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N46 – April 6, 2017


The Rotary Club of Attadale, Rotary International District 9465

PO Box 110, Melville, Western Australia 6156


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The ROTARY CLUB OF ATTADALE meets on Mondays at:


Tompkins on Swan


6.00pm for 6.30pm


Attendance officer: 

Greg James - 0427 020 682






Wednesday April 12




6.00pm for 7.00pm


Guest speaker:  RI President Elect

                           Mr Ian Risely







IGWR Nepal Quiz Night at the East Fremantle Football Club




No Dinner Meeting.  (see Wednesday 12th)




Board Meeting - 5.30pm OfficeWorks




Special Dinner Meeting with the President of Rotary International




No Meeting - Easter Monday -  Public Holiday


Fri, Sat, Sun


PETS - President Elect Training Seminar




Restaurant Night at one of our sponsors’ restaurants




Voting for Project Robin Hood opens.  Vote Microbats 1




ANZAC Day – Public Holiday




David & Yvonne Spitteler – ‘The Asylum Seeker Foundation’




Club Officer training (metro)




Mark Cugley – ‘Department of Parks and Wildlife’




Board Meeting




Ian Langlands – ‘LED Technology – Vertifarm’   (Chair: Rod Rate)




Cathy Day – ‘City of Melville Cultural Projects’   (Chair: Colin McCulloch)




Ladies’ Luncheon at Willow Ponds




Sandra Kerbler – ‘Journey to Antarctica’   (Chair: Martin Houchin)




Public Holiday – Foundation Day – no meeting




Peter Di Marco – ‘The Reluctant Toxicologist’




Jo Nova – ‘Climate Alarmism’   (Chair: George Lewkowski)




Change Over Dinner

















Information at your fingertips.


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Special Anniversaries for  APRIL




Gail McCulloch   Birthday


Kevin Tangney   Induction   2002


Les Power   Birthday


Bob Rodgers   Birthday


Gillian Baker   Induction 2013


Gillian Hamilton   Birthday


Patricia Robertson   Birthday


Trevor Leaver   Induction   1997


Yvonne Rate   Birthday


Colin McCulloch   Birthday


Freya & Colin Taylor   Wedding


Ian Pittaway   Birthday


Rod Rate   Birthday








April is Maternal and Child Health Month.


The Microbats are coming >>

Colin did a five-minute presentation on “Microbats and Minimizing the Mozzie Menace in Melville” at District Conference last weekend. Voting starts on April 24




Quiz Night - Friday April 7th at the East Fremantle Football Club


Mick announced all proceeds will go to IGWR Inc. In Giving We Receive.

Giving life to kids in Nepal by giving them access to fulltime education and delivering infra structure support to rural schools.

We will hear all about Schooling in Nepal from our guest speakers at our meeting on April 3.

·        It will be 6.30 for a 7.00pm start

·        Make up a table of 8-10, put together some nibbles and come along for a fun night. 

·        There will be a cash bar and admission is just $20 to be collected at the tables

·        He asked members to bring along items that would be suitable for a raffle and a silent auction.

·        If you can help on the night or have any queries, please speak to Mick Donnes or Mal Bennett





There will be no meeting Monday 10th April

On Wednesday, April 12th the Rotary International President, Mr Ian Risely, and the two DG’s

from WA will be guests of honour at a special Dinner Meeting at Tompkins on Swan.

You must book and pay online through:




Meeting Monday 3rd April


President John welcomed our guest speaker. Rev. Peter Humphris from St Paul's Anglican Church Beaconsfield, Peter Hillier, Marie Thomson and all members


The RI President will be here on Wednesday April 12th.  Our meeting on April10th has been cancelled.


Bruce announced that Mariann Zeigler and her parents were arriving in Perth on Tuesday 4th April.

While they are here they will visit Rottnest and Karijini National Park.

They will be back in Perth towards the end of April and may be staying with Bruce and Robin.  They may need help to accommodate them, particularly on the 19th of April.

If you can help with accommodation, please contact Bruce.


Happy Birthday

Colin presented orange cupcakes to all the people who celebrate a birthday in April.

Patricia, Rod, Bob, Ian, Colin and Gail all came forward to receive a candle-lit cake.


Image result for fire on cupcake


Rod carried his lit cake back to the table and forgot about it.

It wasn’t until the melting wax started to melt the plastic holder that he noticed his cake was on fire!!!!!

Image result for fire on cupcake


Guest Speaker Peter Humphris

Mal had great pleasure introducing our guest speaker Rev. Peter Humphris to talk about Schooling in Nepal.

Peter said that Marie Thomson and her daughter, Rebecca, visited Nepal once a year.  They convinced him to visit with them.  Peter was so appalled by the condition of the school and the plight of the children that he has vowed to help them. 

He is resigning from St Paul’s Church in Beaconsfield and going to Nepal for at least the next five years where he hopes to make a huge difference.

He showed us videos that brought home to us how primitive the conditions can be and also examples of buildings that had been rebuilt.

Mick Donnes and Rev Peter Humphris

They are trying to improve teacher training and extend children’s level of education   

In Giving We Receive, IGWR, started with a small group of volunteers that provide a home and education for children in Nepal. 

IGWR supporters have grown in number and now provide many more services to a large number of children and adults.

Peter and those involved are to be admired for their commitment to help others.



Neil Henley Payments

Jeff announced that it has been approved to transfer $40,000 and $100,000 from the Neil Henley Foundation to the Attadale RC.  The $40,000 is our Club’s contribution to the Global Grant for the School of St Yared and the $100,000 is part payment for the block of land for the Rotary Charity House.  Once the Rotary Charity House is sold this money will be returned to the NHF.


Thank You, Thank You

Greg thanked Rod for his fantastic effort to raise money for MND at the Charity Golf Day. 

He related the story about Jimmy Gilbert from Gilbert Wines, Mt Barker who died from MND about six weeks ago. 

The family could not speak highly enough about the MND WA Association who provided them with fantastic support.  He said that MND WA received no government sponsorship but were able to operate because of fabulous fundraising efforts such as the golf day.


Greg also thanked Ian and Jacquie for the guest speaker on Prostate Cancer. 

As a result of that talk Greg went and had a check-up.  It turns out it may have saved his life.

Patricia has also acted on the advice from the guest speaker on skin cancer and is having a check-up.



Rod had great pleasure in announcing that figures to date indicate the Rotary Charity Golf Day made around $43,500!!!!!

He related how Janet Pyke made a moving speech at the golf day about her husband, Frank, who passed away from MND, and the wonderful support her family received from the MND WA Association.

Mrs Janet Pyke addresses the players >>


Prize Winners

Congratulations to Colin on winning the door prize.



Patricia conducted a very humorous and profitable fines session.  She was ably assisted by Rod’s additions.


Cake with Coffee

A big thank you to Giovanna and Colin for the delicious cake we enjoyed with our coffee.



All the members who attended the Conference last weekend came away energised and inspired.

Many thanks go to Mal and Colin who worked hard to put up the fantastic display about our St Yared project.  Mal did the lion’s share of manning the display trying to get support for it.

Congratulations to Colin for his excellent presentation on his Microbat project.  It was very well received and created a lot of interest.

The wide range of speakers were inspirational, interesting, thought provoking and very entertaining

Congratulations to DG Linda, Fremantle Rotary and all others involved in presenting a great Conference.



At the Sundowner Friday night

Mal at the School of St Yared display

Photos, banners, leaflets and an AV presentation

Some of the RCA crew at the Dinner

Carole and David at the (purple) Dinner



Martin and Betty on “Facebook” >>>


Colin addresses the conference

Microbats and Minimizing the Mozzie Menace in Melville

Colin gave a five-minute presentation on our application for Project Robin Hood funds, telling the conference what wonderful little creatures microbats are and how the extra numbers our roosting boxes will breed will eat up to 50 tonnes of insect pests in a year.  Pretty impressive statistics!

Ninety-seven people signed up to join ‘Microbat Mates in Melville’.


Just to remind you all that the City of Melville’s Project Robin Hood offers $100,000 for community projects that are legal, safe, and benefit the community.  Groups can apply for grants from $1,000 to $20,000.  The successful projects are selected by on-line community voting that will take place between April 24 and May 19.  There is one vote per email address.

We will probably need a thousand votes to be successful so every member will have to vote and convince many of their friends to vote for our project as well.  Voting is very simple and we will be putting out some explanatory emails with the necessary links included. 


Microbat Facts

Microbats can weigh from as little as 2 grams up to 170 grams.

They can have a wing-span from 10 cm up to 30 cm.

A small microbat could sleep comfortably in a matchbox.

Note:  A 5 cent piece weighs 2.59 grams.





If you will not be attending our weekly dinner meeting please email the Attendance Officer, Greg James, or phone him on Mob 0427 020 682 before 10.00am on Monday.

Please DO NOT send text messages to 0435 305 199 as they do not transfer from the Club phone to the Attendance Officer's phone.

Unless Greg receives an apology by 10.00am on the day of the meeting the meal will need to be charged to you.






Jacquie and Trish put a lot of information about the Rotary Club of Attadale on Facebook.

To enable their efforts to be enjoyed not only by our members but the wider community, they are asking you to click on Like and Share for each new entry.  This will help spread the word about all our activities and may even encourage people to come and join our great club.

To find Facebook just click on the icon >>>



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Invitation to all Ladies


Wedding Venues-Willow Pond Reception Centre




To all Ladies


You are invited to attend

Willow Pond Restaurant

459 Nicholson Road

Canning Vale


Friday, May 26th




A two-course meal

at a cost of $22 for Seniors


Anyone needing transport will be taken care of.

Please reply to Trish Sharp on 0409 833 955



Update on the School of St Yared


We had our special promotional stand at the District Conference and we thank those who helped man it during the breaks in Conference; especially Mal Bennett who seemed to be there most of the time.  Good on you Mal!


Our Global Grant for Stage One of the ‘Refurbishment and Expansion of the School of St Yared’ has been submitted and is now being assessed by The Rotary Foundation.

This Global Grant is for a total of USD$79,432 (about AU$105,000) that will be used mainly to provide the necessary dormitory facilities and supporting infrastructure such as toilets, showers, kitchen, nurse’s quarters, security and a garden.

Time is tight but we hope to have this work completed in time for the start of the new school year on September 1.



The Rotary Charity House Concept

The Rotary Charity House is the brain child of Kerry Parsons and similar in concept to our original charity house built in the early 1980s that funded the establishment of the Neil Henley Foundation that has helped fund our charitable work for over thirty years.

The idea is that we will build a house and seek sponsors to donate or discount goods and/or services.  The more donations we receive the less it will cost us to build the house and the greater the profit will be when we sell the house.  These profits will go to RCA charities with a substantial amount to be allocated to the “Relocation, Refurbishment and Expansion of the School of St Yared” in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  We have been receiving extremely generous support from many individuals and companies, both large and small.  We are keen to thank all of our sponsors for their support by recognizing their contributions as widely as possible; using their services whenever possible, and recommending them to our friends and relations.


Please support our valued sponsors.


Rotary Charity House    Sponsor of the Week










Many thanks to Margaret and Mike Degiorgio




Support other Rotary Clubs’ Events     Click on the links for more information




15 April 2017 Mandurah Rotary Duck Race. The three Mandurah Rotary clubs, Mandurah, Mandurah Districts and Mandurah City, will again join forces to stage the ninth Mandurah Rotary Duck Race on Easter Saturday, 15 April 2017, in conjunction with a Rotary Family Fun Day and Fair, including stalls, entertainment and activities for families young and old.






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The Chairpersons will be selected by Ian Pittaway to match the

guest speakers as they are arranged.

Light Up Rotary




Set Up


Pack Up




Feb 06

Mal Bennett


Rod Rate

Gail McCulloch

Colin McCulloch

Feb 13

Jeff Spickett


Ron Day

Ian Pittaway

Winston Marsh

Feb 20

Jim Calcei


George Lewkowski

Carole Maxwell

Mick Donnes

Feb 28

Mick Donnes


Fred Soale

Bob Rodgers


Mar 6

Public holiday


Labour Day

Mar 13

Colin McCulloch


Gillian Baker

Winston Marsh

John Sharp

Mar 20

Ian Pittaway


Martin Houchin

Abby Parsons

Kerry Parsons

Mar 27

Garth Curran


Nick Odorisio

Robin Hamilton

Jim Calcei

April 03

Kerry Parsons


Beverley Moffat

Giovanna McKay

Mal Bennett

April 12






April 17

Public holiday


Easter Monday



April 24

No Meeting


Restaurant Night



April 25

Public holiday




May 01

Nick Odorisio


Llew Withers

Sally Rowlands

Martin Houchin

May 08

Bob Rodgers


Neil McKay

James Doogue

Ian Pittaway




If members are unable to undertake their allocated duty on any date, please arrange a swap.


The setting up Rotarians shall:

·      Arrive at least 30 mins before the meeting starting time

·      Retrieve the Australian flag(s), the Sergeant's gavel and gong, collection box, international pig, President's dais with Chain of Office, two bottles of wine and a gift coaster for the Guest Speaker

·      The small flags shall be spread around the tables and the large flag shall be appropriately displayed

·      The Sergeant's and President's items are to be placed on the President's table

·      The microphone provided by Tompkins on Swan shall be turned on and tested

·      At the completion of the meeting, all items shall be returned to the storeroom cupboard


The hosts shall:

·        Arrive at least 30 minutes before meeting starting time

·        Retrieve the wooden badge holder cabinet from the storeroom and place it within greeting area

·        Greet all Rotarians with a handshake and give them their badge.

·        Greet guests and welcome them and introduce them to at least two Rotarians

·        Greet the guest speaker if the Chairperson is unavailable

·        After the meeting, retrieve all name badges, place them in the wooden cabinet and return to storeroom


The chairperson shall:

·        Read the Bulletin in advance and then contact Program Director for CV of speaker

·        Arrive at Dinner Meeting venue at least 35 mins before starting time

·        Greet and welcome the GS at the entrance and introduce them to the President and at least four Rotarians

·        Assist the GS to setup his/her audio/visual and any other aids

·        Show GS where to sit down for dinner on President's table and where to speak

·        Advise GS to speak for 20-30 minutes (or as agreed with Program Director) including questions

·        Introduce the GS by name and topic when requested by the Sergeant or President

·        Formally introduce the GS by written CV addressing name, vocation, qualifications, family (if appropriate), interests and lastly topic

·        Chair the speaker session allowing one question per Rotarian or Guest

·        Terminate the session with the presentation of the gift coaster (from Secretary)

·        Escort the GS to the door after the meeting (and to their vehicle if appropriate)