


 Host:  Nick O'dorisio  Chair:  Ian Pittaway  Set Up:  Colin McCulloch and Betty Bright



 Monday, February 23rd, 2015  5.30pm for 6.30pm

 Guest Speaker:  Melissa Stoneham - 'Unstructured Children's Play'


 Host:  Don Rodger  Chair:  Martin Houchin  Set Up:  Peter Field and Robin Hamilton 




If you will not be attending the meeting please email the acting Attendance Officer, Gillian Baker, before midnight on Sunday or if you need to apologise on the Monday please phone before 10.00am on Mob 0437 146 849  (Emails may not get read on Monday and cannot therefore guarantee that your apology is received).

Unless Gillian receives an apology by 10.00am on the day of the meeting the meal will need to be charged to you, and the procedure to recover costs for non apology will be:


a) Attendance officer to report to Treasurer at end of each meeting names of those who didn’t show and didn’t apologise

b) Treasurer to submit all Attendance Officer reports to monthly Board meeting to authorise recovery – valid excuses accepted

c) Treasurer to issue invoices to members monthly following Board meeting based on b).








Colette Lappin - 'The Big Red Kidney Bus'




Board Meeting at Mick and Viv's at 5.30pm




Bicton Primary Bush Dance for City Kids




Melissa Stoneham - 'Unstructured Children's Play'




Labour Day - Public Holiday (no meeting)




Attadale / Fremantle combined Golf Day at RFGC




Annual General Meeting




Jan Ross 'Pathfinder Investigations' (Winston Marsh)




District Conference at Albany 20th to 22nd




Geoffrey Thomas, Aviation Editor, The West Australian




This will be a Partners and Friends' Night




Movie fundraiser - 'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'




Dinner Meeting




Easter Monday - Public Holiday (no meeting)




Dinner Meeting




Dinner Meeting

Text Box: Meeting on Mondays                                                                                  5.30pm for 6.30pm
Text Box: at ‘Tompkins on Swan’                                                      Dunkley Avenue, Alfred Cove


OFFICE BEARERS 2014 / 2015



Mick Donnes


Director New Generations:

Patricia Robertson

Vice President:

George Lewkowski


Director Fund Raising:

Rodney Rate

President Elect:

Carole Maxwell


Director Attadale Foundation:

Bob Rodgers


Carole Maxwell


Attendance Officer:

Jan Fairclough


John Sharp / Betty Bright



Jim Calcei

Director Membership/PR:

Jeff Spickett



Ian Pittaway

Director Rotary Family:

Martin Houchin


Insurance & Risk Assessment:

Peter Field

Director International:

George Lewkowski


Club Website manager:

Martin Houchin

Director RI Foundation:

George Lewkowski



Colin McCulloch /

Director Community & Vocation

Greg James



Betty Bright


Rotary District 9465                                                  for more information visit: http://rotary9465.org.au/


District Governor:  Brian Eddy (Rossmoyne)

Vice Governor:  Robert Cooper (Kwinana)

DG Elect:  Melodie Kevan (Applecross)

Group One Assistant Governor: Llew Withers

DG Nominee:  Linda McLerie (Hannans-Kalgoorlie)

Probus:  Winston Marsh

IPDG:  Erwin Biemel (Willetton)

Rotary Out West  editor: Phil Cordery






Special Anniversaries for




Dot Treloar   Birthday


Carole Maxwell   Birthday


Greg James   Induction   2005


Jean & Russell Smailes   Wedding


Colin Taylor   Induction   1984


Phyl Knox   Birthday


Rod Rate   Induction   2009


Carolyn & Llew Withers   Wedding


Viv & Mick Donnes   Wedding


Ann & Peter Field   Wedding









Monday February 2nd, 2015      


President Mick Donnes welcomed all Rotarians, their partners and our guest speaker Paul Newell to the meeting.




Mick thanked Jenny and Jim Calcei for hosting another wonderful crabbing day.

He congratulated Llew Withers on being awarded Melville Citizen of the Year on Australia Day and announced that other awards he had won were on display.




Guest speaker:

Paul Newell is a qualified Chemist, Environmental Scientist and Forensic Investigator.  He has worked extensively in the fields of environmental investigation, environmental chemistry, forensic chemistry, forensic drug intelligence and law enforcement within State and Commonwealth Governments in Australia.

Paul currently works within the environmental regulation field for the Government of Western Australia focusing on human health and environmental risk in relation to contaminated sites.

He gave a very interesting talk about - 'Clandestine Drug Laboratories' run by organized criminal groups and spoke about the range of illicit drugs, and availability of products used in their manufacture and their toxicity in the environment.

The residual contamination arising presents a serious risk of harm to human and environmental health.

Clandestine drug laboratory detections in WA and throughout Australia have increased substantially in recent years.  The thousands found are just the tip of the iceberg and it is estimated that there could be 100,000 drug labs out there.  The money involved is absolutely staggering.


Ian thanked Paul for his most interesting talk and presented him with an RCA coaster.


Jim announced that a profit of $3,120 had been made from the wine sales.


Rod announced that:

·      Gillian would be confirming the fund raising date of March 29th, 2015 with the Cygnet Theatre tomorrow for the movie 'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'.

     Everyone was asked to invite as many people as possible to make it a success.

·      Friday 20th, February 2015 is the Bicton Primary School Bush Dance.  Mick is organizing this and everyone is asked to attend wearing Rotary shirts.

·      Next Monday he would be circulating a sheet asking people to help on the Charity Golf Day on March 6th.


Martin read a card from Adrienne Cotterell and her family thanking members of the RCA for their support and attendance at the funeral of Graham.


Ian told the meeting that Geoffrey Thomas is promising to come and talk about the aviation industry

He and Jacquie represented the RCA at the funeral of the 2001 past DG Gerry Faulkner.


Llew reminded members of the District Conference being held in Albany from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd March 2015. He urged people to attend and said you can book on-line

He is traveling to Albany on Thursday 19th, returning on Sunday afternoon and offered a lift to anyone wanting to go.


Sergeant, Jim Calcei, ran an entertaining fines session finishing with 'Heads and Tails' that was won by Robin Hamilton.


The door prize was won by Greg James


Carole had her chance at finding the joker that is now worth $665 but was not successful.


Mick thanked everyone for coming to an enjoyable and educational meeting and congratulated Llew on his numerous awards before closing the meeting.








Calceis excel yet again!

Jim and Jenny Calcei hosted another extremely enjoyable crabbing day on February 1st.  These superb hosts seem to do everything with a minimum of fuss and effort but behind the scenes they work tirelessly to ensure everyone is made very welcome and has a great time. Thanks Jim and Jenny!  Your efforts are greatly appreciated by us all.


Thanks also to the boaties and crews who caught the crabs and to the talented chefs who provided the many delicious salads and tempting desserts. 

And special thanks to the ladies for their tireless work in the kitchen.


It was wonderful to see so many of the past members and partners joining in the fun and we encourage you to keep the contact as you add so much to our social occasions.































1. Is it the truth?


2. Is it fair to all concerned?


3. Will it build goodwill and better friendship?


4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?



Anyone who has any clean jars suitable for home-made jam is asked to bring them along to any meeting and give them to Colin or just leave them inside the door. 



Monday February 9th, 2015       


President Mick Donnes welcomed all Rotarians and especially welcomed Jan Fairclough, visitors Brian Devine and Tony Stanbridge, and our guest speaker, Debbie Poon.


Ian announced that Geoffrey Thomas, a leading international aviation journalist, TV and radio broadcaster, multi-awarded author and Airline and government adviser will be our guest speaker on March 23rd, 2015.

He hoped that this would be a partners night and that members would invite friends to come  along as well.


Rod asked that everyone indicate on a sheet circulating regarding the Charity Golf Day when they would be available to help on the day.

Kim Passmore had twenty five helpers from the Fremantle Rotary Club.


Gillian has confirmed the movie afternoon will be at the Cygnet Theatre on March 29th, 2015 at 3.30 pm with the movie 'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'.

Everyone is asked to start now and invite as many people as possible to make it a success.

The tickets are $15 per person.


Winston reported on the very successful Winthrop Probus Club that started one year ago.


Jim announced that there were still some outstanding payments to be made for the recent wine fundraising venture and asked for payment as soon as possible.

He conducted a short but entertaining fines session.

Mick bought the box and thanked Colin for his Anzac biscuits and wished Rod all the best for his operation on Wednesday.


Bruce also bought the box and announced that he had had dinner with Mariann Ziegler's (a past Rotary Exchange student from Germany) brother who was an U/19 champion water polo player.


Jim conducted a quick game of Heads and Tails which was won by Don Rodger.


Mick announced that plans were well in hand for the Bicton Primary Bush Dance for City Kids on Friday, February 20th.

He did need people to help set up at 4.00pm and clean up after 8.00pm.

He would also like donations of suitable items for a raffle.


Mick called for nominations for President Elect and announced that he already had one nomination. 

As there were no further nominations he asked everyone to welcome the new President for next year, Carole Maxwell.  This was met with much delight and applause.


The door prize was won by Tom and Carole was unlucky not to draw the Joker that had jackpotted to $675.


The President and new President Elect >>>


Guest speaker:  Debbie Poon


Tom introduced Debbie from Edge Employment Solutions, who gave us a very enthusiastic, interesting and informative talk.


Edge Employment is a disability employment service that enables and supports people with a wide range of disabilities to find suitable employment for a fair wage.

It is a free service that is funded by the government and works with all disabilities.

People in their final year of school to age sixty five, with a diagnosed disability or health condition, are eligible for the service.

Have you visited our Club website recently??????

Martin Houchin does a highly commendable job in managing our RCA website and keeping it up to date.  The web site contains a wealth of information about Rotary International, our Club and its constitution, by-laws, procedures, activities etc as well as Board Minutes, bulletins, rosters, descriptions of duties, membership directory, details of Club projects and copious other information that could keep you interested and reading for a month.

The link to our web site is in the masthead of every bulletin so click on it and enjoy browsing and in so doing help make all of Martin's time and effort worthwhile.


Here's a sample from the members' section:  (If you can't find the user name and/or password ask Martin to email it to you).




Hosts shall:

·         Arrive at least 30 mins before meeting starting time

·         Retrieve wooden badge holder from storeroom and place it within greeting area

·         Greet all Rotarians with a handshake

·         Give out name badges to Rotarians

·         Greet guests and welcome them and introduce them to at least two Rotarians

·         Greet guest speaker if Chairperson is unavailable

·         After meeting, retrieve all name badges , place them in wooden holder and return to storeroom



Dear Clontarf supporters,


The Clontarf Foundation’s 13th annual Broome to Bicton concert is on again in 2015.


Join us for an evening of music and entertainment overlooking the Swan River at Quarantine Park, Bicton WA on Saturday, 14 February from 4.30pm.  Bring a picnic and dance the night away to the tunes of the Pigram Brothers, Dave ‘Tiger’ Regan and friends.


All of the details are in the attached flyer.  Please note that food and drink are not for sale at the event. 

Please bring your own picnic and chairs/rug.


Feel free to invite your family and friends and we hope to see you there.


Kind regards,




Gerard Neesham  -  Chief Executive Officer
Clontarf Foundation