BulLetIN AUGUST 2, 2016








Almost to the end Replacement Attadale View

(The countdown is on Colin and Gail – drive safely on the way home..….please)


Next meeting Monday 8th August


Guest Speaker: Sherl Westlund

Diabetes Australia


SET UP: Robin Hamilton and Winston Marsh.

Host: Nick Odorisio    Chair: Gillian Baker



Meeting Monday 15thth August – Partners’ Night

Guest Speaker: Inspector Tim Thomas

Cyber Crime and its Effect on us Today


Set Up: Jim Calcei and Abby Parsons. Host: Bruce Robinson

Chairman: Martin Houchin





Members please make sure you bring your partner (or someone elses!) to this night on the 15th. Not only will it be interesting and/or frightening but it is something that affects all of us today and can be quite devastating to both home computers and business systems.


The Board wants this to be a night to attract new members, so please give it a lot of thought. It is a subject that will be interesting for all.

Please start inviting people now!





Another good meeting last night with President John and Sergeant Patricia presiding


Chairman for the night Kerry did a great job in introducing our guest speaker Scarborough Rotarian Trevor Canning who heads up RAWCS and Wheelchairs for Kids in District 9455.



Kerry noted that Trevor is one of those people who spends most of his time doing good deeds for those less fortunate than us. Sounds a bit like Kerry and Abby as well, with all the great work they do.


Once again it  also shows what Rotary can do. Kerry lets Trevor use part of his storage for a lot of his RAWCS gear.


Charity and good works must run in the Canning family as Trevor’s wife is currently District Governor for District 9455. What a Rotary family.


A great presentation by Trevor.



Wheelchairs For Kids Workshop



A general reminder folks:

Please remember, if no apology to Greg in time, you will have to be pay for your meal. So expect an invoice from the Treasurer.


Greg’s contact details are:     0435 305 199 or gwjames22@gmail.com



Patricia ran a brief Sergeant’s session last night, mainly catching Jim for his return from o/s. A special mention here to Jim for reading the bulletin while away. He bought the box and fined Patricia for going back on her word for not fining members after being away. Greg got hit for his phone going off during the meeting.  Worst thing was that it was a wrong number.

Following the fines Patricia read out a few email jokes that weren’t too bad (I have to say that to avoid  being fined next week!)


Chase the Joker was won by President John, but no money.  Abby won the door prize, but kindly donated the wine back to the club.


Jim showed his enthusiasm after getting back by handing out the ‘Love in a Shoe Box’ kits to those who want to contribute.




   A great, simple and easy thing to do.




Special Note: Our Michelle from Tompkins was so impressed she took a kit as well. Nice.

Kits need to be returned by 12th September at latest, but you can bring them in as soon as you like. That helps Jim and Jenny as well.





George announced a combined Social Night and Fundraiser. This will be a dinner at an Indian Restaurant (apparently in the process of changing names from Maharajah to Divine) in Kearns Crescent, Applecross. It’s on Wednesday 24th August. Cost $35 a head, plus a bonus of tasting (as much as you want) of George’s white wines for just $5, which then could join the reds as a later fundraiser for members.


Try before you buy….sounds good to me. It will be a set menu where you can eat as much as you want.

(George, better let the kitchen know if big Mick is coming).


Apologies to all, from all of us. Without the McCullochs and Jeff Spickett, no one thought about getting pics of Trevor Canning last night or of Fred Soale our Speaker last week.


Almost finished, acting editor, Ian


We will be looking forward to hearing from Colin and Gail on their return about their holiday stories. I wonder if they experienced one of these law enforcement stops.