Bulletin August 4, 2008





Vol26 No. 05 Newsletter Date: 04 August 2008




                        The ATTADALE View

                    NEXT MEETING:

Monday 11th August 2008

6.00 pm for 6.30 pm

SpeakerIan Purcell Verve Energy on “Renewable Energy”

Chair –  TBA

August Setting Up Greg James, George Lewkowski, Martin Houchin

August Hosts – Winston Marsh,Alan Morcombe, Ian Pittaway


September Setting Up Don Rodger, Bob Rogers, Sonya Rosbotham

September Hosts John Sharp, Tom Slater, Russell Smailes



 Official Bulletin of the Rotary Club of Attadale West Australia

          PO Box 110 Melville WA 6156



APOLOGIES to Peter Knox Tel:  9330 2559

By 10am Mondays















Meeting Briefs and Long Johns

·         Betty Bright’s thumbnail sketch typified the personal qualities and motivation that drives members of this club to make their valuable contributions.

·         The club’s website is now up and running.

·         Treasurer Trevor Leaver reported he had seen the instrument purchased by PMH from the club’s $1000 donation.

·         Jeff Spickett advised the Great Australian Bike Ride will be conducted in March 2009.

·         PP John Bray reminded members of the value of inviting prospective members to our dinner meetings. The membership kit is also an important tool to be used to explain what Rotary is about.

·        Sergeant Mick’s fines session did the obvious ripping off of our footy followers, charged Col Taylor with kicking the speaker, heard Colin Treloar and Jim Calcei too much, copped George Lewkowski with wombat-assault-assisted-by-ski.

·        The bulletin editor was fined for belittling the acting sergeant’s singing prowess. The bulletin editor apologises profusely for such an unwarranted exaggeration of the acting sergeant’s singing prowess. May all be forgiven.







Rosemary Rodger                        11th August

Viv Donnes                                   21st August

Nancy Bray                                   25th August

Colin Treloar                                 31st August



Jim Calcei                                     31/08/87

Mick Donnes                                 26/08/02

John Sharp                                   25/08/03



Peter and Phyl Knox                     22nd August

Graham and Adrienne Cotterell    27th August





Rotarians and partners


Operation Christmas Child – Love in a Shoebox Project


Time again to prepare our Shoe Box and reach out to children in Third World and War Torn Countries who are suffering, hurting and needing LOVE. Here is an opportunity to bring some light and cheer into their young lives at Christmas time.


If you missed the details last bulletin, please call Phyl or Nancy.


Thank you in anticipation Phyl 9330 5844 / Nancy 9330 1145

Closing date is Monday 6th October 2008

A combined project with Bicton Uniting Church.





Door Prizes      Betty Bright

Unlucky Joker  Winston Marsh

Footy Tipping Tied between Martin Houchin and Peter Knox                   

Latest Attendance        80.0%  



·          18 August: Club Forum, Group Committee Meetings

·          25 August: DG's Visit

·          1 September: New Generations Month (possibly 4 Way test - TBA)

·          8 September: Chris Back "Accountability and Probity of Government"  (p.s. he is also the Liberal candidate for the local seat of Alfred Cove)

·          15 September: Club Forum, committees, etc

·          22 September: Davis Reed "Gold Mining Today"

·          Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st August - Sausage Sizzle – Bunning’s

·          Monday 10th November – Combined meeting Attadale Probus and Rotary

Thanks to Max Anderson

During the editor’s absence, Max has kindly offered to produce a bulletin for the club (in a fortnight).



Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program

Peace and Conflict Studies

The vision

The Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program was established to provide professionals from around the world with the opportunity to be trained in conflict resolution and mediation strategies. The program also can help participants become better equipped to prevent and resolve conflict and to foster policies and create settings that ensure peace worldwide. Offered in English, the program is aimed toward mid- to upper-level professionals in governments, nongovernmental organizations, and private corporations.

The intensive three-month course, which was started in July 2006, is housed at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. Rotary will accept up to 30 program participants per session for two sessions annually. Each session will include both academic learning and practical fieldwork components.

The program aims to

·         Inspire people to work for a culture of peace and tolerance while enhancing their capacity, knowledge, and skills in this area, in part by generating interaction between practitioners and academics

·         Offer advanced international educational opportunities to Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program participants chosen from different countries and cultures on the basis of their potential as government, business, education, media, and other professional leaders

·         Provide a means for The Rotary Foundation and Rotarians to increase their effectiveness in promoting greater tolerance and cooperation among peoples, thereby leading to world understanding and peace.

To find out more about the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program, contact the Rotary Centers Department at The Rotary Foundation.  










                8a.m. to 12.30 p.m.             L Withers with volunteer please!

                11.a.m. to 2.30 p.m.               K Vadivale   T Slater

            12.30p.m. to 4.30.p.m.            J Sharp   K Tangney



            8.a.m. to 12.30 p.m.                                D Rodger   P Field

                11a.m. to 2.30p.m.                              Bob Rodger   R Day

                12.30p.m. to 4.30 p.m.                       C Maxwell



A Big Welcome to Rotary for Elham Kahlil


It was with much pleasure that the Rotary Club of Attadale welcomed into its ranks its newest member, Elham Kahlil (an accredited interpreter) at its dinner meeting on Monday August 4th, 2008. In the above photo we see the induction team comprising President Carole Maxwell, PP John Bray, PDG Jim Trotter, PP Peter Knox and Actg Sgt Mick Donnes explaining to Elham her importance to the club and the role she will play assisting Attendance Officer Peter Knox during her first few months.



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