BulLetIN, DECEMBER 3, 2015










Monday, December 7th, 2015  6.00pm for 6.30pm




Host:  Kerry Parsons  Chair:  Carole Maxwell / John Sharp  Set Up:  Rod Rate & George Lewkowski





Monday, December 14th , 2015  6.00pm for 6.30pm




Host:  Rod Rate  Chair:  Ian Pittaway  Set Up:  Greg James & Colin McCulloch











All members and partners

are invited to attend our

Christmas Dinner Meeting

on Monday, December 14th

at 6.00 for 6.30pm


This will be a special night to end the year so get into your smart, casual Christmas gear and come along in party mood.


The cost for the evening will be $45.


Ian has organised some FANTASTIC entertainment for this year. 

He says it will not be loud and there will be no dancing. 

He promises that we will all be talking about it for a long time.


We need to firm up the numbers attending by next Monday evening.

If you haven't already notified Gillian please email her before the meeting or tell her when you pay for your dinner.


Christmas Dinner Menu     December 14th               $45 a head


Hot buffet:

Roast turkey with gravy, Roast beef with herb red wine sauce

Honey baked leg ham, roast potatoes, pumpkin and carrots and minted peas.

Fresh bread rolls

Dessert - a choice of:

Individual sticky date puddings with hot butterscotch sauce  or

Individual Christmas puddings topped with custard and fresh cream

Tea and coffee






Helping the Salvos help those less fortunate than ourselves


Our special guests for the evening will be Ronald Stobie from Hamilton Hill Salvation Army and his wife.  He will be bringing along a trailer to take away the goods and gifts that we are asked to donate on the night. 

In previous years members have been very generous with their giving and we trust this will continue.

See the Salvos Wish List towards the end of this bulletin for preferred items.









Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings Myaree with Headwest




Annual General Meeting




Work Ready Seminar - East Fremantle Football Club




Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings Myaree




Christmas Meeting - Honorary Members and Partners




Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings Myaree with Headwest








Welcome back picnic barbecue




Dinner Meeting




Australia Day long weekend?




Crabbing Day at Calcei's




Bicton School Bush Dance




Attadale School Bush Dance


18,  19   &


District 9465 Conference




Charity Golf Day at RFGC







Special Anniversaries for



Peter Knox   Birthday


Evadne Spickett   Birthday


Jan & Rob Fairclough  Wedding


Sonya Matheson  Birthday


Penelope Johnson   Birthday


Jeff Spickett   Birthday


Tom Slater   Birthday


David Maxwell   Birthday


Don Rodger   Birthday


Kerry Parsons   Birthday


Dellys & Bob Rodgers   Wedding


Brian Wall   Birthday


Colin Taylor   Birthday













The Annual General Meeting of the RCA will be held next Monday, December 7th. 

The agenda will include: 

·      Acceptance of Financial Reports and Directors' Reports from the Changeover Meeting.

·      Election of Directors and Officers for 2015 / 16

·      General Business





Monday, November 23rd, 2015



Many thanks to Max Anderson and Jeff Spickett


These great notes were provided by Max Anderson and pictures by Jeff Spickett. 

They both very willingly took on the job in the absence of Colin and Gail McCulloch.




Carole welcomed


            Luke McPharlin and Lindi Pelkowitz guest Speakers

            PDG Peter Brown

            Visiting Rotarian  President Peter Smith of Melville RC

            Partners and guests introduced by members:

Jenny Calcei, Dellys Rodgers, Helen James, Trish Sharp, Rosemary Rodgers

and Andrew Pittaway


Jeff reminded members of the

·      visit to the Regional Resource Recovery Centre on Friday, 27 November

·      the Work Ready Seminar to be held at the East Fremantle Football Club on Tuesday 8th December


Mick advised that school Bush Dances are again being organised at local schools with tentative dates being Friday 26th February and Friday 4th March next year.


Bob on behalf of Colin announced that 746 sausage sizzles and 292 drinks were sold at the sizzle on Sunday 22nd November returning a total profit to be banked of $1568.10, which included donations of $63.05.  Colin wished to thank all who helped on that day with special thanks to honorary member Trevor Leaver, Patricia who stayed for hours after her shift and patiently cut up about 300 buns, Greg James who also stayed for hours (watching Patricia cut up all those buns) and Bob and Gillian for helping with the clean up and

Colin had to remove a large branch to get the trailer out of the scout shed

packing away.  The 35 centigrade day kept SS sales down but helped the drink sales.







Thank you to all of the volunteers for this sausage sizzle to be held at Bunnings Melville





(3) Ron Day, Llew Withers, Mal Bennett





(4) Patricia Robertson, Jeff Spickett, Nick Odorisio, John Sharp





(+1) Colin McCulloch





(4) Betty Bright, Abby Parsons, Kerry Parsons, Bob Rodgers





(4) Bruce Robinson, Brian Wall, Alan Morcombe, Gail McCulloch


PDG Peter Brown gave a short discourse on Driver Education, a Rotary programme aimed at educating high school children on the rules of the road.


Due to time restraints Sergeant Jim let us off with fines.


Also due to the absence of Colin we unfortunately missed out on those delicious muffins and mouth watering cakes.


Ian had another go at the Joker for the second time this month but this time was not so lucky.


Guest Speakers Luke McPharlin and Lindi Pelkowitz were introduced by Bob Rodgers.


Luke, a professional AFL footballer having played for Hawthorn in 2000 and 2001 and Fremantle from 2002 until his retirement in September in 2015, spoke tonight not on football but on the Baha'i Faith.  His talk was opened by a prayer by co speaker Lindi. 


The Baha'i Faith was founded by Baha'u'llah in 19th-century Persia.  Baha'u'llah was exiled for his teachings from Persia to the Ottoman Empire and died while officially still a prisoner.  After Baha'u'llah's death, under the leadership of his son, 'Abdu'l-Baha, the religion spread from its Persian and Ottoman roots, and gained a footing in Europe and America, and was consolidated in Iran, where there was intense persecution.  After the death of "Abdu'l-Baha, the leadership of the Baha'i community entered a new phase, evolving from a single individual to an administrative order with both elected bodies and appointed individuals  There are probably more than 5 million Baha'is around the world in more than 200 countries.


Luke explained that the Baha'i Faith is a monotheistic religion which emphasizes the spiritual unity of all humankind.  Three core principles establish a basis for Baha'i teachings and doctrine:


* unity of God, that there is only one God who is the source of all creation

* unity of religion, that all major religions have the same spiritual source and come from the same God

* unity of humanity, that all humans have been created equal, coupled with the unity in diversity, that diversity of race and culture are seen as worthy of appreciation and acceptance. 

According to the Baha'i Faith's teachings, the human purpose is to learn to know and to love God through such methods as prayer, reflection and being of service to humanity.


In the Baha'i Faith, religious history is seen to have unfolded through a series of divine messengers, each of whom established a religion that was suited to the needs of the time and to the capacity of the people.

These messengers have included Abrahamic figures-Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, as well as Indian ones -Krishna, Buddha, and others. For Baha'is, the most recent messengers are the Bab and Baha'u'llah.

In Baha'i belief, each consecutive messenger prophesied of messengers to follow, and Baha'u'llah's life and teachings fulfilled the end-time promises of previous scriptures. Humanity is understood to be in a process of collective evolution, and the need of the present time is for the gradual establishment of peace, justice and unity on a global scale.


This was a most inspiring talk with a message for all mankind.  Thank you Luke and Lindi.


Monday, November 30th, 2015


Carole reminded members

·      that next week is the AGM

·      to invite their wives/partners to our Christmas party on December 14th.

·      thanked Colin and Gail for running a sausage sizzle on their own to raise much needed funds.

·      thanked Martin for putting the Attadale RC sign on the fence.

·      that more helpers are needed for the Work Ready Seminar on December 8th 2015


Induction of Fred Soale

Welcome to the Attadale Rotary Club

After the induction ceremony Fred was appointed to the International committee.

Mick will be Fred's mentor. 

Fred was sponsored by Bruce who shared with us the following information.


Fred Soale B.Sc.(Hon) (Chemical Engineering), B.Ed., MBA HSEQ Management Systems (research completed), Professional Engineer, Institution of German Engineers, “VDI”, MIEAust, W.A. College of

Teaching (Registration Number: 3307 8691), Dip.OHS.Fred is the principal of HESTECH Pty Ltd, a consulting firm established in 2010 that provides technical and training consulting services in health, safety and environmental solutions on contract to other companies engaged in the oil/gas and mining industries.

Fred is an extremely well qualified chemical engineer with a wealth of experience gained worldwide with a background in developing strategies to implement safe working practices within the resources safety divisions of organisations, with an emphasis on mining OHS.

Fred has a background in ensuring compliance with the Australian quality standards with experience in developing relevant quality processes.

Amongst his many achievements, Fred has held the role of lead consulting engineer responsible for business development in the mining sector with a prominent engineering consulting company in Perth.

Fred holds dual engineering and education and training qualifications with significant educational and training experience.

He has fluency in English, German and Ghanaian, both written and spoken, with a basic understanding of French and Indonesian

Born in Ghana, Fred holds dual Ghanaian and Australian citizenship, and is the Honorary Consul for Ghana with responsibilities in the jurisdiction of Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Fred brings a very special understanding of the Ghana environment and the needs of its people.



Fred is married to his Australian wife Louise and lives in Mount Pleasant.  He has four sons, the eldest has recently married and is a lawyer, the next son is a rigger in the mining industry, the next son is a surveyor and his youngest son is completing his accountancy and marketing studies at University.


Guest speaker Donna Berry - 'Child Centred Play Therapy


Donna is the Director of Play Therapy Australia and is a qualified Social Worker, Play Therapist and Play Therapy Clinical Supervisor. 

She is a clinical member of the Psychotherapists and Counsellors Association of Western Australia and a Registered Play Therapist with the Australian Play Therapists Association.

Donna has recently established The Institute of Play Therapy which is based in South Fremantle, Western Australia.

This innovative, professional facility has three

therapeutic playrooms and highly trained mental health professionals and Play Therapists providing Play Therapy services for children and families in need.

Child Centered Play Therapy is a deeply respectful, heartful and effective form of counseling and psychotherapy for children from 2-10 year old

Children often have difficulty trying to say in words what they feel and how experiences have affected them.

Play is the natural language of children and the toys can be their words.  Through the toys, art materials and other things in the playroom, children can express their thoughts and feelings, explore relationships and share about their experiences.
Research has found Play Therapy to be an effective therapeutic approach for a variety of children's difficulties.


Thank you Colin

For the delicious orange muffins that were enjoyed with coffee.


Christmas Party and the Salvation Army

Ian reminded us of the great night planned for the Christmas party and asked for donations to be brought along to be donated to the Salvos on the night.

See the list of suggestions later in the Bulletin.


Thank you Ian and Jacquie

Thank you both for all your hard work providing each meeting with a wide range of very interesting guest speakers.


Probus and News

Winston shared our invitation card to join Rotary at the Probus conference.  It was thought to be a good idea and may be used by other clubs.

He told us of the newly formed Mandurah Peel Probus Club (MPPC), which recently held its first meeting.

He reminded members of the Swan River Relay Marathon that used to be run by Attadale RC and wondered why we can't do it again.



Special Small Sausage Sizzle, Sunday, November 29th


Have barbecue, will travel

Promoting RCA

7:30am, ready to serve

Last Sunday Colin and Gail ran a small sausage sizzle for American Auto Parts for a generous donation of $400.


Gail, Paul & Vince Shervington & Colin

Click picture to visit website

It was an enjoyable morning with around thirty immaculately restored Mustangs on display as well as a variety of other classic American cars.  Vince and Paul were hosting their annual Mustang and Ford Show and Shine and giving back to their customers by providing our free sausage sizzles, free raffles, bottled water, show bags for kids, a coffee van and a cool DJ playing great music.  Mick Donnes needs to be there next year!


Conference and Positions Document

John invited members to attend the conference being held in Bunbury from18th to 20th of March 2016.

He also thanked people who contributed to the document about Rotary office positions.

John pointed out that this is a draft and able to be changed to suit the office bearer.

Martin will put a copy on the web. 



Abby won the door prize and Mick the raffle


Addis Ababa, The School of St Yared



Kerry and Abby travelled to Ethiopia to visit the School of St Yared and later into the Rift Valley.

Jacqui Gilmour and Yared Wolde, the co-founders, arrived at the vision for the School together, but by way of very different life paths.

Jacqui, an Australian national, had been deeply engaged with Ethiopian communities since the 1980s, pioneering programs in areas ranging from famine relief to the front lines of the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Through these efforts, Jacqui met and spoke with Yared, an orphan, then aged nine.

Yared worked odd jobs to put himself through school.

Their friendship continued to develop, and some years later Yared began working for 'Hope for Children' as an interpreter for many of the community conversations and dialogues in which Jacqui was engaged.

Yared’s own belief in education changed his life, and he wanted to give others access to similar opportunities.

Jacqui saw a need to further support the resilient young Ethiopians she’d met through her work, to help them recognize their own potential to change the course of their lives and the lives of those around them.

As their friendship developed over the years, Yared and Jacqui found themselves asking ‘What might be possible for Ethiopia’s poorest children if they could realize their true value and potential?’

In 2009 they founded The School of St Yared.



The Rift Valley was really different with very few tourists ever visiting the area. 

Kerry and Abby were fortunate to experience the cultures of five tribes not often seen.

We have asked Kerry to put on a slideshow of his photos before our next meeting.

Don't miss it.




Visit to the Regional Resource Recovery Centre

The visit to the Regional Resource Recovery Centre in Canning Vale was very interesting and enlightening. It is used by the local governments of Canning, Cockburn, East Fremantle, Fremantle, Kwinana, Melville, and Rockingham

The Centre features a number of interactive models and learning experiences.

From observation decks we were able to safely observe the recycling process and various facilities.

·      Organic waste (household waste and small garden waste) is collected using the green top bins, processed and turned into compost at the Waste Composting Facility.

·      Paper, plastics, and metals are collected from households using the yellow top bins, are sorted and recovered in the Materials Recovery Facility, and then sold to domestic and international markets.

·      Green waste is collected from the kerbside of households, and turned into mulch at the Green Waste Facility.




Thank you Jeff for organising a great visit.



Christmas Meeting December 14th

Ian has organised some FANTASTIC entertainment for this year.  He says it will not be loud and there will be no dancing.  He promises that we will all be talking about it for a long time.

Members, Honorary and Past Members and Partners are all warmly invited to attend.


Donations for the Salvation Army

Ian reminded us about bringing donations of food, day to day household necessities, toys and any other new items that would help improve the lives of those in need to our Christmas Party on December 14th, 2015.


Red Shield logo


O U R   W I S H   L I S T


Red Shield logo

Fruit mince pies

Tea and coffee

Soft drinks

Tins of vegetables

Baby food / formula

Fruit juice box drinks

Tins of ham

Tins of baked beans



Tins of fruit



Mixed nuts



Bottled water





New toys including:

Books, Barbies and other dolls, Tonka trucks, action figures, board games and puzzles, educational toys, stuffed toys, building blocks, Lego



Toilet paper, towels, underwear, disposable nappies, soap, toothbrushes, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, baby rattles, thongs and sand shoes.


Red Shield logo




Red Shield logo






If you will not be attending the meeting please email the acting Attendance Officer, Gillian Baker, before midnight on Sunday or if you need to apologise on the Monday please phone before 10.00am on Mob 0435 305 199 (Emails may not get read on Monday and cannot therefore guarantee that your apology is received).

Please DO NOT send text messages to 0435 305 199 as they do not transfer from the Club phone to the Attendance Officer's phone.

Unless Gillian receives an apology by 10.00am on the day of the meeting the meal will need to be charged to you, and the procedure to recover costs for non apology will be:


a) Attendance officer to report to Treasurer at end of each meeting names of those who didn’t show and didn’t apologise

b) Treasurer to submit all Attendance Officer reports to monthly Board meeting to authorise recovery – valid excuses accepted

c) Treasurer to issue invoices to members monthly following Board meeting based on b).


Text Box: Meeting on Mondays                                                                                  5.30pm for 6.30pm


Text Box: at ‘Tompkins on Swan’                                                      Dunkley Avenue, Alfred Cove







OFFICE BEARERS 2015 / 2016



Carole Maxwell


Director Youth:

Patricia Robertson

Vice President:

Mick Donnes


Director Special Projects:

Mick Donnes

President Elect:

John Sharp


Director Fund Raising:

Rodney Rate

President Nominee:

Martin Houchin


Director Attadale Foundation:

Bob Rodgers


Colin McCulloch


Protection Officer:

Llew Withers


Betty Bright


Attendance Officer:

Gillian Baker

Director Membership/PR:

Martin Houchin



Jim Calcei

Director Family of Rotary:

George Lewkowski



Ian Pittaway

Director International:

Mick Donnes


Insurance & Risk Assessment:

Jim Trotter 

Director RI Foundation:



Club Website manager:

Martin Houchin

Director Community:   

Bruce Robinson



Gail McCulloch

Director Vocation:

Jeff Spickett


On to Conference:

John Sharp


Rotary District 9465                                                 for more information visit: http://rotary9465.org.au/


District Governor:  Melodie Kevan (Applecross)

Vice Governor:  Erwin Biemel (Willetton)

DG Elect:  Linda McLerie (Hannans-Kalgoorlie)

Group One Assistant Governor: Llew Withers

DG Nominee:  Bruce Lynch (South Bunbury)

Probus:  Winston Marsh

IPDG:  Brian Eddy (Rossmoyne)

Rotary Out West  editor: Phil Cordery                back





Membership Committee

Martin Houchin (Director), Greg James (Deputy), Carole Maxwell, Mal Bennett, Ian Pittaway, Gillian Baker, Jan Fairclough, Bob Rodgers, Bruce Robinson, John Sharp, Gail McCulloch


Fundraising Committee

Rod Rate (Director), Jim Calcei (Deputy), Gillian Baker, Mal Bennett, Mick Donnes, Martin Houchin, Greg James, Carole Maxwell, Colin McCulloch, John Sharp


Youth Committee

Patricia Robertson (Director), Gillian Baker (Deputy), Mal Bennett, Jeff Spickett


Community Committee

Bruce Robinson (Director),


Vocation Committee

Jeff Spickett (Director), Patricia Robertson, Robin Hamilton